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Wednesday Night Open Thread: 6/24/15

Here is your open thread for the evening.

Feel to discuss how awesome Ivan Nova was today or how awesome Brett Gardner has been this past week. Or, you can even feel free to discuss the fact that the song I’m about to post is nearly 21 years old and how it makes feel like an old fart now.

Enjoy your evening!

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Game 72: Nova vs. Hamels

Here’s your game thread.

Ivan Nova is back and the Yankees are trying to avoid a sweep at the hands of the worst team in the Majors. Standing in their way? Oh, just Cole Hamels

Ben Revere CF
Cesar Hernandez 2B
Maikel Franco 1B
Ryan Howard DH
Domonic Brown RF
Andres Blanco 3B
Cody Asche LF
Carlos Ruiz C
Freddy Galvis SS

Brett Gardner CF
Chase Headley 3B
Alex Rodriguez DH
Mark Teixeira 1B
Carlos Beltran RF
Chris Young LF
John Ryan Murphy C
Didi Gregorius SS
Jose Pirela 2B

Enjoy the game.

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A couple of roster moves were made before today’s game:

  • The Yankees have designated LHP Jose DePaula for assignment to make room for Ivan Nova on the 40-man roster.
  • Brendan Ryan is back on the disabled list. This time with a right thoracic strain in his upper back.

About Last Night: Giving up 11 runs to the Phillies?!

Last night, the Phillies, who are the worst team in baseball (by percentage points over Milwaukee), scored 11 runs – with five of them coming in the ninth inning – against the Yankees and this is how they did it.

Four singles:

export (30)

Four doubles:

export (31)

A triple:

export (32)

Two home runs:

export (33)

Hmm. When a Yankees pitcher threw the ball right over the middle of the plate, the Phillies were able to make contact and get hits! What a novel concept.
trumedia_baseball_grid (15)

This was especially true in the ninth inning and the Phillies hit two doubles and a triple:
trumedia_baseball_grid (16)

It was also an issue in the fourth inning which was CC Sabathia’s “one bad inning.” (I just put that there so people will get huffy and puffy in the comments.)

Here’s the Phillies’ spray chart for that fourth inning:
export (34)

And here’s the heat map:
trumedia_baseball_heatmap (92)


[Heat maps and spray charts courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]

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Quick hit: Maikel Franco is a pain in the ass

As I said in the title, Maikel Franco is a pain in the ass.

He’s done well this season batting .319/.368/.604/.972 in 37 games. But against the Yankees, so far, he’s batting .750/.800/2.000/2.800 with three home runs, two singles and a double.

export (35)

If you pitch to him over the plate, HE’S GOING TO HIT THE BALL! Amazing!
trumedia_baseball_grid (17)

If you don’t, he may actually make an out!
trumedia_baseball_grid (18)

So how about we stop throwing him pitches he can hammer and try to keep him off the bases? Maybe?

[Heat maps, grids and spray charts courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]

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Game 71 Recap: Phillies 11, Yankees 6


Are you there Girardi? It’s me, Stacey. You guys lost again last night, but you know that because you were in the dugout watching the horror unfold right before your eyes.

I have something to say, and I am a little scared to say it, but I think it is something that you really need to hear.

Please stop pitching CC Sabathia every five days. He is killing this team and it is time to take him out of the rotation. Actually, the time to take him out of the rotation was probably a couple of weeks ago, but I get it, he’s your “ace” and you probably feel bad about having to call him into your office to give him the news. If you’re worried about doing it, your predecessor Joe Torre, had to do it a few times. Two big examples of former aces who had to be removed from the starting rotation are Mike Mussina and David Cone.…

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About Last Night: Brett Gardner

Okay, so technically, this is going to be an About The Last Week or So because Brett Gardner has been on fire the last six days.

He’s batting .519/.536/1.000/1.536 and nearly hit for the cycle on Saturday night.

Here’s his past week in spray chart and heat map form:

export (29)

trumedia_baseball_heatmap (84)

He has three home runs:
trumedia_baseball_heatmap (85)

Two doubles:
trumedia_baseball_heatmap (86)

A triple:
trumedia_baseball_heatmap (87)

Eight singles:
trumedia_baseball_heatmap (88)

Three strikeouts:
trumedia_baseball_heatmap (89)

A walk:
trumedia_baseball_heatmap (90)

A double play:
trumedia_baseball_heatmap (91)

The conclusion: Gardner has had a very good six days.

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Quick hit: An All-Star vote update and Pete Rose makes the news again

Hey, check this out.

Look at Alex Rodriguez‘s overall votes. Yes, he’s well behind the leader Kendrys Morales for starting DH, but look at the people he’s ahead of overall. I think that’s pretty amazing for the most hated baseball player ever.

Or not?

For years and years, Pete Rose has denied betting on baseball as a player. He admitted to doing it as a manager but always maintained that he did not do it during his playing days. Well, earlier today, ESPN’s Outside the Lines, revealed that he actually did bet on baseball when he was still a player. It happened in 1986.

Wow, that’s just so shocking to me. Okay, not really.

So I guess any chance he had of being reinstated back into baseball has vanished.

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