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Some random baseball (and life) thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon

I really love this Yankees team right now.

They’re not exactly world beaters and outscoring everyone by five runs a game and there are times, like last night, when their hitting failures are tough to watch, but they did win the game and that’s what matters.

They also look like they’re having fun, they’re relaxed and they’re enjoying each other. They’re not tight asses or businesslike anymore.

You know what else is great? It’s quiet. You’re not seeing as many stories about the Yankees as you would in the past. There isn’t a sideshow happening off the field. The only things happening off the field are group outings and birthday parties. Everything the media is concerned with right now is happening on the field.

Like friend of the blog Craig Calcaterra said yesterday after A-Rod sent his tweet with the picture of the guys at CC Sabathia’s birthday party, “I cannot recall a Yankee season in the past 20 years that has had less controversy or drama about it than this one.… Click here to read the rest

Game 92: Chen vs. Eovaldi

Welcome to tonight’s game thread.

Tonight’s pitching matchup finds lefty Wei-Yin Chen up against right hander Nathan Eovaldi. Evo, as his teammates call him, is looking for win #10 on the season.

Machado 3B
Paredes DH
Jones CF
Davis RF
Wieters C
Hardy SS
Snider LF
Schoop 2B
Parmelee 1B

Ellsbury CF
Gardner LF
Rodriguez DH
Teixeira 1B
McCann C
Young RF
Headley 3B
Gregorius SS
Ryan 2B

Enjoy the game! … Click here to read the rest

Quick hit: I adore this team so much

Sure, this is a tweet from Alex Rodriguez but it’s a tweet of a picture that shows a number of Yankee players hanging out and having fun at CC Sabathia’s birthday party last night.

It’s amazing how much Rodriguez has caused this team’s chemistry to implode, isn’t it? Just kidding! As usual, the media got everything about A-Rod’s return completely wrong: The Yankees didn’t fall apart, he wasn’t released, his teammates seem to really like him and they have fun with him, and right now, the team is in first place.

Of course, the big question is will the Daily News’ I-Team launch an investigation into A-Rod and his cigar? Stay tuned. … Click here to read the rest

Flashback: July 21, 1988

One of the most infamous trades in Yankees history occurred on this date way back in 1988. Principal owner George Steinbrenner, before he was suspended and before he mellowed out a bit, traded Jay Buhner, Rick Balabon, and a player to be named later (Troy Evers on October 12, 1988) to the Mariners for Ken Phelps.

We all know how everything worked out because there have been many articles and blog posts written about the trade. Phelps and Buhner even got together to shoot a video reminiscing about it last year. But, we also know that the best thing to come out of that trade was this moment from an episode of Seinfeld called “The Caddy” that aired on January 25, 1996, a date which happened to be only a few months after Buhner’s Mariners knocked the Yankees out of the 1995 American League Division Series. By the way, Buhner batted .458 in that series because of course he did.… Click here to read the rest

Game 91: Hernandez vs. Sabathia

Here’s today’s game thread.

1. Austin Jackson CF
2. Kyle Seager 3B
3. Robinson Cano 2B
4. Nelson Cruz RF
5. Franklin Gutierrez LF
6. Mark Trumbo 1B
7. Jesus Montero DH
8. Chris Taylor SS
9. Mike Zunino C

1. Jacoby Ellsbury CF
2. Brett Gardner LF
3. Alex Rodriguez DH
4. Mark Teixeira 1B
5. Brian McCann C
6. Carlos Beltran RF
7. Chase Headley 3B
8. Didi Gregorius SS
9. Stephen Drew 2B

Enjoy the game.… Click here to read the rest

And on the first day, the Yankees…

It’s the first day of baseball after the All-Star break (Thank goodness!) so in that vein, I thought it would be interesting to see how the Yankees have fared the last five years in their first game back from the break.

Last year, the Yankees played the Cincinnati Reds and won the game 4-3. David Phelps got the win against Mike Leake, Jacoby Ellsbury was 2-4 with a two-run home run and Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran also picked up an RBI apiece. (Fun fact: I attended this game with a friend who was sitting in a different section so I was alone and surrounded by Reds fans, but I had a great time anyway.)

In 2013, the Yankees were up in Fenway Park and lost 4-2 to the Red Sox. Felix Doubront picked up the win and Andy Pettitte got the loss. None of the Yankees hit a home run but Robinson Cano, Lyle Overbay and Chris Stewart all hit doubles.… Click here to read the rest

The Slow and Steady (Offensive) Progression of Didi Gregorius

Replacing a long time Yankees position player is never an easy task for anyone. Most of the guys who have been asked to fill some big shoes in recent years have stumbled along the way. And replacing a Yankees lifer and future Hall of Famer like Derek Jeter is damn near impossible, but Didi Gregorius is slowly becoming more and more comfortable as the Yankees’ starting shortstop, and that is a very good thing.

(Note: I am only looking at his offensive numbers in this post. Someone much smarter can feel free to delve into his defense if they dare.)

This is how Gregorius’ spray chart looks overall so far this season:

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

As you can see, it’s not an overwhelming spray chart, but you will see in this post that the numbers have gone up from month to month.

Some splits

  • He’s batting .176/.243/.221/.464 against lefties, which was expected and .259/.309/.361/.670 against righties.
  • He’s batting .258/.326/.355/.680 in Yankee wins and .212 /.248/.288/.536 in losses.
Click here to read the rest