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If Levine is in control, this WILL be ugly

I hope Brian Cashman is truly in control of all contact with Jeter and his agent, Casey Close, as well sitting at the lead seat at the negotiating table. Why? Because I believe Cashman will be able to best balance business and nostalgia. Maybe I am too quick to give Cashman the benefit of the doubt, maybe not. Though, I firmly believe that if Randy Levine is steering the ship, it is bound to get ugly because Randy Levine is a bully.

Said Levine:

“Derek Jeter is a great Yankee and he’s a great player. With that said and done, now is a different negotiation than 10 years ago.” […] “He’s a baseball player, and this is a player negotiation. Everything he is and who he is gets factored in. But this isn’t a licensing deal or a commercial rights deal, he’s a baseball player. With that said, you can’t take away from who he is. He brings a lot to the organization. And we bring a lot to him.”

These are absolutely true statements. However, negotiating in public NEVER works and doing it with your franchise player is unseemly. I’ve tried to not dip into every rumor and article about Jeter’s free agency. This, on the other hand, scares me.

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Chass goes off again

Here’s my beef with crusty ol’ Murray Chass: He resorts to the same sort of name-calling and derogatory referencing of others points of view that he seems to be so upset at when it’s lobbed in his direction. And this is the problem. Instead of just making a case that “wins do matter, dammit” and allowing that argument to be his battle cry, he gets all squirrelly about the use of second and third order statistical analytics.

The development, I believe, is directly related to the growing influence of the new-fangled statistics which readers of this site know I have no use for, a fact that sends stats-freak denizens of the blogosphere into a stats-freak frenzy.

Murray bubula, taunting doesn’t work. You give the multitudes of guys like me ample fire just by insisting that the world is flat. [At some point, wins do matter and I’ll try to discuss this at a later time because my half-baked posting just isn’t ready for consumption yet.]

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This just in: Cliff Lee will sign for the most money

Shocking as it might seem, indications are that Cliff Lee will indeed take the biggest contract and that’s likely to come from the Yanks:

An executive who worked for a team on which Lee played — and actually admires Lee — said he nevertheless believes the left will make his decision based on who pays him the most. Period. “And can anyone pay him more than the Yankees? I don’t think so.”

I’m intentionally not posting every Lee/Jeter-related rumor because most of them are actually not telling us anything. This isn’t either, really, but it just further strengthens the “Siberia” comment from earlier this Fall.

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Lamest Jeter “rumor” ever

Here’s the headline, courtesy of TMZ:

Derek Jeter Shows Interest in Houston Astros

Here’s the related video. As you can see, if you so desire, Jeter was asked by the paparazzi (or a fan) about going to the Dodgers and the guy asking the question was evidently wearing a Houston Astros hat. So Jeter says to the guy “You got Houston hat on, baby“.

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Yankee Stadium ticket prices going up

Well, someone’s gotta pay Jeter and Mo and Teix and ARod….and maybe Cliff Lee. Ante up!

The Bleacher Creatures are going to be pretty upset about a 25% increase in the cost of their tickets (going from $12 to $15) but here’s guessing the corporates, VIP’s and other rich folk aren’t complaining as much about their increased cost to be seen see the game:

The price of the best field-level seats will rise to $260 as part of season ticket plans, the team said Monday. Those seats cost $250 this year, down from $325 when new Yankee Stadium opened in 2009.

Seats which had been slashed from $325 to $235 will remain unchanged, as will many other seats in the field level. Toward the outfield, tickets that had been $100 will rise to $110, and tickets that had been $75 will go up to $80.

Upper deck prices remain unchanged. Bleacher seats that had been $12 increase to $15, while $5 bleacher seats remain the same.

So much for the embarrassment of the rich, eh?

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More AL/NL ROY’s previews

Mark posted his take on the NL ROY and the AL ROY last night and the entire IIATMS team’s votes can be seen: AL here; NL here.

Over at ESPN, they mistakenly lumped my vote in with their panel of “experts” (having 74 voters will help mask my general lunkheadedness) and published their predictions for the AL ROY and the NL ROY this morning. Craig over at HBT put his entire predictions down here.

The debates seem to center around:

  • NL: Posey’s number of games played compared to Heyward; Posey’s position
  • AL: AJax played the field versus Neftali Feliz “only” being a closer

Personally, I find the NL debate so much more interesting and compelling. Your thoughts? Continue reading More AL/NL ROY’s previews

Cognitive dissonance warning: Agreeing with Lupica

Just days after I lashed out at Mike Lupica, he goes and posts something that I completely support and agree with. Help me, please. What do you take to rid one’s self of cognitive dissonance?

This isn’t about agreeing with everything or anything Miller did, and he is still dead wrong about drug-testing and steroids. This is about the man’s body of work. And because of the remarkable work that he did strengthening his union, because of free agency and the fights to get it and keep it, he changed baseball as much as any figure since Jackie Robinson.

Put it another way: If Marvin Miller doesn’t do what he did with the Major League Baseball Players Association, then you tell me how Steinbrenner does what he did with the Yankees in this so-called Expansion Era?

I didn’t touch on the PED stuff when I stumped for Miller last week because, to me, it’s almost irrelevant in the grand scheme of his candidacy. I mentioned it last year, in passing, however. You could change that narrative in the Lupica quote above to read Miller “is still dead wrong about the Tooth Fairy and the Acai Berry Diet” and it would have the same impact on my viewing of his candidacy. Like Lupica, I agree (boy, is that odd to read) that while Miller has taken stances towards PEDs that I don’t necessarily agree with, his inclusion in the HOF is long overdue.

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