Quick Hit: “Owning” a Hitter

Yesterday, I ventured into the depths of Baseball-Reference to see which pitchers the Yankees hitters have “owned” over the course of their careers. Today, I will use the same parameters (minimum of 10 PA) to see which hitters the Yankees pitchers have most thoroughly dominated. Unfortunately, Messrs Tanaka and Betances have not faced a single batter ten times in their careers.

Chris Capuano – .000/.000/.000, 1 K in 10 PA v. Shawn Green
Shawn Kelley – .182/.182/.182, 4 K in 11 PA v. Adam Jones
Hiroki Kuroda – .000/.077/.000, 2 K in 13 PA v. Gerardo Parra
Brandon McCarthy – .000/.067/.000, 5 K in 15 PA v. Jedd Gyorko
Ivan Nova – .000/.100/.000, 4 K in 10 PA v. Adrian Gonzalez
David Phelps – .000/.111/.000, 1 K in 10 PA v. Desmond Jennings
Michael Pineda – .091/.167/.091, 4 K in 12 PA v. Jose Bautista
David Robertson – .000/.000/.000, 3 K in 11 PA v. Colby Rasmus
CC Sabathia – .000/.000/.000, 6 K in 11 PA v. Eric Thames
Matt Thornton – .000/.154/.000, 5 K in 13 PA v. Mike Napoli
Adam Warren – .091/.167/.091, 2 K in 12 PA v. Dustin Pedroia

The most surprising match-up in this list has to be Mike “Career .279/.387/.523, 143 wRC+ v. LHP” Napoli being utterly helpless against Matt Thornton. While small sample size issues and caveats abound, and Thornton has only recently slipped against right-handed hitters, this still seems remarkably out of place.

Though, to be fair, Warren and Pineda holding Pedroia and Bautista, respectively, to equally atrocious slash lines is quite delightful.

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