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Choo-Choo!! Time To Fire Up The A-Rod Hate Train Again

Alex Rodriguez Arriving at  MLB Offices  in NYC

Courtesy of Splash News

Alex Rodriguez‘s suspension has been lifted, he’s back on the 40-man roster, and he’s working out in preparation for his return to the field in 2015.  You know what that means, right?  Time for the New York media to get their collective A-Rod smear games back in action!  Yeah!!  Because a guy who’s already been outed as a steroid user for the better part of the last 15 years, targeted and treated by MLB and the media as the biggest PED offender in the history of organized sports, and had his reputation and credibility completely destroyed in the process obviously needs to be the focus of more steroid-related stories, right?

For instance, did you guys know that A-Rod paid off his cousin who was his drug handler back in the day to keep him from going to media and telling his story of Alex’s PED use?

“In court documents filed last week in Miami, federal prosecutors say Rodriguez paid $900,000 last year to settle a threatened lawsuit by Yuri Sucart, who had worked as Rodriguez’s personal assistant.

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Wednesday Morning News And Notes: 11/5/14

There’s a bunch of small stories I haven’t blogged over the last few days that are worth mentioning.  Here they are in rapid-fire order:

Aaron Judge was named the AZFL’s Player of the Week on Monday.  He hit 2 HR, scored 6 runs, and drew 7 walks in 5 games last week.  Good to see him getting more burn as that season has progressed.

Via George King, there does appear to be some mutual interest between the Yankees and Raul Ibanez for the vacant hitting coach job.  Ibanez is reportedly “intrigued” by the possibility, but no meeting or interview has been scheduled.

Via Jon Heyman, the Yanks have already reached out to start contract talks with Chase Headley.  Looks more and more like A-Rod will be the full-time DH and part-time infielder next year.

Dellin Betances was named as one of the 3 finalists for the American League Rookie of the Year award this year.  …

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Pondering D-Rob’s New Contract


Seemed like a good time to break out the old fireman P-shop

One way or another, David Robertson is going to cash in this offseason.  He can accept the qualifying offer the Yankees made him yesterday and become the single-season highest-paid relief pitcher in baseball history, or he can decline and eventually sign a multi-year deal with any team.  As the top reliever available in this year’s free agent class, even the draft pick compensation won’t be enough to keep all of MLB away from him entirely.

The smart money is on the Yankees retaining him, but for how much money is a question worth asking.  D-Rob is an interesting case as he hits the free agent market for the first time in his career, unlike any top reliever that’s been available the past few offseasons.  His unique body of work, homegrown Yankee status, and attached draft pick compensation make the range of contract possibilities a wide one.

As an example of that range, compare the 2 early projections for D-Rob issued by major baseball sites.  …

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Report: Yanks Have “No Plans” To Pursue Top Free Agents

After being ahead of the pack on the qualifying offer situations yesterday, Mark Feinsand continued his hot streak with a report late last night that the Yankees are not planning on going after the top crop of free agents (Max Scherzer, Jon Lester, James Shields, Pablo Sandoval) this offseason.  Feinsand, so hot right now.  Feinsand.

“According to a source, the Yankees have no plans to pursue either Scherzer or Lester, the top two free agents on the market this winter. Shields, the third-best free-agent starter, is also off the Bombers’ radar, as is Sandoval, the Giants’ postseason hero who was given a $15.3 million qualifying offer by San Francisco before Monday’s deadline.”

The report also names Brandon McCarthy and Chase Headley as 2 players the Yankees will try to bring back, which comes as no surprise.  It seemed like this was the route the team was planning on taking when the regular season ended, and the amount of money already committed to the 2015 payroll made pursuing the aforementioned big money guys extremely unlikely.…

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Yanks Make It Official: D-Rob Gets Qualifying Offer, Hirok Does Not

Smart move.  The right move to make.  This should be enough to scare the big budget teams away from a multi-year deal and give the Yankees the advantage in negotiating a new one.  My guess is 3 years/$39 mil and that’s based simply and solely on what popped into my head first.

Still don’t agree with the decision to not extend one to Hirok, but that’s business sometimes.  Who knows?  Maybe the Yanks did it so that he wouldn’t be blocked from returning to the West Coast if that’s what he wants to do.  That would be a classy move on their part.

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The Prospects Most Likely To Help At The Major League Level In 2015

No matter what you think the Yankees should do this offseason, which players you think they should sign and which players you think they shouldn’t sign, one thing we can all agree on is the need for them to get something from their farm system next season.  There’s been a lot of talk from the highest levels of the front office about how they need to get younger and need to get more from their prospects, but very little action in the way of roster building and playing time decisions to back up that talk.

Next season is the time for the actions to match the talk.  The Yankees have an aging, broken down group of veterans, a rotation full of injury risks, and a greater number of legitimate fill-in options at the upper levels of their system than they’ve had in recent years.  When guys start getting hurt, or before guys even start getting hurt, the focus for next year’s roster should be on supplementing or replacing them with some of the upper-tier prospect talent in place of cheap, washed up veteran bums.  …

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Report: Yanks Will Make Qualifying Offer To D-Rob, Not To Kuroda

There you go.  From one of the more reliable sources himself.  Feinsand posted a story on this a little over an hour ago, and given everything we knew or had read coming into today, there’s little reason to suspect this is inaccurate.

I expect the team and D-Rob to work out a new 3 or 4-year deal before he ever hits the open market, and I would have expected it to happen regardless of whether they made him a QO.  Now that they appear to be passing on Kuroda, I think that means the first step in addressing next year’s rotation will be to re-sign Brandon McCarthy.

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Yankees Undecided On Giving Hirok A Qualifying Offer

Late last week we found out that the Yankees will extend a qualifying offer to David Robertson and that report came as no surprise.  There was no follow-up story over the weekend confirming that the offer had been made, but with today being the deadline for teams to make those offers, it’s practically a certainty that we’ll get that report sometime later in the day.

Another report we haven’t gotten yet is one on the decision to make Hiroki Kuroda a qualifying offer.  Jon Heyman reported yesterday that giving a QO to Hirok was something the team was not “especially likely” to do, and they seem to share many of the same concerns had by the “no-QO” camp of fans.  Hirok has yet to state whether he intends to play next year or not, which has surely added to the indecision on the Yankees’ part.  At age 40, him getting hit with the QO tag would all but ensure that the only MLB team he could play with next year would be the Yankees.…

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Video: Greg Bird’s Moonshot From Yesterday’s AZFL Fall Stars Game

Yeah, that one went a little ways.  Good thing the decision makers smartened up and added Bird to the game.  Prospect hype or not, there’s no reason for the best player in a league to not be in that league’s All-Star Game.

Maybe that homer will start to get Bird some hype on the national stage.  Dude definitely deserves it.

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