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IIATMS HOF’er Johnny Damon will not return to the Yanks

First ballot IIATMS Hall of Famer Johnny Damon will not be making a return trip to the Bronx, at least in the hometown pinstripes, notes GAKIII:

According to Damon, he isn’t returning to the Yankees as a free agent.

We both are looking at other options now,” Damon told The Post Saturday and called it “unfortunate.”

According to GM Brian Cashman, Damon contacted the club.

He called and I told him the truth. He is not the No. 1 option if and when I turn to DH options,” Cashman said.

The Yankees closing the door on Damon means Raul Ibanez is the prohibitive favorite for the left-handed DH spot they talked to Damon about.

It’s only unfortunate that you and your agent insist on bleeding every club of every last dollar you can get, then claiming it’s been a lifelong dream of yours to play in their laundry. Except we’re not buying it.

Is Damon a better option than Ibanez or Vlad? Does it really matter that much? The relative costs are minimal and the amount of time they’d play in the OF is also minimal. So as a DH, Ibanez offers greater power potential (but worse on-base skills, speed), I get it. None of them wow me but I’m also not going to get overly wrapped up in this. For all we know, Russell Branyan can come into camp in the BSOML and steal the gig. Bottom line, I’m not going to lose a wink over whoever they sign here.

And if you can’t remember how bad Damon is in the OF, here’s an old GIF that will make you laugh. Continue reading IIATMS HOF’er Johnny Damon will not return to the Yanks

More AJ trade chatter

If Andrew Marchand’s report is indeed true, the Yanks should be darn thankful they found a sucker taker:

The Yankees will receive $13-to-15 million in salary relief when the A.J. Burnett trade to the Pirates is finally completed, according to two baseball officials with knowledge of the talks. This means the Bucs will pay anywhere from 39 to 45 percent of the remainder of Burnett’s $33 million contract.

Sources on both sides of the negotiations say they are optimistic that a deal will be completed, but one said he tended to think it would happen over the weekend rather than Friday. Many reports have had the Pirates unwilling to budge off of $10 million, but a source said they are already prepared to pay more than that.

I’m not held up by the need for the Pirates, or any team, to include prospects. The simple gain of payroll headroom is alone a huge win. Getting C-rated prospects, or guys who might eventually become role/bench players is not of utmost concern for me. Dump the contract, move on.

Again, as I have said in the comments before, I will miss AJ, in a way. He’s been, for the most part, a stand up guy and there’s a piece of me who feels he’s been bullied out of town. The proverbial “you won’t have [AJ] to kick around any more“. Has he earned his exit? You betchya. Doesn’t mean I won’t feel more than a twinge of regret. Continue reading More AJ trade chatter

Must click link: Belth on Hiroki Kuroda

Great writer, good FOTB and all about man-around-town Alex Belth shot me a link earlier today and I’m only now getting around to it. Frankly, it’s everything you want to know/read/absorb about Hiroki Kuroda. If you don’t come away feeling pretty good about this signing, if you haven’t already, then you’re doing it wrong. A snippet:

Kuroda is not expected to be an ace but a workhorse. Maybe he’ll have a higher ERA but should also win more games. Kuroda wanted an opportunity to be the best in the world and it seems as though he owed himself the chance to take a shot at it. And while winning a World Series is all that matters in certain quarters in the Bronx, there are some of us Yankee fans who appreciate toughness and effort no matter what the result.

I’m good with that. Continue reading Must click link: Belth on Hiroki Kuroda

“Prospect hugging” prospect: Mason Williams


Bullpen Banter has an excellent review of Yanks CF prospect Mason Williams here. Full of videos, gif’s and other pictures. Worth a visit. My favorite part:

Williams has some stand out physical gifts and has the potential to become a 5-tool center fielder. His plus bat speed and pretty, left-handed swing should lead to a high AVG with refinements in his approach. Even though his swing isn’t necessarily built for a whole lot of power he showed surprising pop in 2011 and should continue to improve in that area with physical maturation. Fringe average power is probably reachable if his body cooperates in adding muscle. His speed and athleticism add to all facets of his game – turning singles into extra base hits and making him a constant threat to swipe a bag. The speed also benefits him in the field where improved reads, jumps and routes would mean a plus defensive center fielder. If his development continues as expected Williams can become a speedy center fielder who is a dynamic threat at or near the top of the lineup. He possesses a well rounded skill set that can be very valuable to a major league team and he’s one of the more exciting up the middle talents in the lower minors.

Not sure if will help us get over the loss of Jesus Montero (please Michael Pineda, just kick some tail on the hill!), but setting our sights on young Williams will get us drooling once again about the next young Yanks non-catching, non-pitching prospect. Continue reading “Prospect hugging” prospect: Mason Williams

Football/Baseball question of the day

Loyal reader Danrizzle posed this question and perhaps it’s one worth opening the floor for discussion, especially since it brings us up the on-ramp to baseball season:

Eli is so enigmatic; he makes bone-headed plays all the time (though much less so now than earlier in his career) but he’s otherwise entirely terrific. Does he have a baseball equivalent in that regard?

Who is the MLB equivalent to Eli?  Operators are standing by… Continue reading Football/Baseball question of the day

Cashman’s accuser? Extortionist?

And then there is this:

A woman has been charged with stalking and shaking down New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.

 Louise Neathway is being arraigned Thursday night in a Manhattan court. Prosecutors say she extorted $6,000 from Cashman, tried to squeeze $15,000 more and engaged in “a long-term effort to control and manipulate” him.

 She’s also known as Louise Meanwell. 

Of course she is… Continue reading Cashman’s accuser? Extortionist?