Yankees’ First Half By The Numbers: Offense

It’s July 1 and your 2014 New York Yankees are a mediocre 41-40. Luckily for them, the rest of the AL East isn’t exactly setting the world on fire so they’re still very much in the thick of things. So far this season the Yankees have scored 326 runs, have allowed 359 runs and according to their Pythagorean W-L (37-44), they should be doing worse than 41-40.

It’s been a very streaky first half for both the team as a whole and for some of the batters so let’s take a look at the offense after their first 81 games.

In Pictures

Here is how they’re hitting as a whole:

hit-chart (40)

Here’s how the lefties are doing:

hit-chart (41)

Here’s how the righties are doing:

hit-chart (42)

How the team is doing against lefty pitchers:

hit-chart (43)

How they’re doing against righty pitchers:

hit-chart (44)

Here’s their best hitter’s heat map for the first half (regulars with over 250 AB):
strike-zone (35)

Here’s their worst hitter’s heat map for the first half (regulars with over 250 AB):
strike-zone (33)

Here’s where their first half home run leader likes his pitches:

strike-zone (34)

By The Numbers

Lefty batters (with CC Sabathia‘s 2 PA’s included) are batting .256/.327/.403/.730 with a .290 BABIP, .321 wOBA and .147 ISO. They have a K% of 17.6 and a BB% of 9.1.

Righty batters (pitchers included) are batting .245/.295/.342/.637 with a .297 BABIP, .280 wOBA and a .097 ISO (that’s really bad). They have a K% of 20.0 and a BB% of 5.7.

Non pitchers as a whole are batting .254/.318/.384/.703.

Jacoby Ellsbury leads the Yankee regulars in batting average with a .288 BA in a team leading 302 AB. He also leads the Yankee regulars in on base percentage with a .358. Brett Gardner is right behind Ellsbury with a .357. Mark Teixeira leads the team in slugging percentage (.474) and home runs (15). Gardner leads the team with 71 strikeouts and Ellsbury leads in the walk category with 34.

Brian McCann has had a rough first half as you can see from the heat map above (there isn’t a lot of heat). He’s batting .221/.281/.361/.642 with a .229 BABIP, .283 wOBA and a .141 ISO. He needs to pick things up in the next 81 games so he’s my pick for second half comeback player. Don’t make a fool of me, McCann!

[Numbers courtesy of Baseball-Reference and ESPN Stats and Info; Charts courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]

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