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The BBWAA drops the hammer on Le Batard

Just in case you have been living under a large boulder of some sort or perhaps aren’t social media savvy, the big story today surrounding the Hall of Fame voting results is not the actual outcome but the fact that Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald “sold” his vote to Deadspin.

Le Batard was revealed as the writer who gave his vote to Deadspin. Deadspin then turned the voting duties over to its readers and the funny thing is, that ballot was probably better than at least 75% of the BBWAA’s writing pool’s ballots.

Now, no one expected Le Batard to get away with his “infraction” but the BBWAA has taken his HOF vote away and he has been barred from baseball press boxes for a year.

Here’s the statement released earlier today:

The BBWAA Board of Directors has decided to remove Dan Le Batard’s membership for one year, for transferring his Hall of Fame ballot to an entity that has not earned voting status.

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Maddux, Glavine and Thomas all make the Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame voting results are in and the Class of 2014 welcomed three worthy inductees: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas. This is much better outcome for Cooperstown than last year when the BBWAA didn’t elect anyone into the hall.

Craig Biggio received 74.8% of the 75% needed for election. He missed out by two votes. JUST TWO. He’ll probably make it in next year but what a disappointment to be so close. Jack Morris, who was in his last year of eligibility, got 61.5% of the vote and will have to be inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee and Mike Piazza was right above Morris with 62.2%.

Other notable players who remain on the ballot for another year:
Jeff Bagwell 54.3%
Tim Raines 46.1%
Roger Clemens 35.4%
Barry Bonds 34.7%
Lee Smith 29.9%
Curt Schilling 29.2%
Edgar Martinez 25.2%
Alan Trammell 20.8%
Mike Mussina 20.3%
Jeff Kent 15.2%
Fred McGriff 11.7%
Mark McGwire 11.0%
Larry Walker 10.2%
Don Mattingly 8.2%
Sammy Sosa 7.2%

Players who are done because they landed under the necessary 5% need to remain on the ballot: Moises Alou, Mike Timlin, Eric Gagne, Kenny Rogers, Armando Benitez, Paul LoDuca, Hideo Nomo, Todd Jones, Jacques Jones, Richie Sexson, J.T.

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Polar vortex open thread

Good evening, IIATMS readers!

I thought I’d create an open thread for us to use tonight since the majority of us will be hiding indoors to escape the bitterly cold temperatures and deadly wind chills.

You can discuss whatever you’d like:

  • The upcoming Hall of Vote voting results
  • The upcoming A-Rod suspension announcement
  • The Tanaka posting
  • IIATMS’ move...
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Former Yankee Jerry Coleman passes away

We have sad news to report tonight. Former Yankee second baseman and former Hall of Fame broadcaster, Jerry Coleman has passed away. Coleman, who played his entire career with the Yankees was 89-years-old. He played with the Yankees from 1949 – 1957, won four World Series titles and was named the Sporting...

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Happy Birthday, David Cone!

Today is David Cone‘s 51st birthday and in honor of this special day (and because I have a head cold and can’t concentrate) I’m reposting a piece I wrote last January for my friend Michael Clair’s annual blogathon which raises money for Doctors Without Borders. Michael is doing another blogathon in a few weeks and I am, once again, participating. It’s a very cool endeavor. Michael blogs every hour for 24 hours on day one and then the next day he schedules a bunch of posts from guest writers (some of the best baseball bloggers on the Internet and me).

For last year’s installment, I wrote a post about my biggest baseball regret: Missing David Cone’s perfect game. Can you believe that we will be celebrating the 15th (!!) anniversary of that game this summer? Time flies when you’re having fun and getting old.

Anyway, enjoy the piece and please, as always, feel free to write about your biggest baseball regret in the comments.…

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Alex Rodriguez, Randy Levine and the email trail from hell

In case you wanted a belated holiday gift, here it is: A story from the New York Magazine that exposes emails between Yankees’ President Randy Levine and Alex Rodriguez.

The thing that amazed me the most was the fact that Randy Levine sends emails like a teenage girl. Would it kill him to actually spell out the word you? Good gracious.

Here are a few highlights:

May 17, 2011
Rodriguez hits two home runs, leading the team to a win over Tampa Bay.

Levine: Way to go, welcome back … enjoy start of a roll.
Rodriguez: Yessir!! Our team needs me to hit and lead us.
Levine: U are the man. I told u that for years. U can and will do it.

Apparently typing out the word you is too taxing for Mr. Levine.

March 25, 2012
Rodriguez is hit by a pitch in a preseason game.

Levine: Ouch. Feel better.
Rodriguez: Can’t hurt me.
Levine: It hurt me watching.…

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Happy Anniversary, Mark Teixeira!

On the afternoon of Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008, I was sitting in my bedroom, in my PJ’s, staring at my desktop computer and posting on a message board I used to belong to back in the day. I had taken the entire week off from work and was enjoying the fact that I wouldn’t be dealing with the craziness that was – and continues to be – Rockefeller Center at Christmastime. Back then, when I was still working full-time for NBC, I was a product of internet message boards. I had only joined Twitter three weeks prior and had no idea what I was doing. I also hadn’t begun to blog about baseball so my only source for news was that message board – and the people on the board who did a much better job of keeping up with team moves and transactions than I did at the time.

So as I sat there refreshing the “Mark Teixeira” thread for news updates, I was growing impatient.…

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GSN: Beltran presser – 12/20/13

GEICO SportsNite has coverage from Carlos Beltran‘s introductory press conference, the clip includes sound from Beltran, Brian Cashman, and Joe Girardi.

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Quick hit: Welcome to the baseball side of town, Carlos Beltran!

For the third time in as many weeks, the Yankees held a press conference introducing a new player to the organization. Today it was Carlos Beltran‘s turn to don the Pinstripe jersey and talk to reporters.

While making his introduction, Brian Cashman seemed to take a slight dig at the New York Mets by saying that Beltran was on the baseball side of town. Oops. He also presented Beltran’s two young daughters with Yankee bombers. Joe Girardi stepped up and presented Jessica Beltran with a bouquet of flowers and he discussed how excited he was to have another switch hitter in the lineup.

Then it was Beltran’s turn.

Once Girardi helped him put on his #36 jersey and Yankee cap, Beltran spoke about how he excited he was to finally be a part of the Yankee organization. He had wanted to be a Yankee for a very long time and even mentioned how could have been a Yankee. He said that during the 2004-2005 offseason, he traveled to Tampa to talk with George Steinbrenner about possible playing in Pinstripes but the money situation couldn’t be worked out and the Yankees went with Randy Johnson instead.…

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