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Thursday Morning Thoughts After a Sweep and Before a Four-Game Series

Song playing when I started the post: “You Kill Me With Silence” by Duran Duran

I feel like I haven’t done one of my infamous random thoughts posts in a while so here it goes…

  • It’s amazing how good the Yankees are against the Twins.
  • I feel slightly bad for Twins fans because it’s as if there’s really no hope for their team to win against the Yankees.
  • Well, okay, not really. I don’t feel bad. I like winning.
  • How about #GREGBIRD‘s performance yesterday?
  • That was awesome.
  • I also love the whole helmet removal thing the Yankees do to each other whenever someone hits a home run.
  • A-Rod did the honors both times for #GREGBIRD during yesterday’s game.
  • I’ve seen Gardner, Gregorius, and McCann do it for A-Rod.
  • Now I’m going to be watching for it all the time.
  • Oh, did you hear that Ervin Santana called Yankee Stadium a joke and said that Bird’s second home run – which was measured at 420 feet – would be a double in other parks?
  • Yeah, okay.
  • Someone is salty.
  • Someone should probably pitch better.
  • Here’s the quote: “The other one was a very good pitch, out and way, and he just hit it very good,” the pitcher said. “I know, probably in another park that’s a double. But here, it’s a joke.”
  • Get over yourself, Ervin.
  • Both of Bird’s home runs would have been out of most stadiums.
  • Anyway…I really like this team.
  • They’re a lot more likable than 2013 and 2014’s teams.
  • They also hit and score more which is nice.
  • Those two things are related: likability and scoring.
  • I know I mentioned this the other day but I’m mentioning it again: I love HOPE Week. I really do.
  • I love the background stories, I love the honorees, and I love that the players are so into it.
  • Let’s get back to A-Rod.
  • That grand slam on Tuesday night was so great: The slight pose, the look toward the dugout, the fact that it was nearly identical to the one he hit against Joe Nathan in the 2009 ALDS…
  • Oh, and the whole ‘clutch’ thing.
  • You know who else was impressed by the home run? Barry Bonds. He tweeted about it yesterday morning.
  • I, of course, retweeted him.
  • Can you believe the Phillies actually held on to beat the Blue Jays last night?
  • I can’t.
  • Our overload Jason was there with his family. Maybe they’re the reason why the Blue Jays didn’t break out and score 12 in an inning.
  • I was really convinced that would happen.
  • I mean, honestly, can you blame me?
  • Everyone watching that game was thinking the same thing, that it wasn’t a matter of if the Jays would score but when. And thankfully, we were all wrong! Hooray!
  • It’s nice to be wrong about things like that.
  • That’s the only time I like being wrong.
  • Nine years ago, the Yankees were in the midst of that five-game series in Fenway.
  • Nine years ago tonight, they’d go on to beat the Sox in 10 innings thanks in large part to Jason Giambi, who was 3-4 with five RBI – including two home runs and a double.
  • That game was great because it was a Sunday Night ESPN game and, of course, they were all over the Red Sox even though the Yankees had beaten them in three straight heading into the game.
  • I remember being so annoyed about that series before it began and being really worried about it because the Yankees looked awful against the Orioles in the previous series.
  • Turns out I had nothing to worry about.
  • Sweeping a five game series in Fenway?
  • That team should have made it out of the Division Series.
  • Stupid Tigers.
  • Actually, stupid rain delay screwing up Game Two.
  • Ugh.
  • Now I’m mad again about a playoff series from nine years ago.
  • GAH.
  • I was at Game Two. I sat through that rain delay and then had to convince my boss to let me out of work early so I could go to the makeup game because they had to schedule it earlier in the day.
  • I also got sunburn on my chest because I was sitting out in the left field upper deck and even though I’m Greek, I’m also Irish and as pale as Conan O’Brien.
  • Seriously, who gets a sunburn in October?! Me!
  • I was also burned one time while riding the Staten Island Ferry at 6:30pm. I was on the way home from work. When I got home and saw how red my face was, I just laughed.
  • Getting to and from Yankee games when I was living in Staten Island was quite an adventure.
  • In 2002 I was heading home after the Yankees lost Game Two to the Angels in the Division Series and missed the 2am ferry and had to wait until 3am.
  • I was sitting there with my neighbor and bus/ferry buddy, watching guys fishing in the harbor.
  • I called my boss and let her know that I may be late for work that morning.
  • I made it in by 9:15.
  • She was impressed.
  • Wow, that was quite a tangent but at least it was related to baseball.
  • How about we turn our attention to this upcoming series against the Indians?
  • I believe we’re skipping Kluber which is a good thing.
  • We’re skipping Kluber. Haha. Like I’m part of the team.
  • I would like to see another series sweep but it’s a four-game set and that seems like too much to ask for.
  • So maybe three out of four?
  • Please and thanks?
  • I really just want a series win.
  • It would be an early birthday present.
  • A nice early birthday present.
  • I’m going to the game on Sunday afternoon because it’s Andy Pettitte Day and my mom LOVES him. The tickets are a belated Mother’s Day present.
  • I’m also looking forward to watching Jorge Posada Day on Saturday afternoon.
  • I wonder who will be there.
  • I’m expecting Jeter to show up both days because of the whole “Core Four” nonsense.
  • Yeah, I called it nonsense.
  • Okay, I think it’s time for me to end this post because I addressed you all as bros.
  • Oy.

