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Reggie Jackson, dramatic hitter, lousy rationalist

I’ve never been the biggest ARod supporter out there, but Reggie’s asinine comments simply are based upon his level of friendship, nothing more. Which is as flimsy a basis for which to make a HOF debate about as there is. Look, if you (the HOF voters) want to universally keep out every admitted user, fine. Just be consistent. If you are going to try to discount a portion of any player’s career to try to guesstimate what their productivity would have been sans PED’s, good luck, friend, as that’s a fool’s errand.

There are guys who probably (definitely?) deserve HOF consideration, if not induction, who will be kept on the outside due to some whisper campaign. Guys like Jeff Bagwell (see related stories here), Jim Edmonds (as I wrote about here for ESPN). What’s their status going to rest upon? Their likeability? Jim Rice knows a thing or two about the absence of likeability with regards to one’s candidacy.… Click here to read the rest

Game 69: Live blogging from the pressbox

6:41: It’s pouring. Daniel Marcus is next to me and utters: “It’s downright biblical out there“. Proof:

6:45: The media lounge does not provide free food. Soda, popcorn, yes. Food no. I hit up Blue Smoke instead. Better choice.

6:51: Ken Rosenthal is sitting behind us in the pressbox. No bowtie.

7:00: Sodas are free. My bladder is up for the challenge.

7:10: Marc Carig is having wayyyy too much fun with this whole chicken thing.

7:19: Rosenthal’s a joker:


The immortal @ken_rosenthal is sitting behind me in the box.

Ken, to a Twitter heckler:

@Peter_M_Francis @jason_iiatms Accurate. But I bet you wouldn’t say that to my face!


hey @Peter_M_Francis, don’t rip him, @ken_rosenthal is a stand up guy. Kidding aside, good to be here with him.

7:25: Field staff on the tarp. Taking it off momentarily?

7:27: Tarp’s coming off

7:43 While waiting for the teams to come out, here’s the text of a chat Brien and I did with Vinny from Metsblog:

Vinny Cartiglia: I find that no matter who the Yankees are playing — even if it is a NL East team — I have a hard time rooting for them; even though I know I should.… Click here to read the rest