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International Free Agent Aledmys Diaz Scouting Report

The Yankees have recently stated that they’re going to spend a lot of money on international free agents this year. The team is plans to replenish its farm system with a lot of talented players from the international free agent market. One specific player that the Yankees have been linked to is Aledmys Diaz, a shortstop from Cuba.

Diaz cannot sign until February 19th due to an age discrepancy in 2013. Diaz was actually born six months after his initial claim to the MLB, which is noteworthy to mention because most cases have players claiming younger ages. This is due to the collective bargaining agreement, which states that any player 23 or older is exempt from international bonus pools. Essentially a player 23 or older from Cuba would make more money than a player under 23 because they’d be placed in an unrestricted free agent market. If the Yankees were to sign Diaz, the signing would not dip into the international pool.…

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Extending Replay Is Not a Waste of Time

Getty Images

Getty Images

Forget Alex Rodriguez or Masahiro Tanaka, the big news this week was that Major League Baseball voted to expand replay for the 2014 season.

“Beginning this season, each manager will start a game...

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Future Without Cano, Payroll, Familiarity

This weekend’s events have yet to register with me. Robinson Cano is not a member of the New York Yankees. When Cano first signed with Roc Nation and Jay Z, I figured that this was a way of saying that he wanted to stay in New York. I guess I was wrong, as he now supposedly made remarks about not liking Joe Girardi batting him second. Cano’s reasoning was that he wouldn’t get as many RBI opportunities in the two hole, and thus his free agent value would fall.

It’s also been rumored that Cano has felt the team underappreciated him, which likely comes from their relatively low contract offer. But branding-wise, he was never the guy in New York, where Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez always found a way to hog the spotlight. Fans were also unsympathetic towards his weaknesses, and often criticized him for a lack of hustle.

In fact, you could see why Cano would feel unliked by the organization from the very beginning.…

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Ellsbury Deal and Money Talk

There’s a lot going on in baseball right now, and to be specific, a lot of that noise has to do with the Yankees. First, I’d like to say that I was not too happy about the Jacoby Ellsbury deal. I actually hated it, because it feels like the Yankees just spent a ton of money on a player who is pretty much made of glass. But that might not be true, and now I’m coming around on the signing. Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs wrote that Ellsbury’s injuries have been a matter of bad luck more than anything. His injuries have come about after colliding with a few guys, where he ended up hurting himself. Most baseball players would bust their ribs if they collided with Adrian Beltre.

Sullivan also explains that this doesn’t mean his injuries are unconcerning. There is a possibility that Ellsbury could be more fragile than the average big leaguer, but there’s really no exact way of proving this true.…

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Yankees’ Prospect Scouting Report: Peter O’Brien

Peter O’Brien

Bats: Right, Throws: Right

Height: 6′ 3″

Weight: 215 lb.

Age: 23

High School: Braddock HS (Miami, FL)

College: Bethune-Cookman College, University of Miami

Background: O’Brien was originally drafted by the Rockies in the 3rd round of the 2011 MLB June Amateur Draft, but he decided not to sign. Instead, he waited a year and played ball at the University of Miami where he hit 10 home runs in his senior season. Before he transferred to Miami, O’Brien hit 38 home runs at Bethune-Cookman College. His home run totals caught the eye of the Yankees and they selected him in the 2nd round of the 2012 MLB June Amateur draft.

O’Brien has played well in his two years in the Yankees minor league system. The highest level he has reached is high A ball, but he should move a little faster than most prospects due to the fact that he played college ball and is already 23 years old.…

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Project 189: Dingers, Dingers….and more Dingers

