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Phil Hughes Officially A Bright Spot, Beats Royals 3-2

Who is the best Yankee pitcher at the moment? Over the last three weeks, the answer is probably C.C. Sabathia. However, Phil Hughes really isn’t all that far behind. Over his last 4 starts, Hughes has pitched 25 2/3 innings (6.4 per start) with an ERA of 2.80. During that time, he has 23 strikeouts...

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Has Arod Changed His Swing Away From Power?

Alex Rodriguez is not having a bad season. He’s put up a 134 wRC+, good for 4th best among American League third basemen. He’s gotten there mostly by getting on base, hitting .292/.391/.431 on the season. He has just 5 home runs and 3 doubles. He’s improved significantly on his batting line over 2010-2011.

He turns...

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Corner, Turned? Yankees Win 6-2 Thanks to Hughes, Ibanez

I don’t think I was the only Yankee fan to give up on Phil Hughes about two weeks ago. Hughes hadn’t put together an effective stretch of more than a month or so since June of 2010. Balls were getting scorched off him early in 2012, and he appeared likely to lose his rotation spot...

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Could The Hot Start Help Derek Jeter Make History?

Derek Jeter is hitting .400/.440/.590 on May 2nd. That alone is pretty insane. Its even crazier because Jeter is 38 years old and a shortstop. Few people would fault Jeter for slowly fading into oblivion as he caps off a career as one of the best shortstops ever to play the game. But instead, he’s...

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Adventures in Left Field: Hiroki Kuroda and Eric Chavez Beat Baltimore 2-1

Eduardo Nunez really shouldn’t be the story of this game. Hiroki Kuroda, Mike Teixeira, Eric Chavez, and the Yankee bullpen all had great games, and Eduardo Nunez was just playing a new position. But really, what image are you going to remember about this game a few days from now? For me, its Eduardo Nunez...

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Is Defense Undermining The Yankee Pitching Staff?

Yankee starting pitchers have a 6.08 ERA, almost a full run worse from the terrible Boston Red Sox. Given the personel on the staff, this should be a surprise. Kiroda, Nova, and Sabathia were reasonable good bets entering the season, and are still reasonable good bets going forward, to be very strong contributors to the...

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Rob Segedin Is Underrated

With so much action in the Yankee farm system happening at Charleston and Empire State, it is easily for a player on the Tampa Yankees to fly under the radar. Rob Segedin is that player.

The Yankees drafted Segedin in the 3rd round of the 2010 draft. He was a bit of a dark horse pick...

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At What Point Do You Cut Bait on Phil Hughes?

Andy Pettitte will probably make his major league debut something in the next two weeks. Unless something radically changes, he will take Freddy Garcia‘s spot in the rotation. Freddy, for his part, has been making this a pretty easy decision for the Yankees. Its made further easier because Garcia...

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