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Who is worse for baseball: Yankees or Padres?

I’m not so biased that I can’t see that many of the things the Yanks are doing aren’t good for the name of “competitive balance”, but there’s nothing against the rules of spending. And, as of now, they will be bringing their payroll down in 2009, even if they go and add Teixeira after Sabathia and Burnett. Sure, it looks ugly when they do it because it’s so over the top. Did the Yanks really need to tack on the extra year for both Burnett and Sabathia? Well, yes. The cost of not getting these guys was greater than the risk of getting them. Sure there is risk in both pitchers’ arms and bodies. But if the Yanks have to eat the last few years of either/both contract, that’s a pittance in their overall operating budget. If you dropped a $20 bill and lost it, you’d be angry at yourself but you wouldn’t have to change your lifestyle. If the Yanks have to eat the last two years of each contract, so be it.… Click here to read the rest