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And Friday night, Yankees blogosphere explodes

ANTI Montero trade:

“We’ll see”:

From the other side(s):

Some Tweets:

  • Buster:  Strong reaction so far from other teams: Some execs from other AL East teams believe Yankees just made an incredible trade.
  • Kevin GoldsteinBrian Cashman shownig Jon Daniels that there’s more than one ninja in the American League.
  • Jon Morosi#Yankees suddenly have starting depth to spare: Sabathia, Kuroda, Pineda, Nova, Burnett, Hughes, Garcia. Your move, #RedSox (and #BlueJays).
  • Jayson StarkPineda’s average fastball last year traveled 94.7 mph, according to FanGraphs. The only 3 starters who beat that: Ogando, Verlander & Price
  • Evan GrantI think the Yankees “win” the Mariners deal. Pineda is a potential No. 1.
  • Me (well, Rany): Giddy-up RT @jazayerli Yankees willing to trade Montero for 3 mo of CLee. Instead they traded him for 5 yrs of Pineda.
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Reposting: The National Baseball Hall of Fame AND Museum

It’s wonderful that the Hall of Fame documents the history of baseball, all of this history, even the worst parts of this history. This is the part of the mission of the Hall that we don’t talk much about. We talk about how Pete Rose should (or should not, depending on your lean) be in the Hall of Fame, but Rose IS represented in the museum.  So is Manny Ramirez.  So is Barry Bonds. Their memorabilia is prominently featured in exhibits in the museum, even if their plaques aren’t (and won’t) be hanging in the Gallery.  I was able to point my boys to Rose’s jersey in an exhibit and explain to them who he was, what he did on the field and the things he did off the field which has kept him from the other side of this great building.

As I walked through the Hall, I thought about whether this is the best way to remember players who had Hall of Fame quality careers but whose involvement with performance-enhancing drugs will likely prevent them from being inducted into the Hall.…

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Change happens, again

First, a few words on ESPN. I have nothing but great things to say about the MLB team at ESPN, notably Dave Schoenfield, David Kull, Jamie Greenthal, Mark Simon, Matt Szefc, not to forget Jon Scher at ESPNNY. And most importantly, Rob Neyer, who is now at SBN. Rob took a chance on me in the Fall of 2009 and he knows how grateful I will always remain for putting his faith in me. Dave stepped into some very large shoes when Rob left and was always accessible and eager to hear new ideas and suggestions. ESPN is a beast and there are some serious fiefdoms to contend with, but on a personal level, these guys were professionals. I am proud to be able to call these guys friends and colleagues. I hope we did right by them. Like with us, you might not agree with everything they say or do, but you have to respect their force.

And without stealing his thunder (we have spoken at length about this and hopefully this post is timed with his), I am thrilled that Rob Abruzzese’s Bronx Baseball Daily will now be holding the Yankees flag at ESPN going forward.…

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