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Some IIATMS changes

Good afternoon, all. For the last two years, my work schedule has prevented me from taking the same active, day-to-day role in contributing to this site. While this hasn’t been easy for me, since I truly love and miss the regular writing and interacting with all of you, it has been easier thanks to Brien Jackson’s diligence and persistence. Handling the day-in, day-out role of running a site like this is not easy and Brien has done a great job in my absence.

Recently, Brien let me know he would not be able to run another season at the helm of this ship for a few reasons, all of them perfectly legitimate and understandable. Brien has indicated that he will continue to contribute as he’s able but not at the pace of the last two years. Thank you, Brien, for your unrelenting drive and desire to keep IIATMS a major Yankees news, info, commentary destination.

Of course, Brien stepping aside left me with one of two choices, and only one was a good one.…

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Surviving Sandy

Just a quick non-baseball note: we have all been affected by Hurricane Sandy and her vicious attack on the East Coast. I have power, thankfully, but no phone/cable/Internet. I know Brien with without power and might be for a few days. Hope you and yours are safe.

Use the comments below as your open thread, share your pictures and experiences, status. We’re a small family here. Let us know you are OK.

We will try to cover any relevant news but please note that access is limited.

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Thank you for a great 2012 season

To Brien: I don’t always agree with you and that’s completely acceptable. I don’t want a team of yes-men/-women here. I wanted people who aren’t afraid to put their thoughts out for public consumption and who isn’t concerned about being wrong. You have done a great job in my absence. I will continue to put my trust in you; you’ve earned it. Rock on, brother.

To Tamar: If I could award a “Most Improved Writer” trophy, you would be the hands-down winner. You have brought up our level of minors coverage and made this place a turn-to for anything minor league focused, and that’s no small feat. Kudos.

To William: Your ability to channel what Larry and I used to champion, measured rationality, is spot-on. Your off-day look-backs into Yankees history is among my most favorite things introduced this year. Thank you for joining us. You’ve made a tremendous difference.

To the rest (Gabe, Stacey, Hippeaux, Larry, Will, Daniel, Anna, Josh W., Josh K., Bexy): Thanks for taking the time to contribute when time permitted this season.…

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