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2011 Preview: The X-Factor

After his train wreck of a 2010 season, it may be hard to remember how good a pitcher Burnett can be. Let’s forget 2010 for the moment. With the exception of 2010, Burnett has never had a season in which he’s pitched at least 100 innings and had an ERA+ below 100. From 2005-09, Burnett managed to pitch at least 100 innings each year, make at least 21 starts each year, and pitch to ERA+’s of 116, 115, 119, 104, and 119.

There are some who think that Burnett’s best years were before he joined the Yankees in 2009. But 2009 might have been the best year of Burnett’s career. As the Yankees fought their way to the 2009 World Series championship, Burnett pitched 207 innings at a 114 ERA+. It wasn’t as nominally impressive as the 122 ERA+ he put up over 204.2 innings in 2002, but if you believe in giving people extra credit for playing in the A.L.…

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Yankee Stadium will continue to be safe from iPads and Kindles

Last week, the Cleveland Indians announced their Social Media Strategy (with video here):

New for 2011 will be the Indians Social Suite, an entire suite at Progressive Field catering to social media users. The Indians Social Suite replaces the first-ever social media-only section in professional sports, the Tribe Social Deck. Invitations to the Indians Social Suite are distributed on a game-by-game basis and fans may apply online at www.indians.com/connect.

An interactive and engaging social media presence is something we strongly believe in because it is integral to the Indians brand,” said MARK SHAPIRO.

In addition to the Indians Social Suite, the Indians today launched a new social media ticket offer for 2011. Available only via Facebook and Twitter, fans will have the opportunity to share the ticket special via social media to receive an even deeper discount. Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for more information.

Finally, the Indians will partner with Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) to enhance fan experiences at Progressive Field by utilizing the award-winning MLB.com At Bat 11 application.

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In which I disagree with Jon Heyman

Even my nearly 11-year old son, from the other computer, responded:

@Jason_IIATMS @SI_JonHeyman watch your words Heyman.

To Heyman’s credit, he responded innocently enough  to my son:

@JakeIan44 thats all i do

But he responded to me in a way that, well, let me know he didn’t see the wrongs of his comments above:

@Jason_IIATMS i dont like it when a guy gets $12 mil, comes to camp out of shape, fights w/ teammates, then rips underpaid pitching coach

Jon, you don’t have to like any of that stuff. I don’t either. I’d be pretty pissed off if I were his teammate, or part of the front office staff, or a fan. However, as a reporter, you chose to get ridiculously mean and personal with Silva, as if you were delighted with the turn of events. Again, if you had told us that initial tweet that he was a jerk and he tore the place up on his way out, we’d agree wholeheartedly.…

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