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Curry: Yankees will be hiring two hitting coaches

According to a series of tweets from the YES Network’s Jack Curry, the Yankees will be hiring two hitting coaches for the first time in the team’s history.

Jeff Pentland, who has been a hitting coach with the Marlins, Cubs, Royals, Mariners, and Dodgers will be the main hitting coach while Alan Cockrell, who has worked with the Rockies and Mariners, will be Pentland’s assistant.

Pentland worked with Joe Girardi when he was the manager of the Marlins and was also with the Royals when Tony Pena was manager and when Carlos Beltran was a member of the team.

Reports surfaced last month about Pentland’s possible hire and the Yankees will probably be making the announcement soon.

Curry also tweeted that his source said that both Pentland and Cockrell were impressive during their interviews and that the Yankees are comfortable with hiring two hitting coaches. Pentland has worked with Barry Bonds, Beltran, Gary Sheffield, Matt Kemp and Sammy Sosa.…

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Picture of the Day: Happy 112th Birthday to the Yankees!

The Yankees came to be 112 years ago today – back then they were known as the New York Highlanders – and guess what? The size of their payroll has always been a hot button issue. That’s right, folks, even way back in 1903, newspapers were complaining about the high salaries.

To be fair, it took four months for the articles to begin but at least now you know just how far back the kvetching goes.


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Yankees prospect Ty Hensley recovering from an attack over the holidays

This morning Chris Cotillo first reported that Yankees’ pitching prospect Ty Hensley was attacked in Oklahoma City over the holidays and spent some time in the hospital. He has since been released and is recovering at home.

Here is a statement from Hensley’s attorney Rob Martin of ICON Sports:

“On behalf of Ty Hensley and his family, we are able to confirm that Ty was hospitalized after being brutally attacked and assaulted over the holidays in Oklahoma City. Ty was treated and released from the hospital and is presently recovering at home from the injuries he sustained after being knocked unconscious in this vicious attack. Ty and his family are grateful for all of the support, thoughts, and prayers he’s received from friends, fans, and well-wishers. We respectfully request privacy during this difficult time. For those of us that know Ty best, this attack was shocking and disturbing both in it’s severity as well as the fact that it could not have happened to a nicer, more good-natured young man.

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IIATMS Podcast Episode 33: Hall of Fame and Women in Sports Journalism

(We recorded a podcast earlier today but only two of us – yours truly and E.J. – recorded. Domenic is on the 7-day DL and will hopefully be back for the next recording.)

In this episode we discussed the Hall of Fame results, of course. E.J. rants a little bit about certain outcomes but probably not the ones you think. We also talked about an incident that happened to me New Year’s evening which led into a discussion about women in sports journalism.

As usual, leave your thoughts below, tweet us (@ejfagan and/or @stacegots) or email us.


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Yanks trade Shawn Kelley to the Padres (UPDATED)

According to Robert Murray and Chris Cotillo, the Yankees have acquired Johnny Barbato from the Padres for reliever Shawn Kelley.

Barbato is a 22 year old right hander who last pitched for Double-A San Antonio in the Padres’ system. He was 2-2 with 2.87 ERA and earned 16 saves.

** UPDATE 6:26 PM** – Interesting comment by Kelley on the trade, via Dan Barbarisi:

“[Cash] said he hated to see me go, but they have some things they’re doing, things they’re working on, and it was part of new plan.”

A new plan, eh?  What’s involved in this new plan?  What else are the Yankees working on?  Gotta think it’s another rotation piece, no?

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The Christmas Open Thread

Merry Christmas, to those who celebrate! And if you don’t, happy Thursday!

This is your open thread. Feel free to talk about everything under the sun. Brag about presents, discuss the Yankees’ offseason, tell us your plans for the day, etc.

Enjoy and have a safe holiday!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Rickey Henderson.

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Quick hit: Yanks acquire Gonzalez Germen from the Mets for cash

And in other news, the Yankees have acquired right hander Gonzalez Germen from the Mets for cash. In order to make room for Germen, Preston Claiborne was designated for assignment.

Yes, the Yankees made a couple of moves today and they now have a German and Germen in their system. Maybe they’ll complete that theme and get Max Scherzer next…

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Report: Yanks working on make a trade with the Marlins

So Twitter just exploded with the news of the Yankees and Marlins working on a trade. The Yankees will send Martin Prado and David Phelps to the Marlins for Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Jones.

Eovaldi is a righty pitcher who throws hard but has issues giving up walks and fly balls. One positive is that he is relatively young (not yet 25) and it’s possible the Yankees think that Larry Rothschild can work with him.

Jones could platoon with Tex at 1B/DH.

Some of my fellow IIATMS writers are not in love with this trade but I think the Yankees aren’t done and that Brian Cashman has something else up his sleeves. [Editor’s note: We’re coming around on it. Slowly.]

UPDATE 1:30p: Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees are also getting Class A pitcher Domingo German. German was 9-3 with a 2.25 ERA. He threw 123 1/2 innings with 113 strikeouts and 25 walks last year.…

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Quick hit: Cashman on A-Rod

Yankees GM Brian Cashman conducted a telephone interview with the Associated Press earlier today and of course, the subject of Alex Rodriguez came up.

Cashman told the AP that he believes Rodriguez’s days as a third baseman are over and he is banking on A-Rod the DH saying, “We look forward to him hopefully solidifying himself as a tremendous DH for us.” Well, yes, we all know that 39 year-old Rodriguez won’t be needed in the field as much, unless new third baseman Chase Headley hurts himself, but the idea that Rodriguez will be the full-time DH with all of the other “old” guys on the roster who will probably need half days from time to time is slightly amusing to me. Does Cashman really believe that Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran won’t need a breather? Or even Headley?

Cashman also said, “I can’t expect Alex to be anything.” and added, “Even before the suspension, he wasn’t the same player at third base on the defensive or offensive side.”

Rodriguez, who served a year-long suspension, is hoping to make a comeback.…

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