A Brian McCann Update With Colors, Charts and Pictures!

We are a month into the 2014 season and new Yankees catcher Brian McCann isn’t getting off to a great start so far in Pinstripes. Right now, McCann’s batting .225/.266/.348/.614 with a wOBA of .266 which doesn’t look very good but how are his splits?

Against lefty pitchers he’s batting .313/.371/.469/.840 with a wOBA of .369. His K% is only 2.9 and his BB% is 5.7. And here is where his hits against lefties are going:

hit-chart (18)

Notice the opposite field hits?

And here’s how his average looks against lefties on a hot/cold grid:

strike-zone (9)

He is having trouble in the middle of the plate but is doing fine if it’s slightly outside or low.

Against righty pitchers he’s batting .175/.203/.281/.484 with a wOBA of .204 with a K% of 3.5 and BB% of 3.4. Clearly, righty pitchers have his number.

hit-chart (19)

You’ll notice that even though he’s having trouble against righties, he has hit two of his three home runs against them. (Them being John Lackey – McCann hit two home runs off him in a start on April 12)

And here’s how his average looks against righties on a hot/cold grid:

strike-zone (10)

He really likes the outside pitch in this one as well but you’ll also notice his numbers are not bad in the middle of the plate.

So what’s McCann’s problem? Maybe he’s trying too hard to impress everyone and just needs to relax a little bit. It could be that whole “coming over to the Yankees and wanting to do well” thing that happens to a lot of guys when they sign big contracts.

Personally, I believe it’s still too early to panic about McCann but I also think that maybe Joe Girardi should move him down in the lineup until he gets going.

We’ll check back in a few weeks time to see how McCann is doing. Let’s hope by then that he’s gotten himself going.

[Charts courtesy of the ESPN Stats and Info Department]

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