Stacey is co-Editor-in-Chief of It's About The Money, co-host of the It's About The Money, Stupid podcast and is a monthly contributor to ESPN's SweetSpot Blog. She is a former contributor at Aerys Sports and High Heat Stats. She has contributed to group projects at Baseball: Past And Present and the Hall of Stats. Her work has appeared in USA Today's Sports Weekly and most recently, she wrote four pieces for Derek Jeter: Celebrating the Yankees' Captain Clutch, a magazine printed by i5 Publishing.

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The Christmas Open Thread

Merry Christmas, to those who celebrate! And if you don’t, happy Thursday!

This is your open thread. Feel free to talk about everything under the sun. Brag about presents, discuss the Yankees’ offseason, tell us your plans for the day, etc.

Enjoy and have a safe holiday!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Rickey Henderson.

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Quick hit: Yanks acquire Gonzalez Germen from the Mets for cash

And in other news, the Yankees have acquired right hander Gonzalez Germen from the Mets for cash. In order to make room for Germen, Preston Claiborne was designated for assignment.

Yes, the Yankees made a couple of moves today and they now have a German and Germen in their system. Maybe they’ll complete that theme and get Max Scherzer next…

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Report: Yanks working on make a trade with the Marlins

So Twitter just exploded with the news of the Yankees and Marlins working on a trade. The Yankees will send Martin Prado and David Phelps to the Marlins for Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Jones.

Eovaldi is a righty pitcher who throws hard but has issues giving up walks and fly balls. One positive is that he is relatively young (not yet 25) and it’s possible the Yankees think that Larry Rothschild can work with him.

Jones could platoon with Tex at 1B/DH.

Some of my fellow IIATMS writers are not in love with this trade but I think the Yankees aren’t done and that Brian Cashman has something else up his sleeves. [Editor’s note: We’re coming around on it. Slowly.]

UPDATE 1:30p: Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees are also getting Class A pitcher Domingo German. German was 9-3 with a 2.25 ERA. He threw 123 1/2 innings with 113 strikeouts and 25 walks last year.…

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Quick hit: Cashman on A-Rod

Yankees GM Brian Cashman conducted a telephone interview with the Associated Press earlier today and of course, the subject of Alex Rodriguez came up.

Cashman told the AP that he believes Rodriguez’s days as a third baseman are over and he is banking on A-Rod the DH saying, “We look forward to him hopefully solidifying himself as a tremendous DH for us.” Well, yes, we all know that 39 year-old Rodriguez won’t be needed in the field as much, unless new third baseman Chase Headley hurts himself, but the idea that Rodriguez will be the full-time DH with all of the other “old” guys on the roster who will probably need half days from time to time is slightly amusing to me. Does Cashman really believe that Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran won’t need a breather? Or even Headley?

Cashman also said, “I can’t expect Alex to be anything.” and added, “Even before the suspension, he wasn’t the same player at third base on the defensive or offensive side.”

Rodriguez, who served a year-long suspension, is hoping to make a comeback.…

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IIATMS Podcast Episode 32: All Mailbag, All The Time

It’s another edition of “Your questions answered” with Domenic, E.J. and Stacey! We answered all of the questions that were tweeted to us and left on the site. Well, Domenic and E.J. answered most of them, I just sat back and listened to their dulcet tones.

Anyway, enjoy the return of the podcast. We promise we will try to record them more frequently. Life got in the way for all of us and there hasn’t been much to talk about regarding the Yankees lately. That all changed with the Winter Meetings.

As usual, you can leave comments below, tweet us individually (@DomenicLanza, @ejfagan, @StaceGots) or email us.

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Report: McCarthy agrees to a deal with the Dodgers

Well, this is a bummer because he was fun to interact with on Twitter but I’m glad the Yankees didn’t sign him to a four year deal. That’s too much for someone who is a bit injury prone.

Who’s next? Scherzer? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah okay.

Anyway, best of luck to McCarthy and on a personal note, thanks for pitching well in one of the last games my dad was able to watch.

(I realize my headline says he’s always agreed to the deal and Mr. Rosenthal says he’s close but it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion so there you go.)

UPDATE 1:14 A.M.:

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Yankee Updates From West Coast 12/10/14

With a nod to Elton John’s Songs From The West Coast album, here are your updates from the west coast starring Brian Cashman who spoke with reporters in San Diego.

Some highlights:

  • Cashman said he talked to the Dodgers about Dee Gordon and to the Phillies about Jimmy Rollins, but neither conversation went very far.
  • Added that the Phillies said they would want more than Yanks would be willing to pay.
  • Told reporters that the Yankees trainer Matt Krause met with Alex Rodriguez today and said the assessment was good.
  • He has checked in with Hiroki Kuroda‘s agent but has no idea what Kuroda’s decision will be.
  • He said the Yankees are unlikely to take anyone in tomorrow’s Rule 5 draft and that they’d rather keep the roster spots open.

Thanks to Chad Jennings, Andy Martino and Daniel Barbarisi for their tweets.

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Winter Meetings Day 3 Recap: 12/10/14


Day 2 ended in similar fashion to Day 1, with news of a big free agent name heading to Chicago. This time it was Jon Lester heading to the Cubs for 6 years/$155M. Good for him. Today’s big news, so far, is Jimmy Rollins heading to L.A. after 15 years in Philadelphia. I say so far because with the Winter Meetings on the west coast, the big news items have been breaking well after midnight on the east coast so we’ll see what happens tonight. Could it be Max Scherzer heading out of Detroit? Who knows but with the way reporters are hanging onto Scott Boras’ every word, it’s a possibility.

Anyway, here is your Day 3 recap:

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