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Heeere’s Hank: ‘We just have to (bleeping) win’

“The fans pay the bills, we owe it to ourselves and to them to put the best product out there. If we couldn’t get Cliff Lee, I’m really happy about getting Soriano. I just wish Lee would have given Brian the chance to meet with him, but [Lee] was on a hunting trip. He’s got his own reasons.”

Yeah, his reasons placed the Yanks third, a distance behind the Phillies and Texas. I think Cashman is very good and persuasive but all the charm in the world wasn’t going to put Cliff Lee in pinstripes. It just wasn’t meant to be.

“Hopefully our starters will get the job done. Hopefully Andy [Pettitte] will come back. He knows we want him back. It’s strictly up to him now. Even though he’s already got five rings, he’s the type, like Mo, like [Derek] Jeter, like [Jorge] Posada, he wants another one.”

I agree with all of this. The team is hoping for a lot to go right.…

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Cashman’s media tour continues

@NYYEric: Cashman on Andy “He has told us essentially he doesn’t want to pitch but will let us know if he changes his mind..we would love him to play”

@NYYEric: Cashman on Andy “He has been honest with us..everyone wants him to play…but it comes down to what he wants to do”

Like the Joba-hurt-in-Texas “news” before, this is the first I’ve heard someone on the Yanks come out and admit that Andy Pettitte doesn’t want to play. It’s disappointing, but there’s still very much a part of me that Pettitte will enjoy hopping on the proverbial white horse and ride in to “save” the Yanks. I still want to see him take a final lap. I’m selfish that way.

@NYYEric: More Cashman on Andy “I know Andy well…I spoke to him last night..if he says he is in he is all in…he has been honest”

@NYYEric: “Would he makes us better?

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Re-remembering the Joba-in-Texas injury

We’ve been around and around on the Joba thing for a while. Cliff’s conclusion is certainly right in line with our thinking:

That certainly makes a less compelling case than his career line (which I used here). That said, I’d still rather take my chances on a 25-year-old who has a 7.6 K/9, a low-to-mid-90s fastball, some bad luck on balls in play, and is another year removed from that supposedly career-altering injury than on the likes of Sergio Mitre or the slop throwing free agent alternatives, and I’d still be loathe to trade any significant prospects for a rotation solution without at least giving that 25-year-old a look first. Still, it’s nice to have a somewhat more substantial answer to why the Yankees won’t use Chamberlain that way, even if Cashman’s admission has likely diminished Chamberlain’s trade value in turn.

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Outtakes from the Cashman breakfast from @amandarykoff

@amandarykoff: Cashman: to be honest what can wear you out here in NY is the media coverage.

Cue the “Cashman’s outta here” rants, one more time.

@amandarykoff: Cashman: “The higher up the tree the monkey climbs, the more you see of his ass.”

Someone’s being brutally honest!

@amandarykoff: Cashman: Pettitte is still not in, he’s not retired, but he is working out. Discounts joining team mid-season.

The tea leaves are still cloudy. I’m looking for my Magic 8 Ball. Personally, my bet has been placed in the “he’s going to return” camp.

@amandarykoff: Cashman on A.J.: he knows he has a problem and he’s doing all he can to fix it. Yikes.

We can only hope. Another year of Bad AJ will be another really bad year. I’m cautiously optimistic that Rothschild will be able to help “fix AJ.”  #FIXAJ

@amandarykoff: Francesa: Any chance of Joba in the rotation?

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