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Surviving Sandy

Just a quick non-baseball note: we have all been affected by Hurricane Sandy and her vicious attack on the East Coast. I have power, thankfully, but no phone/cable/Internet. I know Brien with without power and might be for a few days. Hope you and yours are safe.

Use the comments below as your open thread, share your pictures and experiences, status. We’re a small family here. Let us know you are OK.

We will try to cover any relevant news but please note that access is limited.

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Thank you for a great 2012 season

To Brien: I don’t always agree with you and that’s completely acceptable. I don’t want a team of yes-men/-women here. I wanted people who aren’t afraid to put their thoughts out for public consumption and who isn’t concerned about being wrong. You have done a great job in my absence. I will continue to put my trust in you; you’ve earned it. Rock on, brother.

To Tamar: If I could award a “Most Improved Writer” trophy, you would be the hands-down winner. You have brought up our level of minors coverage and made this place a turn-to for anything minor league focused, and that’s no small feat. Kudos.

To William: Your ability to channel what Larry and I used to champion, measured rationality, is spot-on. Your off-day look-backs into Yankees history is among my most favorite things introduced this year. Thank you for joining us. You’ve made a tremendous difference.

To the rest (Gabe, Stacey, Hippeaux, Larry, Will, Daniel, Anna, Josh W., Josh K., Bexy): Thanks for taking the time to contribute when time permitted this season.…

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Quotes of the day, Jack City style

And from the quotatious Nick Swisher:

“You dream about stuff like that,” Nick Swisher said. “I wasn’t even the guy who hit it, and I was jumping up and down going crazy. For Raul, I could not be more happy for him, man. You gotta be pro to step up in a situation like that. Especially pinch hitting, come up against a guy like Johnson, and then to just get that one pitch — because he doesn’t give you that many pitches to hit — and then he comes up in the 12th inning, and he goes Jack City again! You can’t script something like that.”

Added Eric Chavez:

“(This game) is my best baseball moment in my whole career, without a doubt,” Chavez said. “…There’s not even a close second.”

Feel good, friends. Last night was a good night.

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