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Preparing Myself For The Playoffs

After a crazy final week, the baseball rests for a day before beginning the playoff season. October is an amazing time  the majors, when we shift from a conditioned, relaxed, marathon pace to a true sprint where every pitch matters. As the Yankees get ready to begin the sprint, I think some reflection is appropriate...

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BA Releases Top NY-Penn League Ranking, Williams, Culver Among Prospects Ranked

Baseball America released their Top-20 NY-Penn League ranking this week. The Yankees on the list:

1. Mason Williams, of, Staten Island Yankees
6. Cito Culver, ss, Staten Island Yankees
8. Tyler Austin, 3b, Staten Island Yankees
14. Angelo Gumbs, 2b, Staten Island Yankees
19. Branden Pinder, rhp, Staten Island Yankees

Everyone knew that Mason Williams was a...

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"Plus, Plus" Power for Dante Bichette?

I’ve been thinking about something that caught my eye last week for quite some time now. After Baseball America proclaimed Dante Bichette Jr. the top prospect in the 2011 GCL league, which we all knew was coming, they added a surprise in their sub-only scouting report. BA’s Ben Badler tagged Bichette...

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Fall 2011 Top 30 Yankees Prospect List

The minor league season is over. After a 2010 season that saw breakout performance after breakout performance, the 2011 season saw its share of ups and downs, but overall it was a positive for the Yankee farm system. The Yankees had a few legitimate breakouts (Dante Bichette, Mason Williams),...

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What Does Soriano's Re-emergence Do For The Postseason Bullpen?

When the Yankees signed Rafael Soriano, I suggested that despite the horrible contract, Soriano was such a good reliever that he should be used as a fireman. Then he got injured, and we all know what happened. I know that the injury shook my confidence in Soriano’s abilities, but I know the potential...

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A Postseason Roster Without Cervelli

We don’t know what Francisco Cervelli’s health is like right now. Concussions are highly unpredictable. That said, I hope that Cervelli chooses to sit out the remainder of the season. After four concussions, he will at some point be risking permanent damage with any quick return. No matter how severe or minor his concussion, there...

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Game Thread: Yankees at Orioles 9/8/2011

Same matchup, different location. The Yankees are sending the following lineup to the field:

SS Jeter
CF Granderson
1b Teixeira
DH Rodriguez
2b Cano
RF Swisher
3b Chavez
C Cervelli
LF Gardner

SP Nova

Montero sits while Alex gets a half-day off. Martin also sits. The good news? No rain! Let’s play ball.

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Could Posada Lose His Postseason Roster Spot?

We don’t yet know how prepared for the postseason Jesus Montero will be. For now, the Yankees are going to try him at DH, and his initial debut has been enormously positive. However, the Yankees seem to recognize that Montero is their best bet at DH right now (and has been for some time, if...

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Yankees Should Adapt the NJ Devil's Ticket Price Innovation

In April, I looked at the Yankee ticket pricing system, determining that the one-price-any-game system was inefficient, and in part a cause of early-season Yankee attendance woes. At the time, the Yankees were averaging about 41,000 tickets sold per game, and tickets to weekday games were practically being given away on Stubhub. After...

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