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How The Yankees Fare Against the Knuckleball: It Ain’t Pretty

On Wednesday night, the Yankees were stymied by Boston’s knuckleballer Steven Wright and tonight, they will be facing another knuckleballer in R.A. Dickey. Because of this, I decided to take a look at how the Yankees have fared historically against the knuckleball. (Please note: My data only goes back to 2009, but I figured that was a big enough sample size for this exercise.)

Anyway, here’s their spray chart. Again, this is 2009 – 2015:


export (64)


Their best year came in 2009 when they played in four games against knuckleball pitchers and faced 188 pitches: .283/.327/.478/.805

Their two worst years are 2010 and this season and the numbers are quite similar. In six games in 2010, the Yankees batted .174/.204/.283/.487 and this year, in four games so far, they’re batting .171/.242/.305/.547. Note the on base and slugging numbers which combine for the OPS are higher in 2015, but are still pretty awful.

Some more stats:

  • 2014 marks the only year in which the Yankees did not hit at least one home run off the knuckleball.
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Quick hit: Is Gordon Edes kidding me right now?

Now, let me preface this mini rant with some information. I do not follow Gordon Edes on Twitter but someone I follow from the @IIATMS* account retweeted this into the timeline, I saw it in Tweetdeck and I had an interesting reaction to it.

Here’s the tweet in question:

My reaction was as follows:


No, really, is he serious? One pumped up reaction from CC Sabathia after a pretty hairy in-game scenario cancels out over a decade of David Ortiz posing like a statue every time he hits a home run? One reaction from Sabathia getting a big strikeout cancels out Ortiz taking three minutes to round the bases after those home runs? One measly fist pump/scream/roaring-like-a-lion incident cancels out everything Ortiz has done? Nope.…

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About Last Night: CC Sabathia

Well, last night’s result was unexpected, wasn’t it?

While I realize the 2015 version of the Boston Red Sox doesn’t have the scary lineup that the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays currently pencil in every night, when CC Sabathia is pitching, he can make just about any lineup seem like those formidable Jays for at least an inning. Thankfully for us, and for the Yankees, that didn’t happen last night. He had his scary inning – the fifth – but it didn’t result in five unanswered runs. Progress!

I think it’s safe to say that he pitched his best game in a long time last night.

So how did Sabathia actually pull off that feat? By pitching like the CC of old. Mr. Sabathia was dialing it up to 94 in some spots. Specifically during his bases loaded strikeout of David Ortiz to end the fifth inning. He needed to get the out and he did by pitching Ortiz inside and hard.…

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About Last Night: Luis Severino

While I realize last night’s end result is not what we wanted or what the Yankees needed, there was one very positive thing to come out of the 2-1 loss to Red Sox: Luis Severino. What a performance by the kid.

Watching him come out that poised and perform the way he did was pretty amazing. Unfortunately, he ended up on the losing end of the game because his offense was once again baffled by a knuckleballer and could only muster one run for the rookie.

So how did Severino’s game breakdown? Get ready for a lot of pictures and colors!

Here’s the spray chart (two hits and a costly error by Chase Headley):

export (62)

Here’s a heat map of his strike percentage:


Here’s his pitch chart (where they landed and what type they were) according to Baseball Savant:
Luis  Severino

Here’s how the velocity looked in graph form courtesy of Brooks Baseball (Nice mix of speeds):

Here’s how his 94 pitches broke down according to Baseball Savant:

chart (7)

chart (4)

chart (5)

chart (3)

chart (2)

chart (6)

Severino made one big mistake and it unfortunately came off the bat of David Ortiz in the form of a solo shot:


Someone like Ortiz will turn on a ball like this even if it is 96 mph, but the kid showed poise on the mound, kept Boston at two runs and didn’t let things get out of hand.…

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About Last Night: The (offensive) Seventh Inning

I wasn’t really paying attention to last night’s game (I know, I know), but I decided to turn it on just as the top of the seventh was ending because I was seeing tweets from people about what Joe Girardi had done with the bullpen and wanted to see what the heck was going on.

Just as I changed the channel to YES, the inning ended. So I figured, I might as well keep it on to see what the offense does in the bottom of the inning. And I’m glad I did!

Here’s the spray chart. It’s not crazy like the Texas game last week but it’s still fun to see that many extra bases hits in one inning.
export (61)

And I love looking at the play by play because it’s just amazing.

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Game 105: Owens vs. TANAK

Welcome to tonight’s game thread!


Holt 2B
Bogaerts SS
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Sandoval 3B
Napoli 1B
De Aza RF
Swihart C
Bradley Jr. CF

Ellsbury CF
Young LF
Rodriguez DH
Teixeira 1B
McCann C
Beltran RF
Headley 3B
Gregorius SS
Ryan 2B

Enjoy the game!

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Quick hit: How the Yankees have fared against the Red Sox so far

The rivalry is back! (Just kidding)

it’s August 4 and the Yankees, up to this point in the season, have only played nine games against the Red Sox so far this season. In those nine games, the Yankees are 6-3, the offense has outscored Boston’s offense 54-39 and the offense is batting .272/.329/.456/.785.

export (59)

Yankees’ pitching has thrown 90 innings against the Red Sox so far in 2015 and have an 3.44 ERA, have given up seven home runs and have struck out 68 batters to 38 walks.

export (60)

As for tonight’s matchup, the Yankees are facing lefty Henry Owens who is making his debut. He is their organization’s #5 prospect. Masahiro Tanaka is making his 15th start of the season.

Courtesy of Baseball Savant – Here are TANAK’s numbers this season against the current Red Sox lineup:

  • Batting Avg: 0.260 [13 / 50]
  • BABIP: 0.273
  • FIP: 6.807
  • K%: 22.81
  • BB%: 11.00
  • 13 Strikeouts, 12 Groundouts, 6 Walks, 5 Singles, 4 Flyouts, 4 Lineouts, 4 Doubles, 4 Home Runs, 2 Pop Outs, 1 Bunts Groundouts, 1 Sac Fly, 1 Grounded Into DP

So what will happen tonight?…

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Some feelings on and some facts about the 10-game road trip

[Editor’s note: I wrote this piece last night before I went to bed. It may seem redundant after reading Brad’s post about the road trip, so I apologize about that because it seems that great minds think alike. Happy Monday! -SG]

I’m doing something a little different today, so bear with me.

My feelings on the road trip:

I am very happy right now.

When the road trip began, I said that I would be satisfied with six wins. My reasoning was that the Yankees had been having issues on the road this season, and that you never know how a 10-gamer can affect a team. Particularly when you’re playing four of those 10 in the heat of Texas. And guess what? They could have gone 7-3 if not for that walk-off loss in Texas. They should have won that one and let it get away, but everything else? Good stuff.

One of my favorite games from the road trip was the comeback win in Minnesota on the Sunday of the first weekend.…

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