Off Day Open Thread: 5/8/14


Welcome to this evening’s open thread.

The Yankees are on their way to Milwaukee after winning two out of three in Anaheim and because of that schedule quirk, we have an off day/night.

Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like in tonight’s open thread: Vidal Nuno’s performance, Derek Jeter’s giant paddle board (pictured above courtesy of the Angels’ Twitter account), the weather, the new plaques we’ll be seeing unveiled in monument park this summer, new podcast names, etc.

And here’s one more thing for you: A news report from 1974 on the Yankees practicing for opening day at Shea Stadium. A+ sideburns, Mel Stottlemyre!

Have fun!

Stacey is co-Editor-in-Chief of It's About The Money and is co-host of the It's About The Yankees, Stupid podcast. When she's not blogging about baseball, she's blogging about the New York Knicks and when she's not doing either of those things, she's tweeting about General Hospital and her cats.

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