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Joe Torre set to return at Old Timer’s Day

Bygones being bygones, water having passed under the bridge, images in the rear view are not as close as they appear…. in other words, the lingering animosity between Joe Torre and the Yankees organization seems to have dissipated:

I don’t know if I’m letting the cat out of the bag but I was invited back for Old-Timer’s Day,” Torre said Thursday evening at George Steinbrenner Field.So maybe now they’ll withdraw the invitation.”

A Torre love-fest was completely inevitable, just like Derek Jeter reaching 3,000 hits. It’ll be a wonderful moment where we get to relive some of the great moments from the Torre Era.  For a period of time, Torre could do no wrong in New York and his ascent coincided with The Boss’ descent. The “Clueless Joe” headline (to the right) was something I’ll never forget. I remember chatting with a buddy at work at the time, remarking that Torre had better get the team out of the gates fast or he won’t last, much like so many other managers during The Boss’ reign.

David Cone won the opening game of that 1996 season (Jeter batted 9th for those concerned) and the Yanks began April at 13-10 and accelerated in May with a 16-11 record. The Yanks finished the 1996 season with a 92-70 record, eventually blitzing through the Rangers (3-1), Orioles (4-1) and famously against the heavily favored Braves (4-2), thanks in part to Andy Pettitte‘s ridiculous Game 5 showing. Among my most favorite seasons ever. So thank you, Mr. Torre, 1996 Manager of the Year.

And yes, they need to have Zim and Stottlemyre with him.


[Maybe Scotty  Proctor can walk the first pitch up to the plate.]

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In which I thank Joe Maddon

A huge thanks to Rays’ manager Joe Maddon, who tweeted this a few minutes ago:

@RaysJoeMaddon: Catching Yogi today when he fell today might have been my greatest play as a pro.

Hell yeah. Nice work, Joe.

Of course, this is the second time in a week or so that 85 year old Yogi Berra has tripped, with his first such incident resulting in an unplanned hospital visit. This time, however, Maddon was able to keep Yogi upright:

The Tampa Bay manager grabbed Yogi Berra after the Yankees’ great stumbled on the protective carpet by the batting cage before Thursday night’s game between New York and the Rays.

We were talking, walking and he tripped,” Maddon said.

Once again Joe, thank you!

(picture above taken before the incident today, courtesy of FloridaToday)

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The Week That Was at IIATMS, 3/13/11

Piggybacking on Chip’s linkaround, I’ll provide a weekly quick linkaround to some the best we put together for the week that was, here at good ol’ IIATMS:

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Nick Johnson came to camp in a cast. Who had the under?

Whoever had the under in the “when will Nick Johnson appear in a cast” with Opening Day as the line, please step forward! Via Twitter:

@indiansinsiderNick Johnson, right wrist in cast, reports to camp: Cleveland Indians spring training briefing

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ESPN killed the network’s sports anchor stars

Blaming ESPN is obvious, but perhaps their demise was inevitable:

They survived, like members of a dwindling tribe of sports town criers, into an era when fans knew the scores and had seen the highlights before their end-of-the-newscast recaps. Yet, there was a comfort level in seeing each one every night rather than a distant face from Bristol, Conn.

Like many of you, I grew up on Len Berman’s “Spanning the World” and Warner Wolf’s “Let’s Go To The Videotape” schtick. There’s a part of me that misses those segments, but then again, I see most of the most popular videos/replays long before I’d see them on network TV. Sure, it was always fun to see Berman’s monthly recap but those times have passed.

As I mentioned in the lede, blaming ESPN is handy and convenient and correct (at least to a degree). Given the localization of news thanks to the increases in social media platforms and alternative reporting sources (like here), relying on one guy at 10:55pm to cover the day’s sporting events for three minutes is as quaint and nostalgic as relying on your newspaper for breaking news. I’d like to think that the hyper-localization would necessitate having a dedicated sports guy but the costs of keeping a personality on roll seems excessive. Just clip the local highlights, run them, move on to weather. The mere existence of Regional Sports Networks like MSG, SNY and YES (here in NY) mean that if I want to know what my teams are doing, I go there to get the nitty gritty.

But their fate has been foretold since ESPN began feeding fans highlights and scores early and often. Now, there are so many outlets that you have to wonder if local sportscasts will survive.

Probably not.

UPDATE: Len Berman just responded to my tweet with the following:

Thanks Jason….I have a hunch Spanning the World will be making a comeback. Stay tuned!

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Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg to resign after 7 months

The Fort Worth Star Telegram notes that Chuck Greenberg is stepping down as head of the Texas Rangers to “pursue other interests”:

No one reason was given by the source for the stunning development, but Greenberg’s method of operations could have created disagreements within the organization, including with team president Nolan Ryan, and among the ownership group and even Major League Baseball.

Did he just piss everyone off or is the excuse “pursue other interests” just a euphemism for doing something else, perhaps something more insidious? Your guesses in the comments.

Jon Heyman has this tweet:

chuck greenberg managed to upset a lot of people as managing partner but undoing came after he upset nolan ryan (sources)

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Kenny G in the batting cage

Consider yourself warned. Kenny G was filmed taking his cuts in the indoor cage at GMS Field in Tampa. I’m not sure if David Wells was impressed, disgusted or simply amused.

If you don’t want to click through, know that the cuts taken by Mr. G were exactly as you’d imagine they’d be.

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