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Game 117 Recap: Yankees 8 Twins 7 (10 Innings)

Walk-Off vs MIN

“Sweet walk-off groundout, bro!? Courtesy of the AP

Where do you even start with last night’s game?  There were all kinds of unusual things happening, both really good and really bad, and somehow the Yankees came out on the winning side of it in extras.  Definitely not how you draw it up, but whatever.  We’ll take it.

Let’s start with the most important event of last night’s game, Bryan Mitchell getting struck in the face with a liner and leaving the game in the top of the 2nd.  It happened with 2 on and 2 out and came off the bat of former Yankee Eduardo Nunez (more from him later), and you could see on replay that Mitchell never had time to see the ball or react to it.  The ball appeared to strike him near the right eye and he went down immediately.  There was a lot of blood, and although he walked off the field under his own power, he did so without removing a towel from his face.  …

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Pineda Update: Throws Three Innings In First Rehab Start

While the rotation continues to get by just fine without him, Michael Pineda took another step towards rejoining that rotation last ngith by making a rehab start with the Double-A Trenton Thunder.  He worked 3 innings, allowing 2 earned runs on 4 hits while walking none and striking out none.  He threw 42 pitches, 30 of which were strikes.

Pineda was scheduled for either 3 innings or 45 pitches, whichever came first, so he reached his desired work level last night.  According to the reports I saw on Twitter, he was mostly low 90s with his fastball and he touched the mid-90s on a few pitches.  Talking to Nicolas Stellini after the game, Pineda expressed confidence in the fastball but added “I need to work on my slider and my changeup.”  That’s not uncommon for a pitcher who’s had his normal throwing routine interrupted and nothing that can’t be worked out with another rehab start or 2.

As for that next rehab start, I imagine it will come sometimes later this week.  …

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Game 116 Quick Recap: TOR 3 NYY 1

The smart thing to say about this series is that the Yankees still came away from it with 2 wins in 3 games and the division lead back, but after taking the first 2 and getting a really good start from Luis Severino, you wanted to be greedy and get the sweep.  Severino definitely pitched well enough to get a win this afternoon, but an unfortunate outfield incident, a few bad pitches, and the offense falling victim to Drew Hutchison‘s bizarre homefield advantage combined to give Toronto something to show for themselves.

Severino was filthy today.  Absolutely filthy.  And he did it all almost exclusively on his 4-seam fastball.  He threw it to both sides of the plate and up and down in the zone, moving batters’ feet and getting them to swing through a lot of pitches they couldn’t keep up with.  He mostly overpowered a lineup of dangerous power hitters and struck out 9 in his 6 innings of work.…

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Game 115 Quick Recap: NYY 4 TOR 1

You know what the best part about stealing a game on the road to re-take the division lead is?  It’s coming back the next day and getting another win behind a lights out performance from your staff ace.  That’s exactly what the Yankees did this afternoon to gain another game on the Jays and set themselves up for a payback sweep tomorrow.

Masahiro Tanaka was great today.  He had all of his pitches working, he worked efficiently through the first half of the game, and he seemed to get better as the day went on.  Toronto got to him for a run in the 5th after he walked Ryan Goins on 4 pitches to start the inning and loaded the bases before recording an out, but that was the best and really only chance they would get.  They would manage just a single baserunner over the final 4 innings and Tanaka picked up 5 of his 8 strikeouts in that timespan.  …

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About Last Night: That Last At-Bat

Miller vs Tulo

That’s the sequenced pitch plot from the Andrew MillerTroy Tulowitzki showdown that ended last night’s game.  I’m still buzzing from the stress and excitement of that at-bat, and writing the recap made me want to go back and look at it again. It was such a great battle, both in terms of execution and strategy.  Regardless of what side you’re rooting for in this division race, you have to tip your cap to both guys in this case.

