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It took three years, but MLB finally got my point

Oh again, for memory’s sake, what I suggested MLB say, but they didn’t:

“While we recognize the current CBA allows for players who have tested positive for PED’s will be eligible for the All Star Game and any seasonal awards, we are requesting a meeting with the leaders of the MLBPA after the season ends. We hope that we can agree to amend the CBA so that the spirit of the game matches the rules of the game.”

Of course they didn’t at the time. At least they caught up now.



Warning: Mini rant ahead…feel free to ignore.

Things have changed a bit since 2009. We’re still talking about Roger Clemens and dirty syringes, sadly, but we’re a heckuvalot further along with our thinking about PEDs and the game (at least I want to think so). However… regardless of your stance on PEDs in the game and whatnot, it’s hard to argue against this rule change. The rest of the amended rules are also seemingly reasonable and seek to close loopholes exposed in Le Affair Braun, as buddy Craig noted here, although there is no discussion of DUI’s.…

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Father’s Day in the Steinbrenner suite?

WHAT: New York Yankees – VIP Event in Owner’s Box NY Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays

WHO: Hosted by Hal and Christina Steinbrenner

WHEN: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 7:05 Game time

COST: $2,500 per ticket
100% of the proceeds to benefit Women In Need

CONTACT: Nikki Gannon Wargo 212.560.0260; ngwargo@w-i-n.org; Fax – 212.736.1649

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