1- CBrian McCann (5/$85MM) $17.000MM
2- 1B: Mark Teixeira (8/$180MM) $22.500MM
3- 2BRobinson Cano (8/$180MM) $22.500MM
4- 3BJuan Uribe (2/$12MM) $6.000MM
5- SS: Brendan Ryan (1/$2MM) $2.000MM
6- LF: Alfonso Soriano (8/$136MM) $17.000MM
7- CF: Brett Gardner (Arb 3) $4.000MM
8- RF: Nelson Cruz (3/$39MM) $13.000MM
9- DH: Derek Jeter (1/$12.81MM) $12.810MM + $7.000MM Bonuses
10- BN: Vernon Wells (7/$126MM) $18.000MM
11- BN: Eduardo Nunez (Min) $0.511MM
12- BN: Ichiro Suzuki (2/$13MM) $6.500MM
13- BN: Francisco Cervelli (Arb 1) $1.000MM
14- SP1: CC Sabathia (5/$122MM) $24.400MM
15- SP2: Ivan Nova (Arb 1) $2.800MM
16- SP3Masahiro Tanaka (6/$56MM) $9.334MM
17- SP4: David Phelps (Min) $0.511MM
18- SP5: Michael Pineda (Min) $0.511MM
19- CL: David Robertson (Arb 3) $5.500MM
20- RP: Shawn Kelley (Arb 2) $1.500MM
21- RP: Preston Claiborne (Min) $0.511MM
22- RP: Dellin Betances (Min) $0.511MM
23- RP: Adam Warren (Min) $0.511MM
24- RP: Vidal Nuno (Min) $0.511MM
25- RP: Jesse Crain (3/$3.5MM) $3.500MM

Total: $199.921MM

40-Man Roster

26- SP: Manny Banuelos (Min) $0.040MM
27- SP: Nik Turley (Min) $0.040MM
28- SP: Brett Marshall (Min+) $0.080MM
29- SP: Jose Ramirez (Min) $0.040MM
30- SP: Shane Greene (Min) $0.040MM
31- SP Jose Campos (Min) $0.040MM
32- RP:  Cesar Cabral (Min+) $0.080MM
33- RP: Matt Daley (Min+) $0.080MM
34- RP: David Huff (Min+) $0.080MM
35- C: Austin Romine (Min+) $0.080MM
36- C: Gary Sanchez (Min) $0.040MM
37- C: J.R.

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Should the Yankees invest in a DH?

(Photo : Reuters)

(Photo : Reuters)

As everybody knows, the Yankees have used the designated hitter primarily to preserve the careers of their veterans on the decline for years and it looks to stay that way in 2014, but the more and more...

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Yankees’ Prospect Scouting Report: Ian Clarkin

Believe it or not, the off-season is one of the most enjoyable times for a baseball fan. Through a MLB-less winter, we can at least look forward to free agency, trades, and other transactions between seasons. One of my favorite things is learning about all the prospects and how much closer they are to the majors. This off-season, I figured that I’d scout some of the Yankees minor league talent and gather all that I could from watching all the youtube videos and other scouting material on these prospects.

To start I wanted to look at the Yankees’ third pick in the 1st round of the draft of 2013, Ian Clarkin. He went 33rd overall, which was the compensation pick the Yankees received for Rafael Soriano. Thank you Washington.

Prospect Profile: Ian Clarkin

Throws: Left

Height and Weight: 6-2, 190 lbs.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

High School: Madison HS

Clarkin stood out among the other pitchers in the June draft due to already owning three well-developed pitchers.…

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The Past 18th Overall Picks in the MLB June Amateur Draft

In 2014, the Yankees are on track to receiving the 18th overall pick in the up coming MLB June Amateur Draft. Yet, with all the talk of the big spending spree the team is planning on this off-season, it’s very likely that the 18th overall pick will belong to another team by June.

Would signing Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Shin-Soo Choo, or any combination of the three be worth giving up the 18th overall pick? The most efficient way of losing that pick would probably be signing multiple free agents. Right there the Yankees should get more value out of two of those players than a guy who may never make the major leagues. The risk of keeping the draft pick is obviously larger than just signing proven talent for more reasons than one. The team would essentially sacrifice a chance at the post-season for 2014 by not improving the roster this year. McCann would fill the black hole at catcher and Beltran or Choo would fit nicely in right field.…

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