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Monday Night Open Thread/Tanaka Game Thread 2/10/14

In case you didn’t know, the YES Network is showing a Masahiro Tanaka start from last June tonight at 7 P.M.

I thought it would be fun to have an open thread/game thread tonight so you could discuss the game (if you’re watching it) or anything else you’d like to discuss.

AP/Kyodo News

AP/Kyodo News


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No Spring Training for A-Rod

There will be no circus in Tampa this year. Alex Rodriguez has decided to sit this one out.

This will be good for both him and the Yankees.

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A-Rod voluntarily dismisses lawsuits against MLB, MLBPA and Selig (UPDATED)

Well, this is an interesting turn of events.

Major League Baseball and the Player’s Association wanted Alex Rodriguez‘s case dismissed. Today was the day that A-Rod’s side was supposed to respond and instead, they filed their own dismissal.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on either.

He also withdrew the “witch hunt” lawsuit that was filed against Bud Selig in October.

According to some of the brilliant legal minds I follow on Twitter, this could mean a couple of things.

1) A-Rod realized he had no chance of getting his suspension overturned and is saving himself time and money.


2) He’s going to be re-filing a new and improved lawsuit.

Stay tuned.

And an update: According to an email from A-Rod’s lawyer, he is dropping all of the lawsuits, won’t be re-filing and is accepting the suspension as is.

Here’s MLB’s statement on the matter:

“We have been informed that Alex Rodriguez has reached the prudent decision to end all of the litigation related to the Biogenesis matter.…

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Quick hit: Tanaka to be introduced early next week

It was announced this morning that Masahiro Tanaka‘s introductory press conference will be held this Tuesday afternoon at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees signed Tanaka to a seven-year $155M contract in January after scouting him throughout the 2013 season in Japan. The week he signed, Yankees’ co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner told reporters in a phone interview that, “We’re going to do what we’ve got to do to win,” and that meant going all in and betting on Tanaka to make a splash in New York.

They lured Tanaka to the Yankees with a video that included Hideki Matsui and by sending an eight-person group to Los Angeles in early January to talk to him and to his manager Casey Close face-to-face.

25-year-old Tanaka went 24-0 with a 1.27 ERA for the Rakuten Golden Eagles last season.

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Thursday Night Open Thread: 2/6/14

You guys, some pitchers and catchers reported to camp today. Sure, they weren’t Yankees’ players but this still means that baseball season is getting closer and closer! Not that you could tell looking out the window here in the northeast where it looks like the North Pole.

Anyway, today was a sad day in New York with the news of Ralph Kiner‘s passing. Even if you didn’t grow up a Mets fan in New York, you knew who Kiner was and knew his voice. And before he became one of better known voices of the Mets’ broadcasting team, he had one hell of a baseball career. Kiner was 91.

In other news, the Seattle Mariners signed Fernando Rodney so everyone who was worried that the Yankees might go out and get him can breathe a sigh of relief. He’ll be shooting invisible arrows at Safeco Field. Nelson Cruz may also be heading to Seattle though nothing is finalized as of this moment.…

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Stacey’s Adventures With Stats

Writing music: “Lovin’ Is Really My Game” by Brainstorm

If you have listened to the two latest IIATMS podcasts, you’ll know that there’s a feature called “Teaching Stats to Stacey,” and if you haven’t listened, what the heck are you waiting for?

Yes, I am admitting to being slightly terrified of stats which is highly amusing since I am co-Editor-in-Chief of this site and it’s a blog filled with a lot of smart people who analyze baseball better than most but I am willing to learn. I’m not one of those people who scream, “WATCH THE GAME AND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR SPREADSHEET!” I know that looking at numbers along with watching the game can help me with my baseball writing. I really just want to be able to use the numbers and actually know what the heck I’m talking about.

Last week, the guys discussed FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching) and xFIP (Expected Fielding Independent Pitching). When measuring FIP the rule of thumb is this: Pitchers control strikeouts, walks, hit by pitches and home runs but everything else can happen because of the fielders.…

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The IIATMS Podcast Episode Four: 2014 Projections, the Bullpen and Baseball Movies

On this week’s episode, Domenic, E.J., Matt and Stacey discuss the 2014 Yankee projections as written by Stacey, the possibility of Manny Banuelos in the bullpen, the guys teach Stacey a couple of more stats and there’s a somewhat heated/passionate talk about our favorite and in some cases, not-so-favorite baseball movies.


If you have questions or suggestions, you can email us at, tweet us at the main account @IIATMS or tweet us at our individual accounts:

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Quick hit: Curt Schilling diagnosed with cancer

Yes, this is a New York Yankees site and yes, Curt Schilling was a member of a couple of teams that caused Yankee fans the most grief in the early to mid 2000s but today, we forget the rivalries and forget the ill will because this afternoon Schilling announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

“I’ve always believed life is about embracing the gifts and rising up to meet the challenges,” Schilling said in a statement released by ESPN. “We’ve been presented with another challenge, as I’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer.”

In December, Schilling signed a multi-year contract with ESPN and it was announced that he was to be part of the Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts this season. It is unclear whether or not this diagnosis will affect his work.

His wife Shonda is a cancer survivor, having fought against stage two melanoma back in 2001. Schilling hasn’t disclosed what type of cancer he is fighting but we extend our thoughts and best wishes to him and his family as they go through this tough time but knowing Curt Schilling, he’ll probably kick cancer’s ass.…

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Projecting the 2014 Yankees

This piece coincides with David Schoenfield’s post over at the ESPN SweetSpot Blog. He started ranking all 30 MLB teams on February 3 and made his own predictions about the 2014 Yankees this morning, ranking the Yankees #14 in MLB. Here are mine.  -Stacey


How they can get to 90 wins: Score 80 more runs, allow 20 fewer. They can also pray to the baseball Gods for a miracle or better yet, make voodoo dolls, dress them up in Rays and Red Sox uniforms and stab them repeatedly until those teams have tons of injuries. Okay, I’m only kidding about the voodoo dolls.

Big offseason moves: Signed C Brian McCann, OF Jacoby Ellsbury, OF Carlos Beltran, IF Brian Roberts, IF Kelly Johnson, P Matt Thornton and P Masahiro Tanaka; Re-signed P Hiroki Kuroda, P Mariano Rivera and P Andy Pettitte retired, Lost IF Robinson Cano, OF Curtis Granderson, P Phil Hughes, P Joba Chamberlain, P Boone Logan, IF Alex Rodriguez suspended 162 games; Traded C Chris Stewart to the Pirates for Minor Leaguer Kyle Haynes; DFA OF Vernon Wells

Most intriguing player: The obvious answer is Masahiro Tanaka.…

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