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Tonight’s Lineup vs. Marlins: 3/28/14

Brett Gardner LF
Derek Jeter SS
Carlos Beltran RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Brian McCann C
Alfonso Soriano DH
Kelly Johnson 3B
Brian Roberts 2B
Ichiro Suzuki CF

RHP Hiroki Kuroda

Hey, Ichiro is playing CF again! Jacoby Ellsbury is still out but don’t worry, he’s not getting his leg amputated. Yet.

Also of note: Masahiro Tanaka will be the first guy out of the bullpen.

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Some Things To Look Forward To In 2014

We are just mere days away from the Yankees’ first game of the season and what better way to celebrate the start of the 2014 campaign than to highlight some of the players, milestones and events we have to look forward to during the next seven months.

Jeter’s Farewell
After a long and storied Yankee career, Derek Jeter is calling it quits after 2014 which means this will be your last chance to see the Captain up close and personal. The last home game of the regular season, September 25, is a very hot ticket, with some clowns attempting to sell their Delta Suite tickets for $244,202.00. That is not a typo. But don’t worry, you can get some standing room only seats in the outfield upper deck for $175-180!

If you don’t want to wait until that day to see Jeter, you should have plenty of time to do it.

Jeter is starting the season with 3,316 hits. Some names he could possibly pass on the all-time hits list include: Paul Molitor, Carl Yastrzemski, Honus Wagner and Cap Anson.…

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Game Thread: Yanks at Pirates 3/27/14

Thanks to Bryan Hoch for the lineup and pitcher info.


Ichiro CF
Nunez 3B
Teixeira 1B
McCann C
Almonte LF
Solarte 2B
Anna SS
Wheeler DH
Garcia FR

Sabathia LHP

Also scheduled to pitch:

It’s raining hard in Bradenton right now and the tarp has been on the field for well over an hour which doesn’t bode well for the Yankees. We’ll keep you posted.

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Random Thoughts Post: 3/27/14

Mood music “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John

Good morning, my fellow Yankee fans.

Can you believe it? Winter is finally over (at least according to the calendars) and we’re just five days away from real baseball! I couldn’t be happier if I was twins.

Much like my cohort Brad, I have the same exact problem he complained about this morning: Nothing to write about. The next few days will have some important baseball news – like final roster moves – but those days are still going to be slightly tortuous as we wait for the games that count to begin. So without further delay I present a random thoughts post.

  • The one good thing about Spring Training is that it’s six weeks long and it gets the guys ready for the season.
  • The bad thing about Spring Training is that it’s six weeks long and makes us feel like it’s the longest six weeks of our lives.
  • And making it even more strange for Yankees fans is knowing that when this season finally gets underway, we’re going to be watching Derek Jeter‘s swan song.

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Wednesday Night Food Thread: 3/26/14

Welcome to the open thread.

If you missed the news earlier, the Yankees sent out a press release detailing all of the new food and drink options that will be available this season at the Stadium. To celebrate, I thought it would be fun if I went through the release, picked it apart, possibly made fun of it and then you guys could leave comments about what you like, what you can’t wait to try and what you’ll avoid like the plague! Or you can talk about anything else that’s one your mind today. Perhaps you want to talk about poor Preston Claiborne’s outing – 0 outs recorded and six runs given up to Toronto. Or maybe you want to talk about Jacoby Ellsbury’s 1-4 day with the Minor Leaguers. And don’t worry, he was running without any issues.

MARCH 26, 2014






The New York Yankees announced today that they will offer guests numerous new amenities, seating and food options in 2014 as part of the club’s efforts to continually improve the fan experience at Yankee Stadium.

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Game Thread: Yankees at Blue Jays 3/26/14

Welcome to today’s game thread. The Yankees are traveling to the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin to take on the Toronto Blue Jays. It’s “chilly” in Florida today. According to Bryan Hoch of, it was in the 40′s overnight (gasp!) and will only be in the 60′s. Oh no! People may have to wear long sleeves! Poor babies.

Here are the lineups:

Brett Gardner CF
Derek Jeter SS
Carlos Beltran RF
Alfonso Soriano DH
Kelly Johnson 1B
Francisco Cervelli C
Brian Roberts 2B
Zoilo Almonte LF
Dean Anna 3B

Chris Leroux RHP

Melky Cabrera LF
Jose Bautista RF
Edwin Encarnacion 1B
Adam Lind DH
Brett Lawrie 3B
Colby Rasmus CF
Maicer Izturis 2B
Josh Thole C
Ryan Goins SS

R.A. Dickey RHP

There’s no local coverage of this game but if you can watch the Blue Jay’s local broadcast on

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It’s About The 2014 Predictions

It’s that time of year again! With the start of baseball season just around the corner– What do you mean it already started? You mean those games in Australia actually counted? But the teams came back to the U.S. to play more Spring Training games. Alright. It’s kind of silly but fine, whatever you say. What was I saying? Right. Now that the season is kind of, sort of underway because two NL West teams played two games in Australia this past weekend, we thought it would be the perfect time for the IIATMS staff to make their 2014 season predictions. We followed the same template as last season where we all named the division winners, the wild cards, the post season awards and made one additional bold prediction. (Some of them are doozies.)

And before you claim that we’re total homers, check out who most of us picked to win the American League East Division, okay?

Let’s get started and please feel free to add your predictions in the comments.…

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Game Thread: Yankees vs Phillies 3/25/14

Welcome to tonight’s game thread!

Here’s the lineup:

Brett Gardner LF
Derek Jeter SS
Carlos Beltran DH
Mark Teixeira 1B
Brian McCann C
Alfonso Soriano RF
Kelly Johnson 3B
Brian Roberts 2B
Ichiro Suzuki CF

Adam Warren RHP

The game on YES, MLB Network and you can listen to it on 660 AM/101.9 FM WFAN.

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Quick Hit: Pineda Named Fifth Starter

Well, it’s official and not a surprise.

Michael Pineda has been named the Yankees’ fifth starter. David Phelps, who was Pineda’s strongest competition for the spot and Adam Warren, who is starting tonight’s game, will be placed in the bullpen while Vidal Nuno will also be considered a relief role.

Do you know what this means? It means real baseball is almost here!

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