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Thinking About The Potential DH Carousel


Not pictured: the Yankee DHs

We’re less than 4 weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting, so baseball is officially out there on the horizon.  When that Friday comes, baseball will officially be back and a few days later when the rest of the team arrives at the Tampa complex Spring Training 2014 will be fully underway.  As usual, there will be a handful of roster battles that will dominate the ST headlines, highlighted by the annual 5th starter competition.  A bench job or 2 will be up for grabs, as will some bullpen roles, possibly the closer role if the Yanks do end up signing another veteran late-inning reliever, and the third base platoon jobs.

One spot that won’t be up for competition this year is designated hitter.  The older and injury risky Yankees have more candidates for the DH spot than ever this season and will most likely be rotating a large cast of veteran characters through it in an attempt to keep everybody as well-rested and healthy as possible.  …

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Not A Prospect Yet (But Worth Watching): Dietrich Enns

Dietrich Enns

(Syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

We continue our slow build towards the start of AB4AR Prospect Week with another look at a young player starting to make some waves in the Yankee MiL system but not enough waves to warrant full prospect status in my eyes.  Today’s player is Dietrich Enns, left-handed A-ball pitcher.  You might remember Enns from my profile post on him last June, and since that post there have been some developments in his development that make him one of the more intriguing fringe guys in the system.

Quick refresher on Enns for those who were too lazy to click the link.  He’s 22 years old, average sized, and was an unheralded 19th round pick out of Eastern Michigan in the 2012 draft.  He boasts a solid 3-pitch mix of a low-90s fastball, plus changeup, and an OK curveball.  He worked almost exclusively as a reliever at EMU and built up a well-earned reputation as a pitcher who will attack the strike zone with all of his pitches and mix up his pitches and speeds well from batter to batter.  …

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Thursday Morning Musings: 1/16/14

Saw “Lone Survivor” last night.  Great movie, really gripping, powerful stuff.  I read the book when I went to Germany a few years ago and I fully recommend both it and the movie to everybody.  There’s only 1 day of NFL playoffs this weekend, so free up a few hours on Saturday and go check it out.

Tanaka Watch 2014 is down to its final 8 days, the Yankees keep popping up more and more in comments by experts, sources, and unnamed team officials as the favorites to sign him, and I’m going to be stuck doing team building stuff with my co-workers all night after work, so I have to save every ounce of creative energy I have in me to make it through that.  Let’s muse.

- How about that Clayton Kershaw contract, huh?  $30+ mil a year is a decent chunk of change, I guess.  I could probably live pretty comfortably on that.  And strangely enough, I actually like the deal for both sides.  …

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A Quick Word On The Idea Of Moving Derek Jeter To Third Base

Jeter vs CHW

The Yankee infield is a hot topic right now and rightfully so.  On Opening Day the Yanks will have a starting infield that’s entirely different from the one that opened the 2013 season.  They’ve got 2 old/older players in Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira returning from serious injuries at first base and shortstop, they’ve lost Robbie Cano at second base and Alex Rodriguez at third base, and their current plan to replace the 2 of them appears to be the old “throw as much stuff at the wall as we possibly can and see what sticks” method.

An idea that I’ve seen mentioned multiple times in various blogs across the Yankosphere, and one that’s really been gaining steam in the comments section here is moving Jeter to third base and making Brendan Ryan the starting shortstop.  In theory it makes a lot of sense and I totally understand why people are thinking this way.  Jeter’s biggest defensive weakness is lateral movement.  …

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Quick Hit: Yanks Make Roberts Signing Officially Official

Stacey had this yesterday when the beat guys were reporting it, but it’s not officially official until the Yankees say it is and they said it was today.  Brian Roberts is now OFFICIALLY a Yankee.  He takes A-Rod’s roster spot and is currently the starting second baseman.

Insert your best “until he gets hurt” jokes in the comments.

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Sorting Through The Collection Of Platoon Candidates At Third Base

Conventional wisdom had the Yankees using the announcement of the A-Rod suspension decision as the springboard towards finding another established third baseman to replace him.  A decent chunk of that conventional wisdom had Mark Reynolds‘ name as the one most likely to be signed next as part of a L/R platoon.  Turns out none of that wisdom was correct, at least not according to what we’ve heard over the last 2 days.  Ken Rosenthal reported on Sunday that the Yanks were not going to add any more third base candidates on Major League deals this offseason, and assistant GM Billy Eppler and Joe Girardi both echoed that report in so many words yesterday in separate interviews.

The plan, according to Eppler and Joe, is to head to camp with what they’ve got and sort out who they think the best guys for the job are there.  Eppler didn’t completely close the door on the idea of bringing in another warm body, saying ““Our eyes are always going to stay open.  …

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Can Scott Sizemore Actually Help The Yankees?

Scott Sizemore 2011

When the Scott Sizemore signing was announced yesterday, I was a little quick to condemn it as an organizational depth move and nothing more.  We are talking about a guy who’s played in just 2 games and had only 6 plate appearances since the end of the 2011 season, and while ACL injuries aren’t quite as devastating to baseball players as they are to basketball or football players, 2 of them in a row to the same knee isn’t exactly a recipe for MLB success.

The more I let the idea of Sizemore marinate in my subconscious while watching the football games yesterday, the more I started to feel like I rushed to judgment on the guy.  Now that I’ve checked his numbers, I’m starting to feel like he may have something to offer the Yankees after all.

For starters, he is on the right side of 30.  Not by much at age 29, but he just turned 29 a little over a week ago and players under 30 are like unicorns on the Yankee roster these days.  …

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Quick Hit: Vernon Wells DFA’d

It was only a matter of time before this move came and it appears that time has come.  Vernon Wells has been designated for assignment by the Yankees to open up a roster spot.  He hit .233/.292/.349 (.279 wOBA) in 458 PA this past season, taking on a much bigger role than the team anticipated after the C-Grand injury.  After looking like an All Star in April and early May, Wells hit the wall and was pretty much useless for the rest of the season.  The Ellsbury and Beltran signings made him expendable and an easy target for a roster crunch casualty.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t celebrating this move.  I was against the decision to bring Wells in last year and would much rather see whatever playing time he would have gotten this season go to Zoilo Almonte.  …

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The Young Guys Most Likely To Contribute In 2014

Jose Ramirez

Jose could be closer to the show than you think

(Syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

The time for the unveiling of the 2013-2014 AB4AR Top 30 draws nearer.  As part of the prelude to that, I’d like to revisit a post topic from last offseason and take a look at some of the organization’s top prospects who are serious candidates to make the jump and contribute at the Major League level in 2014.  The Yankees haven’t gotten any younger in their free agent spending spree and don’t appear to be making that a priority as they fill out the rest of their remaining roster holes.  We saw this past season how that approach with an old core worked out, and the constant barrage of injuries created many opportunities for upper-level MiLers to break into the lineup and attempt to carve out roles for themselves.

Last season’s version of this post came in late December, so I’m a little behind schedule on this post in comparison.  …

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