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A Day At The Park

With all of these, click on them for a larger view.

Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano, warming up:

Alex Rodriguez, testing the wind with a few blades of grass. Yes, it was blowing out… harbinger?

Did I mention the wind was blowing out?

Because it never gets old:

Neither does this:

Mark Teixeira with the scoop (during pre-game):

A.J. Burnett‘s follow-through:

Brett Gardner, leading off:

Derek Jeter‘s long shadow after a first inning single:

ARod’s double, about to slide. He’s looking very good, if you haven’t noticed:

Nick Swisher, about to make contact:

Speaking of looking very good so far, Curtis Granderson:

Teix takes the business end of a shattered bat to the batboy. Have I mentioned the BatGlove lately?

Plenty of good seating INSIDE the moat; not as much OUTSIDE of it. (Picture taken around 5pm of a 4:10pm start time):

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