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I love Jeter, but c’mon

Like many of you, I’ve borne witness to the entirety of Derek Jeter‘s career, a Hall of Fame career, and it’s been a glorious ride. But I will never make a leap as far as Tracy Ringolsby made today at MLB.com, capturing the headline and subtitle here:

Even idled, Jeter deserves All-Star Game nod

Future Hall of Famer’s highly distinguished career makes him worthy of fans’ vote

MLB All-Star GameRingolsby is trying to use the “ambassador” concept to make the case that Jeter should be selected by the fans, even if Jeter then begs out due to his injury.

So what if the game is in NY (at Citi Field)?

So what if Jeter “won five Gold Gloves. Only four shortstops won more — Ozzie Smith (13), Vizquel (11), Aparicio (9) and Mark Belanger (8).”

So what if Jeter has “been an All-Star 13 times, the same as Ken Griffey Jr., Joe DiMaggio and George Brett, and he has hit .440 in the midsummer event, tied with Griffey for the eighth-highest average in All-Star history.”

Look, I have miles of respect for Derek Sanderson Jeter. I miss him playing now. I will miss him whenever he decides to retire. However, I would not vote for him as a 2013 All Star. That’s just silly. Continue reading I love Jeter, but c’mon

UPDATE: Yankee’s DL’d payroll nearing $100M


Following up on my post from right before the season started, the annual payroll of the players on the DL is approaching $100M, which now ranks them ahead of the Mets for 15th overall. This is up from 17th five weeks ago. As a result, some quick math shows us that $211M less $95M = ~$116M available for current games, which puts them on the same block as the Blue Jays, Cardinals and Nationals (not factoring in, of course, their own DL issues).

Notable changes: Hughes comes off, Youkilis comes on! I added some of the other guys, including Pineda, but none of them individually have a material impact on this total as Nova contributes the most at $576K.

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The 2013 Autism Awareness Challenge

Over the years here at IIATMS, I’ve used what little platform I’ve got here to bring awareness to Breast Cancer (my wife works with breast cancer patients daily) as well as Autism (something that afflicts my awesome nephew). April marks the beginning of Autism Awareness Month and one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, at least in a virtual sense, is Maury Brown of The Biz of Baseball. Maury’s son also suffers from Autism and Maury has his kickoff posting here today, and it’s something I request that you go and read.


At the very least, read his posting and get educated. Maybe not for you, but for a loved one. Share this on Facebook and Twitter and any other place you thing others will read. It’s that important.

Thank you,
Jason and the entire IIATMS/TYA team

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Yankees DL’d payroll would rank 17th *UPDATED*

DL Payroll-1

Update: Jeff Passan, a fellow ‘Cuse fan and FOTB, was good enough to email me some updated numbers. No change to the #17 ranking, but some fine-tuning is always welcomed. Thank you, Jeff.


I was goofing around in some prior comments earlier today, so rather than guess, I actually took some time during lunch to actually research…

Using estimated projected 2013 Team Salary info via Yahoo! Sports and individual salaries from Cot’s, the Yankees-who-are-expected-to-open-the-season-on-the-DL would rank #17 in MLB in terms of Salary:

Assuming I didn’t miss anyone (and note I did not include any performance bonuses), the Yanks would slot in quite nicely behind the Diamondbacks and ahead of Atlanta.

And if you simply subtract, for the sake of a simplified math exercise, that $88M from their projected spend of $210M, you are talking a season-opening team salary total of $122M, which would rank #8, just ahead of the Rangers. In other words, no crying in baseball. No crying for the Yanks.

(click “view full post” to see the team-specific totals) Continue reading Yankees DL’d payroll would rank 17th *UPDATED*

Clay Rapada, come on down (to the DL)!

So, um, yeah. This isn’t really becoming funny, is it? (emphasis mine)

Manager Joe Girardi said “my guess” is lefty reliever Clay Rapada would start the season on the disabled list. Rapada has been sidelined with shoulder bursitis. He was scheduled to throw a light bullpen today. His injury opens the door for players like Cody Eppley or Shawn Kelley looking to grab a spot on the roster. Girardi even said Vidal Nuno was a possibility.

Good times in Yankee-land. Good times indeed. Continue reading Clay Rapada, come on down (to the DL)!

Hughes likely to join Jeter on DL to open season

This certainly seems like the place to be, doesn’t it?

Phil Hughes, who will pitch in a Minor League game today, seems likely to begin the year on the DL. Girardi wouldn’t commit to it, though.

— Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) March 22, 2013

Seems that Hughes will join his buddy Derek Jeter on the pine to start the season, at least.

h/t HBT Continue reading Hughes likely to join Jeter on DL to open season

Yankee Stadium parking operator hires bankruptcy counsel

After building a Metro North stop and jacking regular season parking fees to $35 a game ($50 in playoffs), not to mention weakening attendance, Bronx Parking Development Corp. has retained bankruptcy counsel:

Bronx Parking is in discussions with creditors and isn’t planning a bankruptcy filing, Edward Moran, the firm’s chief restructuring officer, said in a telephone interview.


The garages and lots, which have about 9,300 spaces, have suffered as more fans take public transportation to Major League Baseball games and drivers balk at paying $35 to park. The facilities averaged about 4,000 cars on event days and had an occupancy rate of 43 percent, according to filings. The Yankees have exclusive use of 600 spaces.

In other words, the bond holders are getting nervous.

I can use MNR for free (already have a monthly pass) so it costs me about $10 to take the train to the game. With a family of four, it’s worlds easier than fighting traffic (and far more civil) and having my wallet further vacuumed clean.

Can’t wait to see the attendance impacts under the Austerity Plan.

picture courtesy of wnyc.org

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