Game 97: Same Lineup Going For The Sweep

It’s been a season-long adventure for Joe when it comes to juggling lineups, but he stuck with the same one for the first 2 games of this series and it’s been enough to get him 2 wins.  He’s sticking with the same one today in the finale against Cincinnati ace Johnny Cueto and the sweep is in play, something the Yankees haven’t done since June 19th against the Blue Jays.  That lineup, in case you’ve forgotten, is as follows:

1) Gardner- LF
2) Jeter- SS
3) Ellsbury- CF
4) Teix- 1B
5) McCann- C
6) Beltran- DH
7) Ichiro- RF
8) Roberts- 2B
9) Johnson- 3B

And it will be supporting Hiroki Kuroda, who gets the ball today for his first post-ASB start and his first start against the Reds since June of 2011.  The Reds have not been so kind as to post their starting lineup in time to make this post, so you’ll have to find it out when the game starts.  First pitch is a little over an hour from now.  Go Yankees!

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