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Quick hit: Tanaka to start Wednesday, Heathcott to 15-day DL

From Bryan Hoch:

Masahiro Tanaka will be activated from the disabled list to start on Wednesday against the Mariners in Seattle, manager Joe Girardi said.


Slade Heathcott has been diagnosed with a Grade 2 strain of his right quadriceps and will be placed on the disabled list. Ramon Flores will join the Yankees Saturday from Triple-A.

Girardi told reporters that Tanaka’s pitch limit is around 80. He also said that Heathcott may be out a while, maybe for as long as a month. His injury is similar to the one Chris Capuano suffered earlier this season.

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About Last Night: One bad pitch

Last night’s game against Oakland was frustrating for a few reasons.

1) The A’s aren’t good (And I can already hear people saying, “Well, the Yankees aren’t good either!!” Just save it. The A’s are 18-32. That’s really bad.)
2) They were 2-15 in one run games going into last night’s game and now they’re 3-15. Thanks a lot, CC Sabathia and David Carpenter!
3) We had to stay up late to watch the sixth and seventh innings unfold. At least when it’s an east coast game or a home game, we’re not up past midnight.

In my opinion, and we can argue about this in the comment’s section if you’d like, nothing is more annoying than watching a pitcher throw a meatball to a hitter that results in a two-run, game-tying home run. Especially when that home run comes after a big strikeout and there’s a possiblity of getting out of the inning unscathed.

Here’s the 83 m.p.h. changeup CC Sabathia threw to Brett Lawrie.…

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Thursday Afternoon News and Notes: 5/28/15

Sabathia vs DET

Things are kind of slow around here so we’re doing a news and notes post to hold us over until the game thread later on tonight. Stupid west coast games.

  • Nice! I had suggested this on Twitter last week and I also think I did earlier in the season or possibly during Spring Training: Andy Pettitte is in contact with CC Sabathia and helping him with his confidence. Can Andy hang out with the team during the summer and talk CC’s ear off?
  • The AL East is putrid and Bill Madden thinks the Yankees have plenty of time to be the best of the worst which is funny because in July 2009, when the Yankees were only 2 or 3 games out of the division lead, he declared they didn’t have a chance to win the East.
  • Alex Rodriguez is amazing and he’s a leader. How hard was this to write? Poor Andrew Marchand. Kidding!
  • A-Rod and Mark Teixeira are leading the Yankees right now.
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Quick hit: Severino promoted to Triple A

So this happened:

And within two seconds of this tweet going up, I saw it retweeted four times and nearly everyone who retweeted said, “Woo!”

In case you’re not familiar with the 21 year-old right hander, here’s how Severino’s been doing so far this season:


More info on Severino:

  • He has three pitches. His two strongest are his fastball and his changeup. There’s also a nice gap in velocity between the fastball and change which flummoxes some hitters. His third, and weakest pitch, according to scouts, is his slider. It’s not as consistent as his fastball or his change and it tends to get him into trouble when it’s not working.
  • Another thing scouts seem to worry about with Severino is his size. 6’0″ and 195 is pretty big but Severino appears smaller (skinnier) than that and they often wonder if his body type would hold up after a full season of 200+ innings.
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Musings after a sweep and before a West Coast trip

So that was series against the Royals was something, right?

After the way the Yankees were embarrassed by the Texas Rangers this past weekend, I was almost positive that the Royals would wipe the floor with them. I usually don’t like being wrong but I was so glad to be wrong this time.

What a fun three games to watch. There weren’t really any stressful or upsetting moments. The Yankees took the lead in the first two games and even in yesterday’s game, with Pineda on the mound, you felt that if he held the Royals to the one run, the Yankees could claw their way back into the game. Okay, that’s a bit hyperbolic. Overcoming a one-run lead isn’t that hard to do, usually. And who was the guy to give the Yankees the lead and ultimately the win? Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez who is now only 19 hits away from 3,000.

His performance so far this season must be driving certain New York area writers completely bonkers.…

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About Last Night Yesterday Afternoon: Murder in the first inning

You can admit it, you had no expectations going into yesterday’s game other than expecting the Royals to win the game because it seems like months since the Yankees were able to put one in the win column. Don’t worry. We all felt that way. But when the 22:39 bottom of the first finally ended, and the Yankees had an 8-0 lead, those expectations quickly changed.

Here’s how that first inning unfolded, in heat map/grid/spray chart form:

1st inning SLG heat map

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Jeremy Guthrie was throwing balls low in the zone and the Yankees were reaching them.

1st inning SLG grid

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Guthrie’s 1st inning pitch frequency (See? A lot of low pitches.)

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Here are the pitches Headley, McCann and Gardner hit for home runs. Headley and McCann’s home runs were off fastballs while Gardner’s was off a curve.

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Look at how low Gardner’s pitch was.…

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About Last Night Week: Freefalling

Since their last win, way back on May 16, the Yankees are batting .214/.272/.343/.615 with a .129 ISO and their pitching staff is 0-6 with a 6.92 ERA.

Here’s what that slash line looks like in spray chart form:

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

This is what that 6.92 ERA looks like in spray chart form:

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Chase Headley was the Yankees’ “best” hitter over the past week batting .333/.391/.381/.772 while Stephen Drew and Brett Gardner stunk up the joint. Drew batted .136/.136/.136/.273. (My God) and Gardner batted .136/.208/.136/.345. (Almost as ugly as Drew’s numbers)

CC Sabathia was the worst pitcher by far and that even includes poor Esmil Rogers. Six earned runs in 2 1/3 innings is atrocious, but four strike outs to one walk in 2 1/3 innings isn’t bad. In four of the past six games the starting pitcher hasn’t made it through five innings.

Another bad thing? The defense that was supposed to be one of the best in the league committed five errors in the last six games.…

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