Game 95: Back To The Grind

Everybody enjoy their little break from baseball this week?  Good.  The wheels start turning again on the 162-game meat grinder tonight and the Yankees kick off a season-long 10-game homestand with a weekend series against the Cincinnati Reds, who come in missing 2 key parts of their lineup in Phillips and Votto.

In theory this should be an ideal scenario for the Yankees, both this weekend and the next 10 games.  But as Katie’s post earlier today showed, YS3 has been a source of more frustration and losing for the Bombers this year than big offense and the typical home field advantage.  The Reds are also going to throw 3 very good starting pitchers at the Yanks this weekend, starting with Mike Leake in tonight’s opener.  He’ll be opposed by David Phelps, the new 2nd starter in the New York rotation behind Hirok as the alternate ace, and the Yankees will have Carlos Beltran back in the starting lineup.

The full Yankee lineup can be found below, first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 in the PM, and you ladies and germs can consider this your game thread.  Let’s go Yankees!

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