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Some thoughts on Andy Pettitte

About two years ago, I wrote about Andy’s contract situation. Some of what I said then:

This is a bit difficult. I am a big Andy Pettitte fan. I was sad to see him go in 2003 but I know (or I thought I knew) that he marches to a beat of a different drummer. That he wanted to go be near his family was a totally acceptable answer for my feeble brain. When he came back in 2007, I welcomed him. When he had a poor year in 2008, I was disappointed. I also figured that he’d finally make good on his oft-thought aloud retirement plans. Which would be cool with me; an athlete leaving when he wanted, with money on the table. That’s conviction.

However, the point of my writing was less about Andy’s off-field attributes and more about what I felt as his approaching hypocrisy. I’ve re-read my thoughts quite a few times and I have to admit that I was probably a bit harsh:

The Yanks have offered him $10m to pitch this season in pinstripes.

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Piliere: Others’ claims that Montero not being an MLB-ready catcher “vastly overblown”

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Larry Stone: Shouldn’t the M’s at least consider trading Felix to NY?

Craig Calcaterra has more of the Felix-ain’t-coming-to-NY stuff:

Resolved: your level of panic as a Yankees fan is directly related to the strength of your belief that Brian Cashman can trade for Felix Hernandez.

He’s not going anywhere. The Mariners aren’t dealing him. Not now anyway. Indeed, the only reason they would trade him is if they had the same level of concern for the Yankees playoff chances as Yankees fans do. Or if Cashman were to offer Cano, Montero, Gardner and Hughes while picking up salary. In which case, sure, a deal could be struck.

Call me crazy, but I’m not seein’ that.

I just can’t see Cano being included due to his already pricey costs.  Though, if the M’s dumped some salary on NY, they could more than afford Cano’s deal. 

Bottom line, I don’t think Felix is coming to NY.

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