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“It’s not over…”: Red Sox jump on Sabathia early, rally late to beat Yanks 8-6

But, as they’ve done a few times before against the Red Sox this season, the bombers came roaring back. Three runs in the bottom of the frame, courtesy of a Jayson Nix two-run homer and a Derek Jeter RBI groundout, left them back at square one (well, square minus-2). Things proceeded as planned from there on, with neither pitching staff giving an inch.

Until the bottom of the eighth inning: Raul Ibanez hit for Chris Stewart, and lined a single into right field. A couple batters later, Mark Teixeira (still on a tear), blasted a shot to right field to tie the score. And, just like that, it seemed that the Yankees would be able to pull this one out.

And that lasted all of about 15 minutes, until Rafael Soriano, in to pitch the top of the ninth, walked Jacoby Ellsbury, and allowed a long triple to (can we say “Yankee-killer”?) Pedro Ciriaco. 7-6, but it seemed like more. Which it soon was: Dustin Pedroia brought Ciriaco home with a sacrifice fly, and that was it.…

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A’s sweep Yanks, win 4-5 in 12

Robertson got into trouble in the eighth–as he is wont to do–by allowing a single to Coco Crisp, who promptly stole second. But D-Rob got out of the “jam” by striking out Reddick and Cespedes (the A’s two best hitters), and then inducing a groundout from Chris Carter (wasn’t he a football player once?).

And then it was Soriano’s turn, and he looked good, inducing a weak pop out from Brandon Inge for the first out. But, a few pitches later, Seth Smith smacked a long drive to center that, at first glance, looked like it would settle nicely in Curtis Granderson’s glove–until it just kept carrying. And carrying. Over the fence. It reminded me of Phil Hughes yesterday, pointing to the sky after giving up a home run, as if he really thought it was a pop up.

After that, it seemed to be pretty much over for the Yankees: it’s hard to go back out after giving up a win in the bottom of the ninth to a team that you had lost the previous three games to.…

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Yanks rally, but come up short, as home runs lift Angels to 10-8 victory

Downs walked Jeter badly, setting up another round of hurried warmups from Scioscia’s bullpen crew. Curtis Granderson–who had blasted a long homer earlier in the game–came trotting up to the plate representing the winning run. After a couple of balls whizzed down and away, Curtis got one he could handle from Downs: but this time, his long, towering blast hooked foul as all of Yankee Stadium sighed. No matter: he walked, forcing in another run.

And that was it for Downs, having served his part in the Angels’ unfolding tragedy. Now it was time for Kevin Jepsen–a fireballer with control issues–to face mighty Alex Rodriguez with the walk-off run on first. A weaker man would devote the next couple of lines to making jokes about Alex Rodriguez and clutch situations. A weaker man might say something along the lines of “and we all know what to expect with A-Rod up in a close game.” OK, perhaps not a weaker man–but certainly one that has more fun with those jokes than I do.…

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