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David Ortiz holds court

Ortiz on what seems to be a curiosity for what it must be like playing for the Yankees, because everyone seems to say great things:

“Their players always pass that around, that the Yankees are the best team to play for, this and that and blah, blah, blah,” Ortiz said. “That’s why there are a lot of players who want to go there and see what’s up, and then they come out with the same communication. Why? I don’t know.” […]

“Actually, I never get to talk to anyone about playing here,” he said. “I never get asked by players: ‘What’s it like to play for the Red Sox?’ That’s interesting. I never get: ‘How is it over there?’ You’ve got more fans asking you that than players. That’s funny how it sounds, but that’s how it is.”

Even Ortiz has inquired about what it’s like to play for the Yankees.

“I asked Alex and Johnny, ‘Hey, how do you like it over there?’ They say, ‘Oh, man, it’s awesome.

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