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Chass goes off again

Yes, Doc Halladay did, in essence, admit that win totals should matter; after all that’s why they’re paid to pitch.  But wins don’t always tell the best, whole story. Said Halladay:

“Felix’s numbers are very, very impressive, but ultimately they look at how guys are able to win games. Sometimes the run support isn’t there, but you find ways to win games. Guys who are winning deserve a strong look no matter what Felix’s numbers are. When teams bring pitchers over, ultimately they want to win games.”

Halladay doesn’t say that wins are the determining factor.  He says guys who win deserve a strong look and they sure as heck do. They get the first look.  People naturally look towards win totals, along with strike outs and inning pitched among their first columns of data. Stopping there is incomplete.  Failing to use the resources at hand these days is tantamount to negligence.  Choosing to ignore/denigrate these resources is ignorance.  Which brings me back to Chass…

Murray was all too happy to take an extra swipe at his old paper, the NY Times, for their increasing usage of statistics beyond Wins, RBIs and Errors.… Click here to read the rest

Yankee Stadium ticket prices going up

Way back before the new Stadium was complete, I noted that the new stadium seating pricing was essentially shifting the pricing curve for the primary market nearly on top of the curve of the secondary market. This would, if done successfully, eliminate or drastically the profits for the secondary markets.  Unfortunately for the Yankees, the economy fell into the crapper and scenes like the one to the right were all too common.

Things are improving attendance-wise at the Stadium, notes NJ.com’s Marc Carig:

The Yankees drew 3,765,807 fans to Yankee Stadium in 2010, leading the Majors in home attendance. The team also averaged a Major League-best 46,491 fans per game. The Yankees have led the American League in home attendance in each of the last eight seasons and have topped the AL in combined attendance (home and road) in each of the last 12 seasons.

Since things have improved a bit since 2008 and the Yanks are indeed trying to close the widest gap (they say) on the spread between their pricing and the demand at the secondary market levels.… Click here to read the rest