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We get it: Jeter & Yanks, worth a lot to each other

“He has tremendous value, but it is very hard to quantify,” [Marc Ganis, president of Sports Corp Limited] said. “It is almost impossible to do. He is worth more to the Yankees than any other team. The Yankees are worth more to him in endorsements than any other team.”

But it isn’t an A+B=C kind of thing for either side. Jeter, according to Ganis, has millions of dollars worth of endorsements from Gatorade, Jordan Brand, Gillette and Ford. If Jeter stays with the Yankees, Ganis envisions Jeter’s commercial brand lasting the rest of his life.

“He becomes the Arnold Palmer of baseball,” Ganis said comparing Jeter and Palmer’s endorsement prowess. “He provides a direct link to the great Yankees past and its future.”

To recap:

  • Jeter can make more as a lifetime member of the Yanks through endorsements for life.
  • The Yanks can also benefit as a brand by staying associated with Jeter for the rest of his career.

Never has the answer been so obvious, yet there’s no avoiding the fact that we will have to go through some sort of painful birthing process before this is behind us.…

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Parsing the posturing

“I know our fans are very emotional and that’s what we love about them,” Steinbrenner said. “But I’ve got to do my job on behalf of the partnership and our partners and everybody else involved in the organization. [Brother and co-chariman] Hank and I need to keep a level head and realize that we’re running a business here. We have to remain somewhat objective and we’re going to do that.”

So it’s a business now, is it Hal? I do believe he has a more level head than his father and definitely better than his brother Hank, but the “we’re running a business here” stuff only works if you are playing fair with a guy like Jeter or Rivera. If you’re nickel-and-diming those guys and trot out that line, we the fans are going to skewer you and that’s a promise.  You want to use that line with the Johnny Damons of the world, cool. Just treat these two with respect; they’ve earned it.…

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Gardner named top LF in MLB by the Fielding Bible

Yankee starters not receiving ANY voting points:

  • Posada/Cervelli
  • Jeter
  • ARod (well, he got 2 points, but that’s nearly shutout)
  • Swisher
  • Mo (seems they only use starters, otherwise he’s probably on the list)

 Vazquez (9 pts) and Pettitte (7 pts) were at least mentioned in the pitchers group.

About the Fielding Bible:

  1. I appointed a panel of experts to vote. We have a panel of ten experts, plus three “tie-breaker” ballots.
  2. We rate everybody in one group. The Gold Glove vote is divided into National League and American League. We make ours different by putting everybody together. Is playing shortstop in the American League one thing, and playing shortstop in the National League a different thing, or is it really very much the same? It’s very much the same—thus, it’s better to treat it as if it were the same.
  3. We use a ten-man ballot. We use a ten-man ballot (I’m referring to the players listed, not the panel of experts).
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