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Well duh, of course it’s about the money

And then there’s the requisite Lupica-hating on the Yanks:

The only starting pitcher the team has developed since Pettitte is Hughes. The closest they have come to developing a reliever is Joba. You would think that the Yankees – who constantly brag on their farm system – would have developed more pitchers than this by accident. The Red Sox have a lot of fancy, store-bought pitching, too, you bet they do. But they have also developed Jon Lester and Clay Buccholz, two of the best arms in the whole sport.

The only pitching that the modern New York Yankees know anything about is somebody else’s pitching.

Oy. Why let facts (and spelling: Buchholz) get in the way, eh Mikey?  Maybe Nova and the Killer B’s down on the farm aren’t ready to step up yet and perhaps they never will.  However, with Cano and Gardner more than established as bonafide players (if not *superstars* in the case of Cano) and the hopeful emergence of Jesus Montero, I’m just fine with what the farm system has produced.…

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The changing of the guard is upon us; the Buster Posey Effect in effect

Maybe Jeter can learn a thing from his long-time buddy. The position you play doesn’t have to define you; let your play define your position. Do what the team needs you to do in order to best help the team win. That Posada is handling it this fairly well might be a small surprise, but I’m proud of him and I know that sounds funny, odd.  The thing about Jeter that’s helped made him so good for so long is his hyper-competitiveness and supreme confidence. That necessary ego is making this next step for Jeter that much more difficult.  If he took an angle not dissimilar to Posada, a bit of humility and rationality about his own shortcomings and ultimately succumbing to Father Time, the amount of drama would be far less.  Jeter would be revered more for his selflessness than chided for his selfishness (for demanding to play SS and only SS). 

While the Yanks have no obvious heir to the shortstop position (Nunez, perhaps?

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“Expansion Era” HOF ballot nominees

I’ve been a fervent supporter of Marvin Miller’s induction into the HOF for as long as I can remember. Few individuals associated with baseball in any capacity had a greater impact in the direction and development of this game. Period. As a pro-labor guy myself, I think Miller’s work on behalf of the players forever changed the game and that’s worth enshrinement. Some might imply that free agency “ruined” the game, but I’d rather see the guys on the field get rich at the expense of the guys in the owner’s boxes.

Miller was in a similar spot in 2009, as I noted back then. Miller needed nine votes for election, but registered only seven. In the HOF press release from 2009, Miller’s career was distilled to the following three sentences:

Marvin Miller was elected as the head of the Major League Baseball Players Association in 1966 and quickly turned the union into a powerhouse. Within a decade, Miller had secured free agency for the players.

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