Happy Thursday!

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About Last Night: What a weird game

(This is going to be slightly random but about last night’s game. I was there and I’m still tired.)

I have only been to three games this season. And I know some people reading this will think to themselves, “You’re lucky! I don’t even live in New York so I never get to go!” but for me, this is very strange because I had partial season tickets for 15 years and would regularly go to 20-25, sometimes 30 games a year.

I attended games on April 29, June 20 and last night, and I’m 2-1 – 1-1 in extra inning games.

To be honest, I wasn’t very happy about the Yankees playing into extras last night because of their record going into last night’s game. Before last night’s very strange win, the Yanks were 2-7 in extra inning games and had lost their last three in a row. I also wasn’t happy about it because I was hot, sweaty and tired.

It was unbearably hot at last night’s game. And where I was sitting, in the upper part of section 105, didn’t have a breeze at all. I actually had a Chinese hand fan with me and I was fanning myself for most of the game. I also fanned my brother from time to time.

And it was a weird game. So many odd (not-so-great) things happened – Bryan Mitchell getting nailed in the face with a comebacker wasn’t fun to watch – nor was watching poor Tex foul balls off his body one right after the other. And the Twins were hitting batting practice against our bullpen which is never fun to watch. Even more frustrating was how many of those hits occurred with two outs. It felt like that happened nearly every inning.

We were sitting near a group of young guys who were taunting Torii Hunter and they were finally removed from the section in the 7th or 8th inning. They were really charming.

I also witnessed the infamous Zack Hample take a ball away from someone as Carlos Beltran tried to throw it over his head. What a dink that guy is. And he’s pretty skinny in person. I was a section away from him and was surprised at how slight he looked. Why haven’t more people kicked his ass by now?

The heat was so bad for me last night that I feel hungover this morning. I also woke up late and missed my 10 a.m. posting slot. Whoops. Stupid Yankees playing a long-ass game.

I honestly thought we were going to be stuck there until 2 a.m. with the way that game was going. There were so many lead changes and ties that I was convinced the Twins would score two in the top of the 10th.

Thank goodness they didn’t.

Some good things about last night:

  • Brian McCann‘s performance both behind the plate and at the plate.
  • #GREGBIRD nearly had a walk off home run in the bottom of the 10th.
  • Andrew Miller looked pretty good from where I was sitting.
  • Dellin Betances is just ridiculously unfair. I feel bad for guys when they step up to bat against him. Okay, no I don’t.

