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Quick hit: Solarte to AAA

Yangervis Solarte has confirmed to ESPN Deportes that he has been sent down to Triple A Scranton.

Solarte started the year off on fire, even leading the league in batting in April but has since seen his performance slip. He is currently batting .260/.343/.393/.736 and he has been mired in a prolonged slump for close to a month now.

As Brad wrote eariler this morning, Zelous Wheeler was the one who was called up to replace Solarte.

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Yankees’ First Half By The Numbers: Pitching

In the beginning of April, the future looked bright for the Yankees’ pitching staff: Michael Pineda was back and doing well, Ivan Nova was holding his own, newcomer Masahiro Tanaka was impressing everyone and even the old guard of CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda, while not exactly doing great, we’re at least staying healthy.

Then it all went to hell in a handbasket. Pineda was suspended later in the month for being caught with pine tar on his person twice, Nova tore his UCL and had Tommy John surgery, it was discovered that Sabathia had a degenerative knee injury, oh, and just for good measure, Pineda injured himself while he was suspended and has been missing ever since.

Now it’s July 1 and the starting rotation has David Phelps, Chase Whitley and Vidal Nuno in it; Pineda is still a long way from coming back and Sabathia will be making a minor league start this week.

So how have the Yankees’ patchwork rotation and relievers done so far?…

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Yankees’ First Half By The Numbers: Offense

It’s July 1 and your 2014 New York Yankees are a mediocre 41-40. Luckily for them, the rest of the AL East isn’t exactly setting the world on fire so they’re still very much in the thick of things. So far this season the Yankees have scored 326 runs, have allowed 359 runs and according to their Pythagorean W-L (37-44), they should be doing worse than 41-40.

It’s been a very streaky first half for both the team as a whole and for some of the batters so let’s take a look at the offense after their first 81 games.

In Pictures

Here is how they’re hitting as a whole:

hit-chart (40)

Here’s how the lefties are doing:

hit-chart (41)

Here’s how the righties are doing:

hit-chart (42)

How the team is doing against lefty pitchers:

hit-chart (43)

How they’re doing against righty pitchers:

hit-chart (44)

Here’s their best hitter’s heat map for the first half (regulars with over 250 AB):
strike-zone (35)

Here’s their worst hitter’s heat map for the first half (regulars with over 250 AB):
strike-zone (33)

Here’s where their first half home run leader likes his pitches:

strike-zone (34)

By The Numbers

Lefty batters (with CC Sabathia‘s 2 PA’s included) are batting .256/.327/.403/.730 with a .290 BABIP, .321 wOBA and .147 ISO.…

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So Much For A Boring Monday Afternoon

In case you missed it, some inside information from the Houston Astros organization was leaked online and Deadspin had the story.

Two years ago, the Houston Astros constructed “Ground Control”—a built-from-scratch online database for the private use of the Astros front office. It is by all accounts a marvel, an easy-to-use interface giving executives instant access to player statistics, video, and communications with other front offices around baseball. All it needs, apparently, is a little better password protection.


Documents purportedly taken from Ground Control and showing 10 months’ worth of the Astros’ internal trade chatter have been posted online at Anonbin, a site where users can anonymously share hacked or leaked information. Found below, they contain the Astros front office’s communications regarding trade overtures to and from other teams, as well as negotiations—a few of which actually led to trades. You will find heavy efforts to get a big haul for Bud Norris at last year’s trade deadline (before settling for very little), pushes to acquire touted young talents like Dylan Bundy and Gregory Polanco, and even evidence the Astros rejected out of hand a blockbuster deal that could have brought them Giancarlo Stanton.

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Monday Afternoon Open Thread: 6/30/14

Happy Monday, everyone!

This is your open thread for the afternoon.

The following tidbits were suggested to me by my podcast partner Domenic Lanza and they all happened on this date in baseball history:

  • 1908: At New York’s Hilltop Park, Red Sox legend Cy Young no-hits the Highlanders (Yankees), 8-0. The contest marks the third time the 41-year old has accomplished the feat.
  • 1961: Whitey Ford becomes the first pitcher in American League history to win eight games in one month. ‘Slick’s’ complete-game 5-1 victory over the Senators is the Yankees’ 22nd win in June.
  • 2002: The Yankees become the first team in the American League since the 1956 White Sox to have four infielders and a catcher on the All-star roster. The fans vote for first baseman Jason Giambi, second baseman Alfonso Soriano and backstop Jorge Posada to be starters in the Midsummer Classic with shortstop Derek Jeter and third baseman Robin Ventura being selected by AL skipper Joe Torre.
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About Last Night: Masahiro Tanaka and the Fastball of Doom

Here’s the pitch that Masahiro Tanaka left up in the zone to Mike Napoli:

atbat-summary (62)

It was a 96 m.p.h fastball that Napoli hit out of the park to give the Red Sox their ninth inning lead and while celebrating in the dugout, he called Tanaka an idiot for throwing it. Napoli claimed afterward that he was just shocked Tanaka didn’t offer his splitter.

Well, now Tanaka knows better.

The main takeaway from last night’s game is not the loss but that this year is a learning experience. Tanaka is learning how to handle pitching in the Majors and so far, he’s doing a pretty good job. He was bound to hit a bump or two in the road along the way, but as he has demonstrated in his 16 starts this season, he has been able to bounce back.

[Graphic courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]

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