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The Week That Was at IIATMS, 3/27/11

With the final weekend of Spring Training about to close, teams head North soon and the games begin on Thursday!  Finally, the long winter is over (even if it’s still cold here in the NorthEast!).  It was a busy week here at IIATMS, so let’s highlight some of the best work:

Games begin this week and we can turn our focus completely upon the live action. It’s been a challenging off-season: battling the stuff about Cliff Lee, the retirement of Andy Pettitte, the head-caseificiation of AJ Burnett, the signing of “best of 2003-04” pitchers, etc. No one is happier to put this stuff behind them than I.

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In which I disagree with Jon Heyman

It started rather innocuously with a tweet from SI’s Jon Heyman:

Carlos silva ripped cubs pitching coach on way out (via @PWSullivan). Hope next time we see silva is on the biggest loser

Now, I will readily concede that Silva’s decision to rip his pitching coach was a poor one and that he can generally be a jerk. Calling him out for being a jerk or doing jerk-y things is totally fine. What bothered me when I first read this tweet was that Heyman took a personal potshot at Silva, just because he’s not exactly in bodybuilder shape. These are two completely separate things. I felt that Heyman’s tweet crossed that line between legitimate journalism and low grade, biased sniping. So I told him this:

@SI_JonHeyman a bit mean and personal, eh Jon?

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The Week That Was at IIATMS, 3/20/11

This was a pretty big week for me as I returned to work full-time, which might help explain the fewer posts/comments authored by me this week. Thankfully, we’ve been lucky enough to add Chip and Anna to the mix and there will be another debut tomorrow that I’m excited about. I will continue to post, though not as frequently since I will only be writing at night. Work comes first and until/unless someone wants to pay me to do this full time, that’s the way it’s gotta be. I trust you’ll understand and probably wouldn’t have even noticed a thing had I mentioned it.

With that, the week that was here at IIATMS:

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Not surprisingly, Cashman called “scrappy”

Regardless of what you think about Brian Cashman, his ability to remain a member of the New York Yankees –from intern through General Manager– for 25 years is impressive. This link tells his story. Of course, what had me chuckling was the opening paragraph:

The book on Brian Cashman was that he was a small but scrappy second baseman, excellent speed, active bat, good glove, average arm and stubborn as a Steinbrenner in his approach to the game.

In other words, David Eckstein.

The Cashman quote that I appreciate:

And I’ve tried to handle them all the same way. Tried to be honest to the degree I can with the press. But circumstances have occurred — whether it was the decision to trade or not for Johan Santana or the negotiation for Derek Jeter, where I wasn’t afraid to stand up for a franchise that I have been with for a very long time.

Yep. Was Cashman too honest this off-season, particularly with Jeter? Perhaps, but that’s Cashman Unplugged. Maybe we should get used to this. Continue reading Not surprisingly, Cashman called “scrappy”

Babe Ruth book contest

The good folks at Little, Brown & Co., the publishers of Robert Weintraub’s book, THE HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT, were good enough to say yes to my request that we give a few books away to some of you crazies. We’ve done this before and it’s always been a fun challenge. The Batting Stance Guy challenge was fantastic.  This one, however, will require you to be a bit creative.

Here’s the contest: The Best Babe Ruth-inspired Haiku will win one of the three books we have to give away. That’s it. Use the comments section below to submit your Haiku as well as voting for the best. We’ll consider the voting one of the criteria of our decision who wins. The other criteria: what WE liked best.  Winners will be selected by Tuesday evening.

Larry will kick off the contest with his submission:

Did Ruth curse the Sox?

The long losing streak and now

There’s Dan Shaughnessy.

Now get your Haiku on.

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JoePos nails it (stop me if you’ve heard that before)

It’s becoming rote to say that Joe Posnanski has “nailed it” with regard to whatever topic he’s riffing on. However, for all of us bloggers, dare I say wannabe professional writers, Joe speaks especially well for all of us in his take down of SF columnist Bruce Jenkins. First, what Jenkins said:

“It won’t be long before we get the first wave of nonsense from stat-crazed dunces claiming there’s nothing to be learned from a batting average, won-loss record or RBI total. Listen, just go back to bed, OK? Strip down to those fourth-day undies, head downstairs (to “your mother’s basement and your mother’s computer,” as Chipper Jones so aptly describes it) and churn out some more crap. For more than a century, .220 meant something. So did .278, .301, .350, an 18-4 record, or 118 RBIs. Now it all means nothing because a bunch of nonathletes are trying to reinvent the game?”

And Joe’s closing argument:

No, Bruce, that bit is ancient, and it’s dumb, and consigning the person you disagree with into their mother’s basement is just admitting you’ve run out of arguments. Anyway, it’s wrong. My mother’s basement was a wonderful place. It is, in so many ways, where I became a man. I visit there often in my mind. I’m usually wearing pants.

I don’t do this for a living (unfortunately) and I don’t live with my parents. I’ve got my own place (with my wife and kids) that we paid for, complete with wifi, so who needs to sit in a basement, anyway? But if there’s someone who wants to pay me to stay home and blog in my sweats, I’m game.

Like Joe, my parent’s basement was a great place. It was carpeted in green astroturf and stocked with Legos when I was young, replaced by a sprawling drumset with a wicked 1980’s style boombox as I got older. My folks have moved West and are basement-free. Don’t think for a second that I haven’t considered the astroturf for my own basement… Continue reading JoePos nails it (stop me if you’ve heard that before)