The thing about Betances was that I was out in right field and could hear McCann’s glove popping like I was right next to him. It was pretty cool.

I am definitely worried about Tex though. He hit himself in two pretty bad places and the shot to knee looked like it really hurt. I’ve bashed in the knee before – with a bat, it was an accident, it wasn’t like Jeff Gillooly hired someone to do it – and I know how painful it is.

Oh! How could I forget. I love HOPE week. I really do. I look forward to it every year and this year started off really great with the Yankees honoring Chris Singleton.

And here’s Singleton and his siblings throwing out the ceremonial first pitches:

Oh and if you didn’t know, Kenny Ducey, who writes for us here from time to time at IIATMS, started a site called Hashtag Important where he takes a look at numbers, streaks and performances by teams and individuals. Some examples: “J.R. Smith plays better after his favorite rapper releases an album” or “The Mariners are unreal after Sharknado comes out.”

Yesterday, he examined how well the Yankees do during HOPE Week. They have pretty good numbers and thanks to last night’s win, they now have three walk-off wins during HOPE Week. You can follow the site at @hashtagimprt on Twitter.

Have a good afternoon!
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Monday Morning Musings: I will not quote Meatloaf

Although it is very tempting to do so, I will not, I repeat, I will not quote Meatloaf in this post.

You all know the quote. The extremely overused, cliche, uttered since at least the summer of 1977, that usually comes after a team wins two games in a three game series.

But I will be good and I will not use it. It’s lazy to do that. It’s lazy and predictable, and who wants to be that? Not I!

I do want to gloat a bit because I did predict that this (taking two of three in Toronto) was going to happen during the IIATMS podcast on Thursday night. If you haven’t listened yet, what are you waiting for? Anyway, I was a bit fired up on that particular night because Blue Jays fans were becoming a tad too obnoxious for my taste, and I had to knock them down a peg or three in my rant. I also commented on Mets fans and how gloating in August is never a good idea, and what happened to that team this weekend? They were swept by Pittsburgh in three games at home. Three pretty good games, I might add. Well, yesterday’s score was a tad lopsided, but it was close before the rain delay from doom.

By the way, it was very sunny all day and never rained or even got cloudy where I live (30 miles north west of Manhattan) so it was a little strange to see the field in Queens covered by dark skies, sheets of rain and a tarp.

Speaking of very sunny, poor Carlos Beltran. Can you imagine how he feels right now? I can’t. I’ve personally never screwed up that badly in my life. (Kidding, I’m sure I have, I’ve probably just blocked it out.)

Aside from the bad inning that should have been over on a lazy fly ball to right but ended with the Yankees down 3-0, Luis Severino pitched a pretty good game. His fastball was electric. His other pitches, not so much, but he continues to impress me. His nine strikeouts were fun. Plus, he shut down the Blue Jays in every other inning he pitched which goes to show you that any offense, even one that’s scoring over 100 runs more than every other team in baseball, can be shutdown by good pitching.

Yesterday’s game was frustrating to watch and I watched the entire thing hoping the Yankees would mount a late-game comeback. But they didn’t. Oh well.

And how about TANAK on Saturday? How fantastic was that performance? You know what else I loved about Saturday? Seeing how fired up TANAK was after he got the last out. Also, I liked seeing John Ryan Murphy getting him pumped up before they went out for the bottom of the ninth. That was a great game.

Friday’s game was also great because they won but everything else about it was bad. That game shaved at least six years off my life. Actually, just the Troy Tulowitzki/Andrew Miller battle at the end did that. I still had trouble breathing at least two hours after the game ended. And my heart wasn’t beating quite right until sometime Saturday morning. It’s August. I should not be reacting this way to a game in August. That extremely anxious, standing up because you can’t possibly sit, pacing the room because you can’t be still and becoming nauseated after every foul ball feeling should be saved for games in September and October.

Freakin’ Yankees.

But hey, leaving Toronto in first place, no matter how slim the lead is, is a good thing. And two out of three ain’t bad.


Happy Monday!
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