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A Day At The Park

With all of these, click on them for a larger view.

Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano, warming up:

Alex Rodriguez, testing the wind with a few blades of grass. Yes, it was blowing out… harbinger?

Did I mention the wind was blowing out?

Because it never gets old:

Neither does this:

Mark Teixeira with the scoop (during pre-game):

A.J. Burnett‘s follow-through:

Brett Gardner, leading off:

Derek Jeter‘s long shadow after a first inning single:

ARod’s double, about to slide. He’s looking very good, if you haven’t noticed:

Nick Swisher, about to make contact:

Speaking of looking very good so far, Curtis Granderson:

Teix takes the business end of a shattered bat to the batboy. Have I mentioned the BatGlove lately?

Plenty of good seating INSIDE the moat; not as much OUTSIDE of it. (Picture taken around 5pm of a 4:10pm start time):

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The second annual IIATMS roundtable

1. A general stat line for the Yankees in 2011: number of wins, finish in A.L. East, how they’ll do in the playoffs (including the identity of the team they play when they win the WS or are eliminated).

Jason: 90-72.  A wildcard finish seems likely as Boston’s offense looks fantastic. Hard to bet against them right now, though Josh Beckett is as big a question mark as A.J. Burnett. Predicting a post-season finish seems a bit lofty, but I’ll  say they’ll be playing in the ALCS.  It’s a crapshoot, right?

Brien: 95 wins, 1st place A.L. East, defeat the Phillies 4 games to 2 in the World Series.

Larry: 90-72, 2nd 3rd place in A.L. East, will not make the playoffs.

Will: 93 wins, finish second in AL East, lose to Boston in ALCS. Yanks will beat Texas in the first round, Sox will beat Minny, Sox will beat Yanks in ALCS. Philly beats Rox in first round, Brewers beat Cincy.…

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