On all 182 free agents and the Yankees (Part II, and overview)

91. Dan Wheeler: Not a bad pitcher, and will probably be pretty cheap. But he’s basically a ROOGY and he gives up a lot of home runs.

92. Arthur Rhodes: A really old lefty, like Darren Oliver… but he’s not nearly as good. I understand the need for lefty relievers, but I don’t think Rhodes is it.

93. Reed Johnson: You could do much worse for fourth OFs, but the guy should learn how to take a walk. His lefty-killing services will likely be more needed/wanted on a team that didn’t destroy LHP.

94. Rick Ankiel: Mmm, nope.

95. Laynce Nix: Next.

96. Jorge Posada: I love Jorge, obviously, and I’m not at all sure whether he’ll retire or not. As horrible as it is to admit, I kind of hope he does retire. It’ll hurt, but I think if he doesn’t retire, he’ll either get involved in a messy, probably nastyish squabble with the Yankees (and the team doesn’t really have any room for him – if he’d been really good in 2011 there could be some debate about trying to find room for him because, well, he is a team icon, but obviously he wasn’t), or go somewhere else, both of which’ll hurt more.… Click here to read the rest

On all 182 free agents and the Yankees (Part I)

Just as a side note before I begin: I wouldn’t complain about a minor league deal for just about anyone unless it’s for some crazy amount of money; think like, Webb getting the deal he did last year again, though I don’t think that would happen. Worst case scenario with MiL deals is that they end up like the Ronnie Belliard thing for the Yankees where they do nothing for the team at all. So even for the “NO ABSOLUTELY NOT” guys, I would probably just make a snarky comment and move on, realizing the chances of it hurting the team are extremely low.

This is Part I of the list, through #90, because, well, long list is long.

1. Albert Pujols: Not happening. Of course he’d be wonderful to have, but the Yankees don’t really need another huge contract when the player doesn’t fill a position of need.

2. Prince Fielder: Sometimes I like to think about the Yankees giving him a like four-year deal with a ton of money in each year because the idea of Prince Fielder hitting in the Yankee lineup makes me throw up glitter, but I don’t think he’ll age well.… Click here to read the rest