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Must click link: Glanville on Mo

Thought this piece by former player and one time Spring Training invitee Doug Glanville was worth reading. Yet another testament to the genius that is Mo, and I’m not talking about the on-the-field stuff:

Off the field, you immediately noticed how the greatest closer of all-time was still humble, disarming any clubhouse tension, adding perspective to the most trying of times with a pat on the shoulder or a grin. I have been in locker rooms where the tension could be cut like a knife, and also in locker rooms so fulfilling that you couldn’t wait to be there. But never before had I experienced one that seemed to have a cloud of divine inspiration hovering over it. With his remarkable statistics, Rivera has been the personification of that cloud year in and year out. But he is also the big brother who makes sure that everyone gets to the family reunion or that you don’t forget to call your cousin Glenda on her 50th birthday. Everything he does feels as if it’s for some sort of greater good.

We will all miss the great Mariano Rivera when he’s done playing because of his excellence ON the field. But it’s his off-the-field presence that will be equally hard to replicate. Continue reading Must click link: Glanville on Mo

Book Review: “Driving Mr. Yogi”

New baseball book season coincides with the beginning of every baseball season. This season was no different as several books arrived at my doorstep recently. As I get into each of them, I will give them each a brief run-down here along with my sincerest recommendations whether you should run out and get one for yourself and your friends/family, or to simply avoid.

My first book that I had the pleasure of diving into was Harvey Araton’s “Driving Mr. Yogi“. To call this book anything but enjoyable would be a lie. It is a challenge not to turn every page while smiling, as you hear Yogi’s voice in your head as you read his words. Ditto for the Cajun drawl of Ron Guidry.

Araton takes you through the genesis of the little-known arrangement between Guidry, a Yankee legend in his own right, and the amazing Yogi, as they have spent so many Spring Trainings together with Guidry serving as Yogi’s caddy and confidant. During the way, you get to relive the pain Yogi felt after getting unceremoniously brushed aside by the late George M. Steinbrenner, followed by the touching retelling about the long-awaited reconciliation.

Both Guidry’s and Berra’s down-home ways somehow bring these guys closer to us, seen as the regular guys as they want to be seen, yet seen as the legends they are.

I haven’t even finished the book yet but I’m so absolutely taken with it, I wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible. There are a number of books yet to attack, yet I can’t help but wonder if I hit the best one first. Friends, if you need a good, easy, fun, heartwarming read about the legends you know (or thought you knew), this is your book.

I can’t recommend it enough. It will give you yet another reason to cheer these guys at Old Timer’s Day, or just cheer louder.


Special thanks to former Yankees PR guru Marty Appel for getting this treasure in my hands. Continue reading Book Review: “Driving Mr. Yogi”

The best thing you will read today. Seriously.

Thankfully, my RSS reader was working nicely today as I could not help but jump to read this, via Deadspin:

These columns should be easy to write by now, since they’ve been written for at least a decade—often by the same writers. Going back to his blown save in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series, the ever-vigilant columnists of the Tri-State Area have been watching for signs that the once unhittable Rivera is succumbing to the ravages of age. And every time he strings a few shaky outings together, the death knell is tolled.

Friends, read on, and enjoy the chuckles provided by our favorites Wallace Matthews, Andrew Marchand, Mike Lupica, etc.

Long live Mariano Rivera. That is all. Resume your day, smiling, because Mo continues to defy logic, odds, Father Time, Mother Nature, male patterned baldness, gravity and countless MSM blowhards. Continue reading The best thing you will read today. Seriously.