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Wait to Extend Cano

Scott Boras wants the Yankees to extend Robinson Cano before he hits free agency. The Yankees hold two easy-to-exercise options on Robinson Cano for the next two seasons for $14 and $15 million. The status quo has him reaching free agency at the age of 31. He’s proven to be one of the...

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Cashman's Biggest Contribution

Brian Cashman will almost surely sign a new contract with the Yankees in the next week or so. Its amazing to think that Cashman is just 44 years old. He’s been general manager since 1998, and we can all recite the team’s accomplishments during that time. He might be haggling with the organization over some...

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Good News For The Yankees: Hard-Slotting System Facing Resistance In CBA Negotiations

From MLB Trade Rumors Yesterday:

Commissioner Bud Selig discussed several topics in an interview with Chris Russo of SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio today before Game 2 of the World Series.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • The issue of a hard slotting system for the draft is “really critical” for Selig.  Buster Olney reported yesterday that Selig...
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Trading Brett Gardner Will Make Yankee Starting Pitching More Of A Problem

I’ve been hearing a lot of people lately, both in the blogosphere and in the real world, talking about the Yankees trading for a top starting pitcher with a package centered around Brett Gardner. I think this is generally (barring something crazy, like a top-flight locked up Felix-like pitcher becoming available) a very...

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Consider Mark Buehrle

Regardless of how the C.C. Sabathia negotiations go, the Yankees will probably need to add another starting pitcher via free agency. Ivan Nova and A.J. Burnett are solid, but the Yankees have a lot of question marks beyond them. I wouldn’t be too comfortable with more than one farm system audition spot going into the...

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Alex Rodriguez the Designated Hitter Could Work

Alex Rodriguez is old. He’s 36 years old, turning 37 during next season. Most baseball players are getting ready to hang up their cleats at that age. Alex Rodriguez, on the other hand, is signed for 6 more years at the highest average salary in baseball. Its a horrible contract, but you knew that already...

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At What Point Do You Pass On Sabathia?

C.C. Sabathia will opt-out of his contract and become a free agent. The Yankees would love to have him at his former salary for the duration of his former contract. Unfortunately, so we a lot of teams, many of whom have a lot more budget room than the Yankees. His new contract could cost as...

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How Ivan Nova Got Here

I get the sense that Yankee fans are very comfortable with tonight’s starting pitcher matchup. Ivan Nova, a rookie, goes against Doug Fischer, and our nerves are pretty calm. After Ivan Nova’s 2011 season, its easy to be. He was nearly unhittable against the Tigers in Game 1, and just as strong all through September...

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Its Not Just Burnett vs. Porcello

Yankee fans are understandably antsy about A.J. Burnett starting tonight. We all know how horrible he can be, even if he sometimes shows flashes of brilliance. Starting him feels like a roll of the dice. Many have been quick to point out that the Tigers are throwing Rick Porcello to the mound tonight, who has...

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