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Open Thread – Spring Training Game 19: Yanks at Tigers

The Yankees are in Lakeland to face off against the Tigers and it won’t be on YES, MLB Network or on The game won’t even be on the radio as far as I know. So if you can’t see or hear a game, does it really happen?

Anyway, here’s the lineup you won’t see or hear:
Gardner CF
Ryan SS
McCann C
Rodriguez DH
Jones 1B
Young RF
Pirela 3B
Refsnyder 2B
Flores LF

Warren P

Feel free to discuss the game (I’m sure the beat writers will live tweet the game), college basketball or anything else that’s happening this afternoon that you can watch or can’t watch.

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Spring Training Game 18 – Playing the Phillies again

It’s another night game for the Yankees and this time they’re home, they’re playing the Phillies and it’s on YES! Hooray!

Here are your lineups.

Gregorius SS
Drew 2B
Beltran RF
Teixeira 1B
Headley 3B
Romine C
Flores LF
Heathcott CF

Rogers P

Revere CF
Galvis SS
Utley DH
Howard 1B
Ruiz C
Brown RF
Asche 3B
Sizemore LF
Hernandez 2B

Harang P


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Open thread – Spring Training Game 17

The Yankees are in Lake Buena Vista to play the Braves tonight but the game is not being shown live on YES. Boo! It will be on MLB Network but tape delayed and at 11 p.m. Or if you’re one of those lucky people with, you can watch it live on your computer!

All is not lost.

Anyway, #TANAK is pitching and it’s his second outing of the season. Let’s hope it goes as well as start number one.

Here’s your lineup:
Brett Gardner CF
Chase Headley 3B
Brian McCann C
Mark Teixeira DH
Garrett Jones 1B
Stephen Drew 2B
Chris Young RF
Didi Gregorius SS
Jose Pirela LF


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IIATMS Top Moment #11: David Cone’s perfect game


[Editor’s note: This is a personal story because I’m one of those people you always hear about that should have been at a specific game but something happened to prevent it. Also, this is a previously published story that’s been reworked a bit just for this Top Moments series so grab a drink and get comfortable. -SG]

So where were you on Sunday July 18, 1999?

I was watching David Cone‘s perfect game with my father.

Oh, no, I wasn’t in Yankee Stadium watching the drama unfold in person. I was in my den, on the couch with my left leg propped up on pillows and my left calf covered with an ice pack. My younger brother James was in Yankee Stadium, in our season ticket seats with three of his friends.

I was planning on going to the Stadium that day just like I did every Sunday that year. And that particular Sunday was going to be even more special.…

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Spring Training Game 16 – The return of CC Sabathia

I forgot how annoying the Sunday day game to Tuesday night game layover was so a big thanks to MLB and the Yankees for reminding me.

Tonight, the Yankees will be facing the Toronto Blue Jays at Steinbrenner Field. But more importantly, we will see CC Sabathia take the mound for the first time against opposing players this Spring. And we will actually see it because the game will be shown on YES. Sabathia is a big question mark in the rotation this year and a start where he isn’t pounded for seven runs in three innings and his velocity isn’t below 90 the whole time would be a very nice thing. While I realize we shouldn’t expect too much from him his first time out, it would be a nice surprise if he does well.

Here’s your lineup:
Brett Gardner LF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Carlos Beltran RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Brian McCann C
Garrett Jones DH
Chris Young CF
Stephen Drew 2B
Didi Gregorius SS

CC Sabathia LHP

You will notice that Jacoby Ellsbury is out of the lineup and that is due to a “mild, mild, mild, mild right (abdominal) strain.” That’s what Joe Girardi called it and he added that the doctor didn’t seem to be too concerned about it.…

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Open Thread – Spring Training Game 15

Today’s game against the Phillies is not on TV. I checked YES’s schedule, MLBN’s schedule and’s schedule and it’s not available on any of them. I also had someone else double check to make sure and I was right so we’re making this an open thread/game thread.

You can talk about the game if you’re able to keep track of it on Twitter or if you’re near a radio and listening to John and Suzyn on WFAN. If you are listening to the radio, provide us with play by play. (Kidding.)

Here’s the lineup you won’t be able to see:

Ellsbury 8
Gardner 7
Teixeira 3
McCann 2
Headley 5
Jones 9
Drew 4
Gregorius 6

Eovaldi 1

Or you can talk about whatever you want in this thread if you can’t keep track of the game. Just remember to be nice to your fellow IIATMS readers.

Enjoy the afternoon!

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Open thread: Yanks win, Yanks lose and Al Rosen passes away

The Yankees beat the Tigers at home, 4-1 and they lost to the Blue Jays on the road, 1-0.


Oh and A-Rod was booed in Dunedin. Some people are acting like this is newsworthy. Some people = the writers who were covering that game. Newsflash: A-Rod’s always been booed. It dates back to pre-steroid admissions so I’m really not sure what the big deal is. If the opposing fans were to chant his name and give him a standing ovation, then it would be newsworthy. Right?

And some sad news to pass on. Al Rosen, who won the American League M.V.P. in 1953 and who served as President and CEO of the Yankees from 1978-79, died yesterday at the age of 91.

From the AP:

Rosen played his entire career with Cleveland from 1947 to 1956. He was a member of the Indians’ 1948 World Series title team — playing only five games that season and getting one at-bat in the series win over the Boston Braves.

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Spring Training Games 13 and 14: A split squad day!

Big thanks to our friends at Pinstripe Alley for tweeting this bad boy out:


As you can see, you have a nice mix of regulars and not-regulars (as of yet) on both squads and you will also see that Al from Miami will be playing in his first road game of the Spring. It had to happen eventually because if he’s going to play this season he’s going to have to deal with the fans on the road being slightly more obnoxious than some of the home fans. See what I did there? I’m just disappointed about that game not being on TV locally but I do understand why it’s not on YES so you don’t have to explain it to me. [UPDATE: The Yankees/Blue Jays road game featuring A-Rod manning 3B Base will be on at 11 PM Eastern on MLB Network. -SG]

Speaking of YES, we get to watch Big Mike (Michael Pineda) take the mound at Steinbrenner Field.…

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