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There is crying in baseball

I am a mess right now. I have tears streaming down my face, my nose is running and I have one of those headaches you get when you cry too much so don’t expect much of a recap from me because I’m way too emotional.

It’s funny because I wasn’t this bad on Sunday when I knew it would be the last time I would see Mariano Rivera pitch in person. Maybe I was in denial? But tonight was different.

Mo came in to clean up the mess in the eighth inning, and he did because he’s the greatest of all time. Then, after recording two outs in the top of the ninth, this happened:

There wasn’t a dry eye in the Stadium, and there definitely wasn’t a dry eye in my brother’s room (he has the TV).

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Report: A-Rod to skip Houston trip UPDATED

It looks like tonight’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays will be Alex Rodriguez‘s last game as a Yankee for a while. The team has granted him permission to stay home and prepare for his arbitration hearing instead of going to Houston for the last series of the season.

When arbitration begins on Monday, Rodriguez will be backed by an expensive team of attorneys who will do what they can to discredit Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch, who has cooperated with MLB, turning over a trove of documents and personal communications that baseball says reflect Rodriguez as a shameless violator of the league’s anti-doping policies.

The Rodriguez legal team will work with attorneys from the MLB Players Association, who will try to persuade independent arbitrator Fredric Horowitz to reduce the historic ban. More than a dozen other players were suspended in August and most have now
served their punishment, but A-Rod remains a holdout.

Rodriguez could still theoretically settle with the league and perhaps even end up with a shorter suspension if he confesses to doping, but after previous admissions that he doped more than a decade ago when he was with the Texas Rangers, a new confession would cast a shadow of fraudulence over an entire decade of his career.

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Lunchtime links: Cano and his 10 year/305 million asking price

So it has been reported that Robinson Cano asked the Yankees for a 10 year/305 million deal and the reaction has been hilarious to say the least.

People are overreacting to the numbers, of course, because everyone always does when the news of contract “demands” comes out. They also believe that Cano actually thinks he’ll get a 10 yr/$305M deal. It’s as if some people are new to the free agency game.

If I got everything I ever asked for I’d be married to a really handsome man, have more money than Bill Gates and I’d be in shape without having to eat right or needing exercise.

Anyway, here are all of the links I could find about Cano:

Well, this isn’t everything but it’s a lot of them. …

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Swift recap: Rays 8, Yankees 3

If you missed the game, here’s what you need to know:

  • Phil Hughes couldn’t make it out of the third inning.
  • Eduardo Nunez was one of the hitting “heroes” along with Robinson Cano.
  • Evan Longoria is annoying and hit two more home runs tonight.
  • The Yankees have been eliminated from the playoffs thanks to a win by the Cleveland Indians.

We’ll have more to talk about tomorrow. This game was awful, depressing and was the cherry on the top of the sh** sundae better known as the 2013 season.

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Game 158: Bye Phil, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

Here’s your game thread.

I’d tell you to have fun but I’m assuming this is going to be one of the worst games of the season because Phil Hughes on the mound in Yankee Stadium against the Tampa Bay Rays just spells disaster. But just think, this is probably Hughes’ last start as a Yankee so that’s a positive, right? Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid and really wish his Yankee career had turned out differently and who knows, maybe he’ll do better on another team.

Zobrist SS
Myers RF
Loney 1B
Longoria 3B
DeJesus CF
Young DH
Joyce LF
Molina C
Johnson 2B

The Yankees will be facing David Price. Yeah, this isn’t going to go well for the boys from the Bronx at all. They couldn’t do anything against a guy who surrendered six walks and threw three wild pitches last night so what the heck will they possibly do against Price?

Nunez 3B
Rodriguez DH
Cano 2B
Soriano LF
Wells RF
Reynolds 1B
Granderson CF
Ryan SS
Stewart C

I’m not usually the type to encourage drinking but I think in order to get through this last few games, Yankee fans should imbibe.…

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