Live Game Chat on Sunday

Greetings all!

We will be co-hosting yet another live game chat on Sunday, August 7th with our cohorts over at Fire Brand of the American League. The game will start at 8:00 p.m. on ESPN, so we’ll open up the chat about ten or fifteen minutes prior to the start of the game. During the game we’ll cover a number of topics including the upcoming waiver trading deadline, off-field fodder, and play-by-play commentary. As always, we’ll be available to answer any and all of the questions you might have throughout the game.

Since we’ve done a few of these already and no blood has been shed; I’ll refrain from making my pleas for non-violence. I trust you guys will be on your best behavior, flinging your most creative forms of trash talk. So feel free to join us on Sunday evening as Josh Beckett faces off with Freddy Garcia. We look forward to seeing you there! Continue reading Live Game Chat on Sunday

Yanks-Sox in Hunt for Jimenez

Earlier today over at Fire Brand, I pointed out a report by the Boston Herald‘s Scott Lauber stating the Red Sox had cooled on Ubaldo Jimenez. My, what a few hours can do. SI’s Jon Heyman reports just the opposite:

“It now seems more likely that Colorado Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez could be traded. The Red Sox are the most aggressive puruser so far, but the Reds, Indians and Blue Jays are interested. The Yankees are on the outside for now but have some interest in acquiring Jimenez.


Boston, which has some nice prospects including infielder Anthony Ranaudo and some others, is trying hard.


The Rockies had sought a package of prospects, including catcher Jesus Montero and pitchers Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelos and Ivan Nova from the Yankees. New York would probably do Montero and other prospects but not Banuelos.”

Word around town is the Rockies are looking for a “Herschel Walker” type deal, which makes sense considering they reportedly requested the king’s ransom of Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and Ivan Nova from the Yankees. Montero, Baneulos, and Betances were in the top 50 of several pre-season prospect lists, so that’d be a major haul for Dan O’Dowd and the Rockies if they pulled it off. They won’t though; mostly because Brian Cashman’s not an idiot. He might be willing to part with Montero and Nova for Jimenez, but there’s no way he’s giving up either Baneulos or Betances as well. The cost is way too high. If Cashman were so inclined (and I doubt he is), he could spin one or both prospects in a separate deal(s) to bring in additional pieces to the puzzle either now or after the season.

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Thoughts on Irabu

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the tragic news regarding former Yankee pitcher Hideki Irabu. If you haven’t, I’ll just assume that you live either in a cave, or a home where you’re TV gets three channels and your PC is connected to the internet via CompuServe. Six in one hand, half a dozen in another–but that’s besides the point.

Either way, Irabu’s untimely and particularly sad death has shaken the sports world. Even though he hasn’t been at the forefront of our conscience since he was unceremoniously released by the Texas Rangers in 2002, his death has still created a groundswell of emotions among fans, analysts, and journalists that have been both (mostly) positive and (rarely) negative. In the case of Joel Sherman of the New York Post, his reaction was mostly negative.

“Sad news on Irabu who I will remember as a guy who could not integrate into a veteran #Yankees clubhouse, nor deftly handle hitters here #RIP.”

Classy. While this may not have been how he meant it to come out, he comes off as saying, “I guess I should say something about Irabu dying. It’s sad, but he sucked and was kind of a jerk. Oh, rest in peace.” Again, I’m not saying this was intent, but this is how it comes off. A man took his own life, and yet Sherman feels it’s appropriate to discuss Irabu’s perceived faults? Really? I’m not saying that his death forever inhibits Sherman from takling about Irabu’s legacy, but there’s a time and a place for everything. That time is not now. It’s not tomorrow. And it’s not next week. Sherman should, quite frankly be ashamed of himself. What he said was in poor taste.

To Hideki: where ever you are, I hope you found your peace. We may never understand your motives for doing what you did, but rest assured your demons can’t hurt you anymore. Continue reading Thoughts on Irabu

Yankees Bring Back Thames

According to George King of the New York Post, the Yankees have signed outfielder Marcus Thames to a minor league contract.  He will report to the Tampa minor league complex to start, and will eventually be assigned to AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

On the surface, this seems like a depth move, but it could also signal the end of the Andruw Jones era in pinstripes.  Jones was brought into be the right-handed outfielder on the bench who could pinch hit and occasionally spell the lefty-heavy starting crew.  He’s done that pretty well, and has hit lefties to the tune of .240/.321/.507 while playing league average defense.  His performance against RHP has been deplorable (albeit in 25 PAs), but everyone knew he couldn’t hit righties anymore.  Still, this has led to some speculation his days were numbered.

Thames, who was let go by the Dodgers on Tuesday, was hitting .197/.243/.333 at the time of his release.  While he played half of his games at Dodger Stadium, a park that stifles offense, I’m not convinced he’ll benefit from switching to the NL to the AL.  He hit well playing for the Yankees last year, but he was benefited by an unusually high .345 BABIP.  That’s not something the Yankees can count on him recapturing again this season; especially at age-34. Continue reading Yankees Bring Back Thames

Live Game Chat TONIGHT: Yanks-Rays

UPDATE: Please stand by.  We are having a few technical difficulties.

As a reminder to everyone, we will be doing a live game chat with our friends over at the Ray Area.  The game will start tonight at 7:05 p.m. on MLB Network, and will feature an exciting pitching matchup between C.C. Sabathia and James Shields.  It should be a fun, albeit low scoring, game to watch.  Please join us tonight, as these things are always a lot of fun.  Among the non-baseball topics we will be discussing will be cake vs. pie (of course), and the latest food battleground:  french fries vs. tater tots.  Hope to see you there! Continue reading Live Game Chat TONIGHT: Yanks-Rays

Live Game Chat

Hello Yankee Universe! We just wanted to let you know that we will be co-hosting another live game chat with our friends at The Ray Area for the Yanks-Rays game Thursday at 7:05 p.m on MLB Network. While we’ll be intermingling with the enemy, we request that everyone who participates be civil and respectful. That said, a little good natured smack talk is always appreciated.

We hope to see you there! Speaking on behalf of Jason, Brien, Larry, Tamar, Mark, Bexy, Josh, and Anna: Go Yanks! Continue reading Live Game Chat

Quote of the Day: Frank McCourt

Truly great quotes need no explanation or commentary. Today’s quote of the day comes from disgraced Dodger owner, Frank McCourt. Upon filing the Dodgers for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, he provided this explanation behind his actions.

“I simply cannot allow the Commissioner to knowingly and intentionally be in a position to expose the Dodgers to financial risk any longer.”

While I could easily make an incredibly snarky comment here, I’m going to abstain because it stands up pretty well on it’s own. Instead, I’ll let you revel in it’s beauty, and merely refer you to this brilliant article written by our very own Larry Behrendt.

Hat tip to Craig Calcaterra of NBC’s Hardball Talk for reading through the lengthy statement released by McCourt earlier today that contained this nugget of comedy gold. Continue reading Quote of the Day: Frank McCourt