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Happy Anniversary, Chase Headley!

I know that a year seems early for a Happy Anniversary post, but this was a fun one, and to be honest, I couldn’t think of anything to write about this morning.

Anyway, it was a year ago tonight when Chase Headley hit a solo, walk-off home run off Koji Uehara to beat the Red Sox and help keep the Yankees’ slim playoff hopes alive.

Of course, we know how everything turned out, but this was still a cool moment from an otherwise forgettable 2014 season.

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Thursday Night Open Thread

Welcome to the Thursday night open thread.

It’s an off night so things are slow. Hopefully the guys who need some rest are getting some rest.

As for you, feel free to discuss anything you like as long as you keep the discussion friendly and respectful.

Have a nice evening.

Just putting this in here because it's always fun to watch him strike out.

Just putting this in here because it’s always fun to watch him strike out.

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Quick hit: 5 off day observations after a 5-1 road trip

The Yankees completed a successful 5-1 road trip and while they’re still in second place – because Toronto is ridiculous and won’t lose, and when they do lose the Yankees lose – they have a few things to be happy about.

1) Didi Gregorius is on fire! I wrote about how well Didi has been doing since the All-Star break and he continued his hot hitting in Boston. He hit a home run yesterday, went 2-4 on the day and raised his season BA to .272.

2) So is Stephen Drew! Can you believe it? Drew is now batting .211 on the season which seemed like an impossibility just a week ago.

3) The Yankees did what they needed to do. They beat bad teams. Sure, they dropped that frustrating game on Monday night and lost the chance to gain a game on the Blue Jays, but they came right back and beat Boston two out of three after sweeping Atlanta.…

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Game 132: #TANAK vs Owens

Welcome to today’s game thread!


Betts CF
Sandoval 3B
Bogaerts SS
Ortiz DH
Shaw 1B
Castillo LF
Holt 2B
Swihart C
Bradley Jr. RF

Gardner CF
Young LF
Rodriguez DH
Beltran RF
Headley 3B
Bird 1B
Murphy C
Gregorius SS
Drew 2B

Enjoy the game!

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Quick hit: A CC Sabathia injury update

Sabathia vs BOS

CC Sabathia is feeling no pain after a bullpen session.

According to George King of the New York Post, Sabathia pitched a bullpen session Monday and is scheduled to throw another one today. Sabathia said, “No pain, I’m excited.’’

When speaking to the media about Sabathia on Monday, GM Brian Cashman said, “”I think we’ll be in a position to plug him back into the rotation. That’s the plan.”

Sabathia is currently on the 15-day DL. The degenerative knee condition he suffers from, which was diagnosed in 2014, acted up after Sabathia changed his delivery to increase his velocity. He told reporters when he was first placed on the DL, that he was sacrificing pain for velocity.

Sabathia last pitched on August 23 against the Indians, when he was removed from the game due to knee pain and said that the large brace he’s been wearing since going on the DL and rest have helped him avoid pain while throwing.…

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An injury update on Mark Teixeira

Ugh… this just came across the Twitter wire, so to speak:

I’m so glad they didn’t put Tex on the DL right away. Good job, everyone!

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Quick hit: A-Rod’s Awful August

Just saw this tweeted and wow, A-Rod was worst in August than I thought:

A-Rod’s awful August has dropped his season numbers to .256/.364/.487/.851.

If the Yankees have any hope of winning the division – yeah, I know Toronto exists – or at least a chance of locking up a playoff spot, they will need two things to happen: Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez need to start hitting again. Well, in Tex’s case, he needs to actually play again but with his leg injury not getting any better that may not happen. So now, it’s up to A-Rod and the rest of the offense to make up for Tex’s absence.

Since turning 40 on July 27, A-Rod is batting .192/.328/.327/.655. Yikes.

Here’s how that looks in spray chart form:

export (69)

Some numbers:

  • He’s batting .355/.487/.613/1.100 in 31 at bats against lefties and .123/.256/.205/.461 in 73 at bats against righties.
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About Last Night: A brief rant

I went into last night’s game against the Red Sox figuring the Yankees would lose because I didn’t have much faith in Ivan Nova and because the Red Sox have been good lately so that seemed like a lethal combination which would result in a frustratingly annoying loss. But much to my surprise, as much as watching Nova pitch makes me want to punch things, my own face included, I was most angry with the Yankees’ offense after last night’s debacle ended.

And yes, it was a debacle.

Hey Yankees, here’s a tip: When you squander that many scoring chances, you’re going to lose the game. And while I appreciate the effort you made in the ninth inning, things would have been a lot better if you actually did something the other times you had the bases loaded during the game.

My goodness.

And even more annoying is the fact that Toronto actually lost a game to the Indians. I know, I can’t believe it either.…

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