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Update: Yankees Resign Andy Pettitte to a 1 year, 11.75 million dollar contract

Update (11:30 AM) – Digital Sports Daily, via twitter, reports that the Yankees have resigned Andy Pettite to a 1-year, 11.75 million dollar contract.

Via MLB Trade Rumors:

The Yankees are closing in on a deal with Andy Pettitte for about $12MM, tweets SI’s Jon Heyman.  He says the contract will be finalized today.

I think that...

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Buster Olney: Yankees May Trade Nick Swisher

Via MLB Trade Rumors:

The Yankees’ acquisition of Curtis Granderson yesterday obviously affects their other outfielders and free agents Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui.  ESPN’s Buster Olney says that if the Yanks re-sign Damon, they’re more likely to trade Nick Swisher.  He finds it “increasingly unlikely” that they re-sign Matsui, whether or not Damon returns.  Olney doesn’t mention...

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Will Matt Holliday Struggle To Find A Mega-Contract?

[image title="matt-holliday" size="full" id="13031" align="center" ]This time last year, the Mark Teixeira rumors were in full swing. The Orioles had offered him 140 million. The Nationals and Red Sox were reportedly offering him similar deals. The Angels were trying to get him to stay. But the Yankees swept in with a mega-offer and won the bidding...

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Reaction To The Granderson Trade

Lots of opinions floating around the blogosphere.

Greg Fertel (gets the prize for best write-up and analysis of the night):

Granderson looks tuned for a big improvement a la Nick Swisher in 2010. From the Yankees’ perspective, how could you not like this move? They added a 29-year-old center fielder with plus defense and power who...

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Most Valueable Network closes its doors

The Most Valuable Network is shutting down.

I remember being recruited by MVN in late 2006. The three River Ave Blues guys had just departed for their new site, and the network needed someone to cover the Yankee minor league system.

Three months later, they had hooked me up with a press pass for the Trenton...

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The Case For Rich Harden (Or Ben Sheets, Or Erik Bedard, Or Chien-Ming Wang)

[image title="73394623OG004_Oakland_Athle" size="full" id="12948" align="center" ]There are a lot of high-risk, high-reward free agents on the market today. The names by now are familiar to everyone: Rich Harden, Ben Sheets, Erik Bedard, Justin Duchscherer and Kelvim Escobar. The Yankees should sign at least one, and maybe two, of these pitchers. For the cost, they are...

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The Yankee Universe's Offer To MLBAM

We’ve spoken extensively to each other via email, and here is the immediate course of action that we plan on taking:

  1. We continue to claim our right to use However, we understand that we may be quickly forced off the domain. So, we are going to move the site to a new address, TBA. The...
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TYU Response to MLBAM's Cease and Desist

Today, Moshe received a Cease and Desist order via email from Major League Baseball Advanced Media. This order, with Moshe’s personal information blacked out, can be downloaded here.

MLBAM asked us to do the following:

Accordingly, demand is hereby made that you immediately cease and desist from using the YANKEE UNIVERSE name and the Logo, any other...

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Mark McGwire Deserves A Vote For The Hall of Fame

[image title="b54tNhSk" size="full" id="11987" align="center" ]A lot of very unqualified writers are going to be voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame over the next few months. Unlike the seasonal awards voting process, many of the BBWAA members who vote for the Hall are no longer actively covering the game, and because of this have...

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