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These Derek Jeter Contract Predictions Are Outrageous

Mark Polishurk on MLB Trade Rumors did a little speculation today on what kind of contract Derek Jeter will command one year from now. A quote:

Something in the neighborhood of a six-year contract that pays Jeter around $22MM per year (a nod to his uniform number) might be a total more...

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MLB Needs To Get In On The Olympics

[image title=”london-olympic-logo” size=”full” id=”15036″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]I really enjoyed watching the Olympic opening ceremonies last night. The cultural show was a let-down, perhaps because I’m comparing it to Beijing but also perhaps because Canada seemed to overemphasize parts of its culture to the point of caricaturization at times. I’m ethnically Canadian, though I don’t have a...

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State Of Yankee Starting Pitching Depth

Not that long ago, the Yankees had more pitching depth than they could have dreamed of. The Triple-A rotation was so full that qualified pitchers had to move to Double-A, and the team even let a few go in the Rule V draft. An impressive amount of pitching has left the organization over the past...

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Preventing Dutch Disease

[image title=”dutch-windmill-flowers1″ size=”full” id=”14986″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

I’ve touched on this idea nin the past, but I would like to fully form it today.

The pre-lockout New York Rangers and the current New York Knicks have more in common with the 2000s New York Yankees than a home city. All three functioned with a huge payroll relative...

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PP – Top 20 Yankee Prospects Averaged List

Sean over at Pending Pinstripes did what I was thinking about doing but too lazy to pull the trigger on: he averaged the top-20 prospect lists of every major prospect pundit out there, including my list, and merged it in to one list. Austin Jackson and Arodys Vizcaino were eliminated the the lists were adjusted.

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Marcus Thames Makes Jamie Hoffmann Obsolete

Really, I love Jamie Hoffman. As a lifelong fan of the minor league baseball, I was pretty excited to see the Yankees get a relatively unimportant 1st overall Rule V pick following the Brian Bruney trade. The Yankees have had only one Rule V pick that I can think of make their roster, and that...

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What Makes The Baseball Draft So Hard?

I was discussing hockey with a friend of mine, and an interesting point came up. Here is a chart of the top 10 scorers in the National Hockey League, and their draft position.

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Response to Matt: Hughes Should Not Go To Scranton

Yesterday, Matt argued that should he lose the battle for the 5th starter spot to Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes should be sent to Triple-A to start and build innings, instead of throwing out of the major league bullpen. I believe very strongly that Matt is wrong, and that the loser of the Joba/Phil battle should...

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Response To Steve: Keep Montero, Even If He's A DH

Steve made an interestingly, nuanced argument yesterday that Jesus Montero ought be traded if it turns out he is unable to play catcher. With Mark Teixeira at first base, Alex Rodriguez at 3rd, and Jesus Montero unlikely to play a passable left field, designated hitter would be his long term destination on the Yankees...

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Rank Name Draft Position
1 Alex Ovechkin 1st Overall
2 Henrik Sedin