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Navelgazing: About this Montero kid

There’s truth to Marchman’s assertions that expectations for ALL prospects must be tempered. We ascribe our future hopes and dreams (at least as it relates to our rooting interests) onto these young men, men we’ve likely barely seen play.  And even if we’ve seen them, we’re not trained scouts. We see what we want to see, what we want them to be. Sure, we can all be critical of Montero’s positioning and allowing a wild pitch yesterday, but that’s easy.

So there’s some truth there, but that won’t stop some from happily jumping into the dirty puddle to spoil our fun:

I laugh at all the fanboys who are dry humping Jesus’ leg as if he’s going to be the next Albert Pujols

Oh man. I can honestly say that I haven’t seen that level of anti-Yankee-fan screed coming from a Yankees fansite since, well, ever. But I digress…

I’ve been paying attention to the Montero chatter for a while and they hype and hope is at an apex.… Click here to read the rest