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Derek Jeter's Player Option and $189 Million

Update: William did this issue a much better service on his own blog earlier this month. Definitely take a look. It appears that some of my assumptions are wrong, particularly about how a Jeter opt-out would affect the 2014 cap hit. It looks like the better scenario is to take my same logic,...

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Derek Jeter: The Least Volatile

Baseball is always going to be a game of volatility. Players are going to go into streaks of making outs, and then all of the sudden start hitting again, before they stop for a little bit. Luck plays an underrated factor in the way the game is played. However, some players are able to moderate...

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1 Year-Deals and the Soft Yankee-Style Rebuild

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Yankees sent Kevin Youkilis a 1-year, $12 million offer to play 3rd next year. Given that Youkilis’s next best rumored offer is a 2-year deal for not much more money, it should be pretty obvious what the Yankee strategy is: use their financial advance to load up on...

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2013 Yankee Analysts Hall of Fame Voting

Right now, a lot of BBWAA members are looking over their Hall of Fame ballots, and deciding who to vote for. With only 10 spots on the ballots for votes, the results this year are certainly going to be interesting. A lot of deserving players will fail to clear the bar, and the...

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The Hall of Fame Ballot is About to Get Very Crowded

The 2013 Hall of Fame ballot has officially been released. Joe Posnanski said in a tweet, “There are at least 14 players on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot I would love to see in the Hall.”

Those players? By my guess: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Craig Biggio, Mark McGwire, Jeff Bagwell, Kenny Lofton,...

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The Erosion of the Yankee Payroll Advantage in One Chart

The number that the Yankees have had their eye on since the new CBA was agreed to one year ago is $189 million. That’s the threshold in which they will have tremendous economic incentives–measured in the scores of millions of dollars–to get and stay under. More realistically, once you include non-pecuniary benefits that we don’t...

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A Path to the Majors for this 16 Year-Old Girl With a Killer Knuckleball?

This story, which I first read on Fangraphs, fascinates me:

Who would willingly throw a knuckleball in high school when scouts are looking for fastballs and curveballs? Well, for a 15-year-old native of Plant City, Florida, knuckleballs have been the key pitch to a young successful repertoire — ever since Joe Niekro taught the...

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We Need to Dig a Deep Hole, Bury the Old Statistics, and Forget Them Forever

I wanted to wait a little bit before following up on my post about the AL MVP race. A week from today, it looks increasingly likely that Miguel Cabrera will be named the AL MVP over Mike Trout, an objectively wrong decision by any definition of the award. If this is the case,...

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The Yankee Relief Pipeline and Depth

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the Yankee bullpen. Rafael Soriano is probably leaving for greener pastures, and Mariano Rivera is old. The Yankees can probably survive with Cody Eppley and Clay Rapada in the bullpen in 2013, but wouldn’t mind an upgrade or two. At the same time, the Yankees have a poor history...

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