When you look at the pitch location and pitch result breakdown, this clearly was a case of the batter knowing what was coming, the pitcher knowing that the batter knew what was coming, and the pitcher finally throwing a pitch good enough to get the swing and miss he needed.  Miller starter Tulo off with a called strike slider down and in and he kept pounding away at that area trying to get Tulo to swing over one.  The 3 balls way outside were the only fastballs Miller threw in the at-bat, and none of them were even close.  …

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Game 114 Recap: Yankees 4 Blue Jays 3

Beltran HR vs TOR

Peace the eff out. Courtesy of

I don’t even know how to write an effective introduction to this recap.  This game went from incredibly frustrating to incredibly awesome to incredibly stressful in a span of about 20 minutes at the end, and when it was all over the Yankees had stolen the first game on the road to regain the AL East lead.

In one sense, the Yankees had a pretty good night against David Price.  They racked up 11 hits again him in his 7+ innings of work and gave themselves plenty of run-scoring opportunities.  In the only sense that matters, they did nothing.  They couldn’t put any of those hits together in a sequence that brought a run across the plate, and Price exited with a 3-run lead in the 8th.

That 3-run lead came courtesy of a 3-run 3rd inning against New York starter Ivan Nova.  He hit leadoff batter Kevin Pillar and then gave up a single to Ben Revere on an 0-2 pitch to put runners on the corners with nobody out.  …

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 8/14/15

Free beer day at work is a rare day, but a great day.  Today that meant 3 12-pack bomber cases of assorted New Belgium stuff.  Now this is beer that’s been sitting in our shop for a while, so the heat probably hasn’t done it any favors.  But anytime you can get almost 800 oz of beer for free, you’ve got to take that chance, right?  Now onto the links.

– On Tuesday, William Juliano of The Captain’s Blog compared the recent division lead loss to previous ones in team history and commented on the front office’s role in the loss.

– On Wednesday, Mike Axisa of RAB broke down Luis Severino’s second start and compared to his first to see where he made improvements.

– Greg Corcoran of Bronx Baseball Daily unveiled his hypothetical version of the 2018 “All-Homegrown” team.

– On Thursday, SG of RLYW updated his CAIRO projections for Greg Bird to get an idea of what he could contribute to the lineup.…

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Game 113 Recap: Yankees 8 Indians 6

Gardner vs CLE

There’s the Brett Gardner we all know and love. Courtesy of Getty Images

Hey, how ’bout that?  A win!  I sarcastically didn’t think the Yankees were going to get any more of those this season, and I seriously thought there were some people out there who wouldn’t have been able to handle another loss on #GREGBIRD Day.  But the bats woke up and the crooked numbers returned to the scoreboard as the Yanks ended this disappointing series on the right note.

To borrow some of David Cone‘s early game analysis, Trevor Bauer has pretty much been an all-or-nothing pitcher this season.  You know what you’re going to get pretty early with him, and when Brett Gardner drew a 4-pitch walk as the second batter of the game to put 2 on and nobody out, I felt pretty good.  Brian McCann brought everybody home with a towering 2-out home run to right field and the Yanks were off and running.

They picked up another run in the top of the 2nd on a Stephen Drew solo shot, 2 more on ribbie doubles by Drew and Gardner in the 4th, and they really could have busted the game open if they would have been able to capitalize on another 2 on/no outs situation in the 3rd.  …

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Game 112 Recap: Indians 2 Yankees 1

A-Rod K vs CLE

Courtesy of the AP

Man these guys stink right now.  They don’t hit at all.  They’ve scored 9 runs in the last 7 games.  NINE.  And 4 of them came in 1 game.  There’s getting tired, there’s regressing to the mean, and then there’s what’s going on with the Yankee offense right now.  It has almost completely disappeared from existence.  Shame too, because even a tiny bit more would have been good enough to win again last night.

CC Sabathia pitched 6 innings and only gave up 2 runs, but this outing was nothing like the one before it.  This was more of the hittable, always-in-trouble CC we’ve seen for most of this season, and it took some splendid defense behind him to keep Cleveland from scoring more.  He put the leadoff runner on in 4 of the first 5 innings and needed big double plays to get out of the 3rd and 5th.  That second double play came after a game-tying single, the third Cleveland hit of the inning, and they pulled ahead with 3 more singles in the 6th, the run-scoring one coming off the bat of former Yankee farmhand Abraham Almonte.…

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