Stacey is co-Editor-in-Chief of It's About The Money, co-host of the It's About The Money, Stupid podcast and is a monthly contributor to ESPN's SweetSpot Blog. She is a former contributor at Aerys Sports and High Heat Stats. She has contributed to group projects at Baseball: Past And Present and the Hall of Stats. Her work has appeared in USA Today's Sports Weekly and most recently, she wrote four pieces for Derek Jeter: Celebrating the Yankees' Captain Clutch, a magazine printed by i5 Publishing.

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And Exhale: Yankees 3, Red Sox 2

I don’t know about you guys but I am still a little hyper from tonight’s game.

And it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? It’s only April 13, we should not be reacting like this to a game so early in the season but this Yankees-Red Sox “rivalry” seems to bring out the best and worst in all of us. Plus, the whole “national game on ESPN” thing didn’t help matters either. Most baseball fans had their eyes on the game so it felt bigger than it should have. Basically, I am going to blame the nice weather for tricking me into thinking it was actually September and that the Yankees and Red Sox were in a pennant race.

Now, onto the actual recap!

The Red Sox struck first in the top of the second thanks to a Jonathan Herrera single which scored Ryan Roberts. And when it looked like things were going to get away from Ivan Nova, after a Grady Sizemore single, Jackie Bradley Jr.…

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Quick hit: Roberts is Injured


Well, if you had April 13 in the Brian Roberts injury pool, you’ve won! It was announced that he has a back injury.

I’m sure that this means he’ll probably have surgery later this week because he’s Brian Roberts and he has the worst injury luck ever…

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Tonight’s lineup vs Red Sox: 4/13/14 (Now with a Jeter Update)

Gardner LF
Beltran RF
Ellsbury CF
Soriano DH
McCann C
Solarte 2B
Johnson 3B
Cervelli 1B
Anna SS

Nova P

You’re not seeing things, Jeter’s sitting again. We’re trying to find out why.

UPDATE 4:57 P.M.: Jeter has a sore right quad. No test scheduled. He irritated it Friday night.

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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread: 4/13/14

Can I be honest with everyone? We’re all friends, right? I can tell you something and you won’t make fun of me. Okay, so I didn’t realize today’s game was a Sunday Night ESPN Game. I mean, I should have because it’s Yankees-Red Sox and when do the good people over at ESPN ever turn down an opportunity to show “the biggest rivalry in sports” in primetime? (It’s rare)

So because we don’t have an afternoon game to watch, I figured I’d put up an afternoon open thread where we can discuss whatever you would like to gab about. Could be other baseball games, could be The Masters, could be Tax Day – it’s two days away so I hope you did yours! Could be our latest It’s About The Yankees, Stupid podcast which was recorded yesterday afternoon, etc.

Or maybe you can discuss the following masterpiece. It seems Jeff Francoeur was pranked for a month by his Triple A El Paso teammates and it is a doozy.…

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IIATMS Podcast Episode 13: Pineda and Sabathia’s Start, First Base, Yankee Stadium, & Listener Mail

In this latest installment of the It’s About the Yankees, Stupid podcast, Domenic, E.J. and yours truly gush about the greatness of Michael Pineda (so far), discuss the not-so-great sixth innings of CC Sabathia, we also go into whether or not the Yankees need an actual first baseman as the part of the Mark Teixeira contingency plan – because to be honest, none of us believe this will be his only DL trip this year, I go on a little bit of a rant about the new Stadium and its “improvements” in 2014 and we answer listener mail from our biggest fan, Josh.

As always you can leave comments, questions and suggestions below, you can tweet us at @IIATMS or you can email us at

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Shellackeyed: Yankees 7, Red Sox 4

Coming into today’s game, people were wondering when Brian McCann was going to break out at the plate. Well, the wait is over. McCann had himself quite a nice game with two home runs and a well-timed caught stealing that prevented the Red Sox from having an even bigger seventh inning – they scored two runs to make it 6-4 and give Yankee fans a bit of a scare.

McCann wasn’t the only Yankee to leave the park today.

Carlos Beltran started things off in the bottom of the first with a long two-run home run into the bleachers off Red Sox starter John Lackey. That home run came to be thanks to Jacoby Ellsbury’s two-out bunt. A.J. Pierzynski struck back in the top of the second with a two-run shot of his own off Hiroki Kuroda.

McCann hit his first homer in the fourth inning, a shot to the second deck in right field, to give the Yankees a 3-2 lead and in the next at bat, on the first pitch, Alfonso Soriano took Lackey deep into the short porch in right to give the Yankees a 4-2 lead.…

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Game 11: CC vs Lester

So sorry this is late. I was cooking dinner and before I realized it, it was 6:35!


Tonight’s pitching match up is CC Sabathia vs Jon Lester.

Your Yankee lineup:
Jeter SS
Ellsbury CF
Beltran RF
Soriano DH
Cervelli C
Solarte 3B
Suzuki LF
Roberts 2B
Johnson 1B

Enjoy the game!

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Tonight’s Yankees Lineup vs. Red Sox: 4/11/14

Jeter 6
Ellsbury 8
Beltran 9
Soriano 0
Cervelli 2
Solarte 5
Ichiro 7
Roberts 4
Johnson 3

They will be facing Jon Lester. Yeah, good luck with that.

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