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The Big Question for the Offseason

I think that people get too locked into the little details when thinking about the offseason. “Cashman should trade Alex Rodriguez and then move Derek Jeter to third base and then let Nick Swisher go and and then move Gardner to center field and then sign a right-handed power reliever and then find a new...

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Celebrating A Great 2012 Season – Yankees Lose ALCS

The New York Yankees will not advance to the 2012 World Series. While this sucks, I think we should celebrate what the Yankees did this season.

The 2012 New York Yankees overcame a ton of adversity just to get as far as they did. According to Jeff Zimmerman over at Fangraphs, the New York...

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Does Winning All the Time Get Old?

An article in the Wall Street Journal last week caught my attention. Brian Costa writes about the contrast between crowds in Baltimore and New York,

For Orioles fans—and for the people here who had long since stopped identifying themselves as such—this was a reawakening. They hadn’t seen playoff baseball in 15 years, hadn’t even...

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Press Release: Yankee Front Office Takes the Blame for Loss to the Tigers

Just got this in our email box:

NEW YORK – The New York Yankees announced today the firing of office manager John DiMaggio, citing a key logistical failure that resulted in their 3-0 loss to the Detroit Tigers on Sunday.

Team officials stated that Mr. DiMaggio had been tasked with distributing a key memorandum, titled, “Win One...

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A New Phase in Alex Rodriguez's Career

When Joe Torre moved Alex Rodriguez down to the 8th spot in the order in Game 4 of the 2006 ALDS, it was a terribly stupid move. Arod was struggling, like the rest of the team at the time, but was one of the best hitters in the American League that year. A combination of...

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Sabermetrics Doesn't Have A Monopoly on Not-Stupid: Mike Trout is the AL MVP

Mike Trout is the most valuable player in the American League. Miguel Cabrera is not. This is as clear as it could possibly be, and is not a matter of opinion, but rather a objective, verifiable, mathematical fact. Another who argues otherwise either is a) defining ‘most valuable player’ in an illogical, arbitrary way b) has not seen...

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In Defense of the 1-Game Wild Card Playoff

From conversations with my fellow TYA bloggers, I get the sense that a lot of people do not like the looming 1-game Wild Card playoff system. For the first time, the Wild Card teams will not immediately advance to the division series, and will instead play each other in a winner-take-all single game.

I like the...

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TYA Fall 2012 Top-30 Prospect List

Its been a bad year in the Yankee farm system. The organization saw more massive car wrecks than breakouts, traded away top talent without getting much in return, and were hamstrung at the draft by new rules. The Yankee system had mostly been on an upward trajectory since 2005, but 2012 ended that streak.

Still, there...

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