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Weekend open thread: Wash out

Today was a wash out down in Tampa which means everything that was supposed to happen today will happen tomorrow. That includes Michael Pineda throwing live batting practice, among others. Manager Joe Girardi had planned an intrasquad game for tomorrow but that will be pushed back to Monday.

Other than that it was a quiet day because media is not allowed in the indoor batting cages which is where guys were because of the rain. Maybe that was a good thing? No more questions about Al from Miami.

Anyway, here is your open thread. Feel free to discuss whatever you like. Oh, and since Brad likes these so much, here’s another picture for you to caption.

(Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.)

(Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.)

I’ll start it off, “You put your left foot in and you shake it all about.”


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Quick hit: Step right up, folks!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the “it’s not-a-media-circus” media circus starring Alex Rodriguez!

Are we even sure that’s actually Alex? And what’s more, can we be sure he isn’t being assaulted by an angry teammate?

Oh, okay, thanks Brendan!

Check out ESPN NY’s Wally Matthews and his red kicks. Mike Vaccaro is being pretty lazy by looking through the mesh fence. Tsk, Tsk. Oh wait, he’s balancing the table so Wally and Buster don’t fall down. My bad.

Hey, it’s the Miami pullover again!…

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Midweek morning roundup: 2/25/15

Mark Teixeira reported to camp two days after Alex Rodriguez but people aren’t badmouthing him because of it. They’re badmouthing him instead, because he claims he feels healthy this year. God forbid a dude claims to be healthy though I kind of see the naysayers’ point of view: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a few times, I’m obviously a gullible moron.

Anyway, Tex had a lot to say this morning and thanks to the tireless efforts of the beat writers down in Tampa, we don’t have to wait for entire articles to be written. We have their tweets!

I singled out Bryan Hoch of for today:

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Dear Writers, This is not the Bronx Zoo

Dear Bob Nightengale (and others),

The statement above is not true in any way. The infamous “Bronx Zoo” era of Yankee baseball was a lot more chaotic, there was a lot more infighting and it was nothing like the current state of Yankee baseball.

Are things perfect for the Yankees right now? Not by a long shot but things are not out of control in any way.

As far as you and I know, Alex Rodriguez showed up to camp a couple of days early, hit some balls out of the park, practiced in the field and then signed autographs for fans as he was leaving the complex. At least that’s what every writer’s tweets, pictures and videos showed us this afternoon and evening.

Oh do you mean that the coverage is crazy? Well, this is New York and this is how things happen around here.…

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Spring Training has officially started!

Alex Rodriguez has arrived.

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Quick hit: Going, going, Yoan.

The Red Sox are in the midst of signing Yoan Moncada. The deal is said to be in the $30M range and the Sox have until July 15 to pay the overage tax and will then have up to three years to pay Moncada’s bonus.

I guess the Yankees just weren’t into Moncada after those three workouts. Or maybe they’re just being really cheap. Who knows.



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Quick hit: Spring Training game schedules

Here are links to the Spring Training game schedules for the YES Network, MLB Network and MLB.TV:

YES Network
MLB Network

The first game is a week from Tuesday (3/3) and will be shown, delayed, on MLB Network.

We’re getting there. Just a few more days.

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Sunday morning roundup: 2/22/15

Here are some tweets and articles about Spring Training for you to look at:


Nathan Eovaldi throwing some heat

Happy Sunday!

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Saturday morning roundup: 2/21/15

Here are some notes, quotes and tweets from Spring Training.

First up, CC Sabathia and his “bum” knee:

CC on A-Rod:

CC on getting older and adjusting:

Pitchers are getting to work:

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