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The IIATMS Podcast Episode Three: Burnett, Tex’s Wrist and Stats, oh my!

Domenic, E.J. and Stacey discuss A.J. Burnett, Mark Teixeira‘s wrist, stats and much, much more!

We now have an email address so you can send us questions and suggestions for the podcast. It’s

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Wednesday Night Open Thread: 1/29/14

whitey ford 1959

There are 16 days until pitchers and catchers report to camp and in honor of #16, Whitey Ford, here are 16 things we can discuss in tonight’s open thread. Some are Yankee centric, some are just general baseball and some aren’t even baseball related.

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Happy Trails to Lance Berkman

Lance Berkman may have had a short Yankee career but he did have a memorable game in Pinstripes.

It was Game Two of the 2010 Division Series against Minnesota and it is a moment I called on Twitter. I jokingly said, “Time for Lance Berkman’s True Yankee moment,” and then BOOM.

Berkman played the majority of his career – 12 years – with the Houston Astros where he had batted .296/.410/.549/.959 with 326 home runs. He was traded to the Yankees in 2010 and only played in 37 games. He then joined the St. Louis Cardinals in 2011, won a World Series with them and finished his career with the Texas Rangers in 2013.

Enjoy your retirement, Lance!

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Quick hit: A list of players invited to Spring Training

Here’s a list of players being invited to Yankees’ camp in February courtesy of Anthony McCarron of the Daily News.

These are players Yankees signed nine players to minor-league deals:


And the rest:


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A.J. Burnett Redux: The Pros and Cons


(Hint: It’s mostly cons)

During this offseason, there had been whispers about A.J. Burnett retiring. He even told a Pittsburgh radio station that there was a 50/50 chance of it happening. He said it was “the Pirates or retirement” but as we all found out yesterday, Burnett has decided to pitch again in 2014.

He’s a free agent which means he can go anywhere and not necessarily back to the Pirates, though they have said they’d entertain the idea if he wants to return. The Pirates had already declined to extend a $14.1M qualifying offer to him in December which means they could have had draft pick compensation but won’t if he now signs with another team.

Burnett wasn’t terrible was pretty good in 2013. His W-L record was 10-11 but his ERA was 3.30 and he led the Pirates in innings pitched (191) and strikeouts (209).

So if he doesn’t go back to Pittsburgh, how would a reunion in the Bronx play out?…

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Quick Hit: Three Yankee Prospects Make Keith Law’s List

Keith Law of ESPN released his Top 100 Prospects list (ESPN Insiders only) and three members of the Yankees organization made it.

C Gary Sanchez #68
RF Tyler Austin #85
CF Mason Williams #87

Law’s list differs from both MLB’s prospect list and Baseball Prospectus’ list. Sanchez made both lists, Williams only made MLB’s list and Austin wasn’t even mentioned on either of them.

Law, when evaluating farm systems as a whole, ranked the Yankees 20th.

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Tuesday Night Open Thread: 1/28/14

Good evening,

So just a little while ago I was looking through the archives of the site because I am having a hell of a time coming up with stuff to write about right now. I thought I’d be inspired by reading old stuff. I happened to stumble upon January 2013 and thought it would be amusing to see what I wrote about on 1/28/13.

Here are the three posts I published a year ago today:

Some exciting stuff there, right?

There isn’t a whole lot happening in Yankeeland today. It’s kind of quiet now that Tanaka has been signed but here are some Yankee related and non-Yankee related news items for you to read, then discuss in the comments if you’d like:

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Monday Night Open Thread: 1/27/14

Good evening!

Did you know that there are only 18 days until pitchers and catchers report to camp?


(Someone tweeted Johnny Damon as a reminder of the countdown to Spring Training but I thought #HIROK was a better choice since he still plays baseball and he’s still a Yankee.)

Pretty soon, we’ll be watching Spring Training games being televised from warm, sunny Florida while we’re freezing in yet another Polar Vortex. I cannot wait for February.

Anyway, you know how it goes in the open thread: Be kind to your fellow readers, be respectful and talk about whatever you’d like (within reason, of course.)


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Guess CC Sabathia’s 2014 Record

CC Sabathia

This past Saturday, I made a bet with my cousin’s boyfriend. I should tell you that he’s a Mets fan who loves trashing the Yankees even though his team is nothing to write home about these days – I know, shocking, right? Anyway, he’s convinced that the 2014 Yankees are going to be awful, even going so far as predicting only 50 wins and he was gleefully predicting CC Sabathia‘s continued downfall. I told him that I thought CC could have a rebound year this season and he asked me what I thought CC’s record would be this season. I thought about it for a few moments and I said 15-7. He laughed and said he didn’t see CC getting more than 14 wins. Wow, 14 wins out of 50 is pretty good, but I digress.

I said to him, “Do you want to bet?”

He answered with a smirk, “Sure, how much?”

I thought about it for a second and said, “$20.”

He smiled and we shook on it.…

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