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What they’re saying about Andy’s return


  • HBT #2 (Calcaterra):

But will that erase all of the good stuff he’s done? Will that make his amazing body of work go away? Will it keep Pettitte from sitting in a rocking chair one day and thinking about how great a pitcher he was? Of course not. His legacy is already solidified, no matter what he does in 2012. Indeed, it can only really be enhanced if he does something amazing, because most people’s memories are pretty good at pushing out the negativity as the years go on.

“”I don’t think I’m going to fail,” Pettitte said, “but I’m not scared to come back.”Cashman’s Yankees have little to lose here, not with a no-frills, no-incentives contract that could yield them a reliable Game 3 starter in the division series. The pitcher is the vulnerable party in this deal, the one with some exposure.”

  • ESPN #2 (Sweetspot):

“So we can assume Pettitte should be capable of posting an ERA around 4.00.

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A bit more about the new rule regarding maple bats

Wendy Thurm: Can you tell me how the rule came about (i.e., was it a compromise between owners and players, what other changes were considered)?

Jason@IIATMS: Nearly everything in the CBA represents a compromise of some sort. Heck, if one side wanted to mandate that the sun rises in the East, the other side would try to negotiate that away. I am sure it was the only compromise the MLB, MLBPA, USDA, and equipment manufacturers could come up with to show due diligence in an attempt to improve or search for a solution.

As for the exact circumstances of the genesis of the rule change, I am not sure, but certainly this is an issue of importance for MLB. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is mostly cosmetic to show us that they are trying to do something about the problem. However, I don’t believe it is enough. The Tyler Colvin incident could have been worse, far worse, and it just might take that worst case scenario to occur (to a fan or a player) to really get this problem fixed.… Click here to read the rest