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Response To Steve: Keep Montero, Even If He's A DH

Steve made an interestingly, nuanced argument yesterday that Jesus Montero ought be traded if it turns out he is unable to play catcher. With Mark Teixeira at first base, Alex Rodriguez at 3rd, and Jesus Montero unlikely to play a passable left field, designated hitter would be his long term destination on the Yankees...

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Why Hal Steinbrenner should open the books a little for Johnny Damon

The common line is that right now, the Yankees have about 2 million dollars left in their budget for the 2010 season. I think that this is entirely plausible. Hal Steinnerbrenner gave Brian Cashman a hard number, and said that he would have to approve any spending over that number. He did so last year...

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Discussion: Building A Bullpen

Spring training will no doubt show us a battle between relievers looking for their spot in the bullpen. Barring a Ben Sheets surprise, we already know what players will make up most of the bullpen. They are:

Certains: Mariano Rivera, Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain, Damaso Marte, David Robertson, Alfredo Aceves

Strong Candidates: Sergio Mitre, Chad Gaudin,...

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Thinking About Slade Heathcott

[image title=”Slade-Heathcott” size=”full” id=”14211″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

The Yankees drafted Slade Heathcott six months ago and signed him four months ago. Very little news has happened in relation to Heathcott over this time period. We don’t have a lot more information to judge the young outfielder by other than what we knew at the draft. Still,...

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Challenges For The Next Decade

I apologize for being absent for the last couple of weeks. A family accident (side note, my father is actually having Tommy John surgery) and a new job ate up a lot of my time. But I’m back.

SB Nation is doing a very cool series of posts detailing what issues the various sports leagues...

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How Many AL MVPs Can You Name?

If you haven’t discovered Sporcle.com, you probably are a lot more productive than I am. The site lets you create and fill out customized quizzes. The sports section is pretty cool.

If you click here, you can take the AL MVP quiz. How many AL MVPs can you name? I pulled off 56 of...

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Defensive Revaluations

[image title=”large_brett-gardner514″ size=”full” id=”13743″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

I think that there are a lot of big picture baseball stories that we saw unfold this offseason. A lot of important things happened. As written by Joe at RAB, the top end of the free agent market has taken a serious hit. Nearly all GMs, including Brian...

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A New Site and A Legal Resolution

As you have probably noticed, The Yankee Universe is no more. Theyankeeuniverse.com will forward to theyankeeu.com for one month, and then this site will be the permanent and lasting home of this weblog, now called TYU: The Blog Formerly Known As The Yankee Universe. After several rounds of negotiations with Major League Baseball Advanced Media,...

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Jesus Montero Is A Catcher

[image title=”Montero” size=”full” id=”13510″ align=”center” ]I hope everyone is having an excellent holiday season. Mine has  been a bit busy, and I wasn’t planning on writing today. However, some of the comments here and from other bloggers regarding Jesus Montero’s top-5 BA rating  (which is a bigger deal than most people realize) have planted some...

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