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Another quick hit: A-Rod breaks the Fox NFL Sunday set

Alex Rodriguez is the gift that keeps on giving.

Fox was introducing their latest postseason baseball analyst to Fox’s Sunday NFL show when they asked Alex to throw a football. As most of you know, he played football in high school, and was a quarterback, so the guys wanted to see if he could still do it.

And, well, this happened… (Watch until the end)

Oh, Alex. Actually, you know what? I’ll blame Jay Glazer and his vertical leap of about two inches for that mishap.

Welcome to Fox, A-Rod!

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Quick hit: A-Rod to be part of Fox’s pregame and postgame coverage

How do you get Stacey excited on a Sunday morning?

By announcing that Alex Rodriguez will be working for Fox during their pregame and post game coverage for the remainder of the playoffs. The Daily News’s Bob Raismann had the news first, as far as I know.

Alex Rodriguez is going to the World Series.


The controversial Yankee will join Fox Sports’ postseason baseball studio team, according to MLB sources. The announcement is expected to be made sometime Sunday.


Rodriguez will likely make his debut in Fox’s baseball studio during the ALCS Game 3 (Royals-Blue Jays) pregame show Monday. He will continue behind the Fox microphone through the World Series, which means he will be offering comprehensive analysis of the Mets should they make it to the Fall Classic.

I suggested this as soon as the Yankees were beaten by Houston in the Wild Card game. A-Rod loves to talk baseball and reporters have always noted how good he is at breaking down the game so it seems like he’d be a natural fit to work the postseason, right?…

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Random thoughts about baseball and life on a Monday afternoon

It’s random thoughts time again.

  • So is everyone enjoying the playoffs?
  • I would be enjoying them more if Texas had swept Toronto but now they (the Rangers) will probably end up losing the series after being up 2-0.
  • Dinks.
  • I like watching teams I have no real interest in, like the Cubs and Cardinals. Games like that are fun because you don’t get stressed out if something big happens.
  • With the Rangers/Blue Jays, I’m finding it hard to watch because I really want the Blue Jays to lose. They annoy me.
  • And what the hell has gotten into Colby Rasmus?
  • My goodness. Maybe the Royals shouldn’t pitch to him.
  • The Astros are a game away from the ALCS.
  • Good for them.
  • They’re two years early on SI’s prediction.
  • Can you believe I went this long without mentioning the Chase Utley kerfuffle?
  • That slide was out of bounds and I’m actually surprised he didn’t get a concussion from smacking his head into Tejada’s leg.
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Breaking down how the Yankees have fared against Dallas Keuchel in 2015

Here’s a look at how the Yankees have done against tonight’s Astros starter, Dallas Keuchel, so far in 2015:

As a team, they batted .161/.175/.179/.354 in two games against Keuchel with a strikeout rate of 36.8% and a walk rate of just 1.8% (Yikes).

Here’s their spray chart:

export (71)

Nine hits – eight singles and one double. The double came off an 87 mph cutter, six of the singles came off fastballs that ranged between 88 – 90 mph and the other two singles were off an 87 mph cutter and an 80 mph changeup.

Here’s their heat map against him:

trumedia_baseball_grid (29)

As you can see, they can get to his stuff when he throws it over the plate because he doesn’t have traditionally overpowering stuff.

And as you will see below, Keuchel thrives on his sinker.

Brooksbaseball-Chart (11)

This chart breaks down each pitch in his arsenal by percentage used. The sinker is far and away, his most reliable and most thrown pitch.…

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IIATMS Podcast Episode 41: CC Sabathia, Wild Card Game & Season End Awards

Good morning!

Domenic, E.J. and yours truly recorded a podcast last night. We originally scheduled it for last night but figured we’d discuss the Wild Card game, the possible roster and other stuff, and then the CC Sabathia news happened and we started off with that instead – and with good reason. We also gave out our season end awards for the Yankees’ Most and Least Valuable Players and went through our candidates for American League and National League M.V.P., Cy Young and Rookie of the Year.

Oh, and we also announced the winner of the $100 Steiner Sports Gift Card that we were giving away on Episode 40.


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Breaking News: CC Sabathia to miss the playoffs, checking into rehab for alcohol abuse

So this is the sort of news no one expected this afternoon.

CC Sabathia released a statement saying that he will be entering alcohol rehab and will be missing the playoffs:


Our best wishes go out to CC and his family during this time.

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A guest post: Do the Yankees always collapse in September?

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post from longtime IIATMS reader, Professor Longnose. If you’d like to write a guest post, feel free to email me at sgotsulias at gmail dot com. -SG]

Aren’t You Glad Girardi Rested the Yankee Players All Season So They Could Collapse in September the Way They Always Do??

I don’t know how many times I said that after a loss recently, but I said it often enough that I wondered if I was being unfair. The Yankees certainly had a September to forget this year, and I’m pretty sure I remember them doing it last year, too, but my memory is as short as most fans. Does Girardi always manage them to a limp finish? Fortunately, we have the data to take a look.

Here is a fairly complicated chart doing a fairly simple thing: comparing the Yankees winning percentage from the beginning of the season through August 31 with their winning percentage from September 1 through the end of the regular season for every year of Girardi’s managerial reign.…

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Game 162: Just win, gosh darn it!

All the Yankees need to do is win one game to secure home field advantage for the Wild Card game. Of course, they’ve needed to do that all weekend but instead were swept in yesterday’s doubleheader. Not a good look.

Anywho, the pitching matchup is Chris Tillman vs. Michael Pineda.

Reimold CF
Parra RF
Machado 3B
Davis 1B
Wieters C
Pearce LF
Clevenger DH
Hardy SS
Flaherty 2B

Ellsbury CF
Gardner LF
Rodriguez DH
Beltran RF
McCann C
Bird 1B
Headley 3B
Ackley 2B
Gregorius SS

Enjoy the game!

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