Quick hit: Jeter’s last All-Star game

It was just announced that Derek Jeter will be starting at shortstop (of course) and leading off for the American League tomorrow night. This will set up a nice moment for Derek as he steps up to the plate for his last first time at the All-Star game and for his last last time. (Get it?)

Manager John Farrell told reporters gathered in Minnesota for the festivities that Jeter “sets the bar for what all players should aspire to,” and added that, “all fans will remember Jeter’s last All-Star game.”

Here’s the rest of the AL lineup:
Derek Jeter SS
Mike Trout LF
Robinson Cano 2B
Miguel Cabrera 1B
Jose Bautista RF
Nelson Cruz DH
Adam Jones CF
Josh Donaldson 3B
Salvador Perez C

That 3-4-5 is pretty scary in a good way.

Also, the starting pitchers have been announced for the game: Felix Hernandez will be starting for the American League and Adam Wainwright for the National League which is causing some controversy because a lot of folks believe Clayton Kershaw should be starting the game over Wainwright. In my opinion, not that it really matters, both guys are a good choice but NL manager Mike Matheny went with his guy so I’m not sure why people are surprised and/or outraged.

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