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Thanks Moose!

The knocks on him include:

  • Only one 20-win season
  • No Cy Young awards (though he finished 2nd in 1999)
  • No gaudy strike out numbers/ratios (roughly 7 K/9 IP over his career)
  • No defining post-season moment (his bullpen/teams let him down more than a few times)
  • Never thought of as a true #1 ace of his era
  • 7 Gold Gloves
  • .638 winning %
  • 117 wins over .500
  • ERA+ of 123 [ERA+ – the ratio of the league’s ERA (adjusted to the pitcher’s ballpark) to that of the pitcher. > 100 is above average and ]
  • Career 3.68 ERA in the AL East during “The Steroid Era”
  • Entire career in the 5-man rotation era
  • Top 6 in Cy Young voting 9 times

Now, using B-R’s wonderful HOF standards “tests“:

  • Black Ink: Pitching – 15 (141) (Average HOFer ?
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