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Jesus Montero Is A Catcher

[image title=”Montero” size=”full” id=”13510″ align=”center” ]I hope everyone is having an excellent holiday season. Mine has  been a bit busy, and I wasn’t planning on writing today. However, some of the comments here and from other bloggers regarding Jesus Montero’s top-5 BA rating  (which is a bigger deal than most people realize) have planted some...

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Revisiting the 2004 Offseason

The Javy Vazquez trade turned my mind back to his initial acquisition.

The Yankee World Series loss in 2003 was a painful one. Today, we regard it as the end of the dynasty era. The Yankees made the World Series in 6 of 8 years, but had lost the last two. The Yankees wouldn’t make it...

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What is Brian Cashman's Long Term Plan In Left Field?

Famously, we all watched Brian Cashman pass on a potential Hughes/Kennedy/Melky swap for Johan Santana because of the possibility of signing C.C. Sabathia the following year. They planned a strategy years in advance that included holding on to certain young players, but not all their young players. I think he’s up to something similar this...

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Yankees Acquire Javy Vazquez for Melky, Dunn, Vizcaino

[image title=”javier-vazquez-230×300″ size=”full” id=”13388″ align=”center” ]MLBTR reports that the Yankees will acquire Javy Vazquez for Melky Cabrera, Michael Dunn, and Arodys Vizcaino. They will pay the entirety of Vazquez’s 11.5 million dollar salary.

I’m at work, so this will have to be pretty brief.

Melky leaving clears the way for some kind of left field situation involving...

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If The Yankees Were Serious, They Would Put Gardner In CF

[image title=”brettgardner.JPG” size=”full” id=”13363″ align=”center” ]Way back in the day, I used to write the blog Fire Joe Torre. My argument was basically (with some hyperbole thrown in): the Yankees can do better than Torre, even if they won a lot of games with him. They’re slowly losing their dominance. The fans love Joe Torre...

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Baseball America Releases Its Top-10 Yankee Prospect List

A lot of prospect lists are tossed out over the course of the off season. By far the most influential one – the one quoted almost exclusively quoted in newspapers – is Baseball America’s Top-10 list. The list is available freely on line for everyone to read, but the scouting reports are subscriber only...

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Ten Reasons Why The Yankee Fans Shouldn't Panic

All across our own comments, twitter, and the larger blogosphere, I’ve heard a lot of “Oh shit! We’re screwed” panic from Yankee fans yesterday. I think that the Yankees are still favorites over the Boston Red Sox, assuming they sign a decent LF or DH instead of letting Juan Miranda fill the spot. Here are ten reasons...

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Why Trading Jesus Montero and Hughes/Chamberlain for Halladay Is A Bad Idea

[image title=”jesus piece (3)” size=”full” id=”13107″ align=”center” ]Rumors still place the Yankees in the hunt for Roy Halladay. The Blue Jays want Jesus Montero, one of Hughes or Chamberlain, and lesser prospects for the star pitcher. Following the trade of Ian Kennedy and Austin Jackson, this would leave the Yankee farm system almost completely...

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Yankees Choose Jamie Hoffmann, Lose Kroenke and K. Teixeira in Rule V Draft

Being at work, I can’t really go into detail about Hoffman. Greg Fertel at Pending Pinstripes, lucky for all of us, has done it for me.

My opinion: Hoffman’s pick screams “right-handed caddy for Granderson” to me. He can play a very good center field, had a good platoon split in 2009, and has the...

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