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Teixeira fires Scott Boras

Scott Boras doesn’t land the highest profile prospects and players because he’s not the best at getting his players the most amount of money. Many fans of the game hate Boras because he’s so very good at doing his job and in doing so, making owners and GM’s seem foolish for their overspending ways.  Boras seems to hold a zen-like grip over many teams, spell-bound by his binders of goodness that spill out upon many a conference room table. I mean, who else but Scott Boras could, with a straight face, compare Oliver Perez to Sandy Koufax? Of course, the Mets re-bought the schtick and signed Perez to an awful three year, $36m deal, something they woefully regret.

Once Teix utilized Boras’ skills to land him an epic contract, Teix now wants to excise the ‘stigma’ of being a “Boras client.”  Very cute. Again, practically speaking, there’s little need for Boras’ skills over the remaining six years of Teix’s deal.…

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Selig: Do as I say, not as I do?

Chass goes on to also discuss how while Selig believes MLB is in a period of labor peace, he appointed notorious divisive labor “wedge” Jerry Reinsdorf as co-chairman.

Bud Selig is a classic study in contradictions. Where you stand on him depends on your feelings towards things like revenue sharing, All Star Game changes, team expansion, the ’94 strike, possible playoff expansion, instant replay, the Steroid Era, “blissful neglect“, etc. Normally we don’t bring up the concept of the off-field stuff, like minority hiring practices and his ability to grease the skids for his “friends” to take ownership of franchises ahead of higher prevailing offers.

I’m troubled by Selig’s ability to impact the landscape of the game due to things like allowing the Rangers to make serious investments (like Cliff Lee) while keeping the team afloat. I understand the need to keep the Mets solvent, but to do so surreptitiously is troubling.

Where do you stand on the Commish and his tenure?…

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