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Throwback Thursday Night Open Thread: 2/13/14

Holy cow, there is a ton of snow outside.

In case you missed it we had a lot of content on the site today and here it is all in one place, divided into two categories: Jeter and not Jeter.


Not Jeter

Oh, and Domenic, E.J. and yours truly, recorded a podcast last night so if you haven’t listened to it yet, please do so now. Thanks.

And finally, the reason why I called this the Throwback Thursday Open Thread. Behold, Derek Jeter‘s 3000th hit. Remember the days leading up to it, how everyone was predicting he’d hit a weak ground ball for 3K and then BOOM SHAKALAKA, he hits one to the first row of the left field bleachers because he’s Derek Jeter and that kind of thing happens to Derek Jeter.…

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The IIATMS Podcast Episode Five: Derek Jeter, Pelotero, & An NL West Preview

Last night, Domenic, E.J. and Stacey discussed Derek Jeter’s retirement and shared some personal feelings about it, they also discussed the film “Pelotero,” Domenic and EJ expounded on UZR and DRS in the “Teaching Stats to Stacey” segment, and in the first installment of a six-week long season preview, they talked about the NL West Division and gave their predictions for 2014.

As always, you can email comments and suggestions to, tweet us at @IIATMS or leave a comment below.


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Quick hit: Yanks to face the Marlins in Panama next month

So it’s official, MLB just announced that the Yankees will play in the Legend Series, a pair of Spring Training games vs. Miami Marlins, in Panama on March 15-16 to honor Mariano Rivera.

It will be the first time Major League Baseball has been in Panama since 1947.

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On Growing Up With Derek Jeter


When Derek Jeter announced to the world, via Facebook, that 2014 would be his last season, it made me realize just how old I’m getting. Forget the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that have slowly crept onto my face in recent years or the gray hairs that have formed a starburst pattern on the top of my head and you can even forget about the fact that I will be turning 40-years-old this coming August. Forget all of it because it’s Derek Jeter’s fault that I feel as old as dirt this morning. Because gone are the days when players retiring from baseball were considerably older than me. Gone are the days when I could look at the big screen at the Stadium, see a player’s age and think, “I’m three years younger than him?” Now, I look at some players’ ages, do the math in my head and say to my brother, “Jesus, I could be his mother.”

But getting back to Jeter and what his retirement means to me and millions of others like me whose entire adulthood has been filled with memories of his hits, his milestones and five championships.…

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Derek Jeter Announces That 2014 Will Be His Last Season

Well, we knew this day would arrive sooner rather than later but it’s still slightly shocking because most people believed that Derek Jeter would be dragged off the field kicking and screaming.

Here is his retirement announcement via Facebook:


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Some afternoon news and notes: 2/12/14

Here’s the “catching up with old friends” edition of news and notes:

We are only two days away from the start of Spring Training. Pretty soon we’re going to get grainy pictures from cellphone cameras! I know a lot of people don’t too excited about the early part of Spring Training but it means the regular season is just around the corner and before you know it, the Yankees will be at the Stadium playing in games that mean something.

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Tanaka Tuesday Open Thread

It’s Tanaka Tuesday!

In case you missed it, Masahiro Tanaka was introduced as Yankee earlier today. He said he’s excited to get his Yankee career started. That career starts on Friday when he reports to camp in Tampa, Florida.

It’s all Tanaka, all the time in this post:

Enjoy the open thread!

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A brief recap of Masahiro Tanaka’s press conference

The Masahiro Tanaka press conference wasn’t very long but it was packed. Jason Zillo of the Yankees said it was the largest presser since Hideki Matsui‘s introductory press conference in 2003 and Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY tweeted that 200 credentials were given out for today.

It’s no surprise. There’s always a ton of fanfare when big time Japanese players come over to the States.

After some words from GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi, Tanaka stepped up to the podium. Girardi helped him with his jersey, which is #19, Tanaka placed his cap on his head and he said hello to the media.

Cashman said, “This is Yankee big. This is Steinbrenner big. Welcome to the family, and to New York, Tanaka-San.”

Tanaka stepped up to the podium and said, in English, “Hello. My name is Masahiro Tanaka. I am very happy to be a Yankee.”

Then he was asked some questions by the press gathered at the Stadium.…

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Report: Pineda says he’s 100 percent

Michael Pineda has shown up to training camp early and has proclaimed to be “100 percent.” This should be happy news for the Yankees and their fans because poor Pineda hasn’t thrown a pitch in the majors since September 2011.

Pineda proudly said, “I’m going to compete for the rotation. I’m the same Michael Pineda. I’m 100 percent now and my body is in good shape.”

Pineda, who is now 25, tore his labrum in 2012, had surgery soon after and has been trying to make his way back to the Yankees. “It’s been hard for me because I was traded and I was excited to pitch in New York,” Pineda added, “Then with the surgery and not pitching for two years, it’s hard.”

He wants to contribute to the team for the first time since being traded from Seattle in early 2012. “In 2012, when the Yankees made the playoffs, I wanted to be there and last year, too, I was sad because I want to pitch,” Pineda said.…

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