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In which I disagree with Jon Heyman

Even my nearly 11-year old son, from the other computer, responded:

@Jason_IIATMS @SI_JonHeyman watch your words Heyman.

To Heyman’s credit, he responded innocently enough  to my son:

@JakeIan44 thats all i do

But he responded to me in a way that, well, let me know he didn’t see the wrongs of his comments above:

@Jason_IIATMS i dont like it when a guy gets $12 mil, comes to camp out of shape, fights w/ teammates, then rips underpaid pitching coach

Jon, you don’t have to like any of that stuff. I don’t either. I’d be pretty pissed off if I were his teammate, or part of the front office staff, or a fan. However, as a reporter, you chose to get ridiculously mean and personal with Silva, as if you were delighted with the turn of events. Again, if you had told us that initial tweet that he was a jerk and he tore the place up on his way out, we’d agree wholeheartedly.… Click here to read the rest