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Game 115: Mr. Rogers’ House

Esmil Rogers is today’s starter for the Yankees after David Phelps was placed on the DL earlier this week. Joe Girardi said the reason it took so long for the team to announce the decision was because Rogers was on the train when Joe made the decision and he had no reception. Girardi wanted Rogers to hear from him first that he was starting.

Rogers becomes the eleventh pitcher to start this year for the Yankees, according to the game notes, which is the most the team has used since 2008 (13). During the time in between, they never used more than nine starters in a season. Only the Rockies (14), Rangers (13), and Marlins (12) have used more starters this season.

Anyhoo, Mark Teixeira is out again today with a sore pinky that he cut in Wednesday night’s win. He said gripping the bat was painful for him, but he hit today off a tee and took some soft toss.…

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Pregame Notes 8/5: “It’ll Never Be the Same”

When Dr. Neal ElAttrache went in to clean up CC Sabathia’s right knee last week, he made a discovery that led to more optimism for the Yankees’ lefthander: a bone spur.

How is that a good thing?

“[The doctor] got in there and saw it, and was able to shave that out of there,” Sabathia said. “I think that was good – having him go in there and at least get a scope in there and see what is going on, try and put a plan together going forward.”

The removed bone spur wasn’t initially found in Sabathia’s MRI, but represents a sense of optimism in the future, that his knee is completely clean. More so, he was able to avoid microfracture surgery, saying the procedure “isn’t an option” considering it would likely mark the end of his career.

That doesn’t mean all Sabathia’s problems will dissipate, though.

“I’m always going to need something,” Sabathia said. “Whether it’s getting it drained, or PRP shots, or something, going forward there’s always something I’m going to need to do.…

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Game 109: The Start of Cespedes

Yoenis Cespedes makes his Red Sox debut this afternoon, and he’s a career .313 hitter with 6 HRs and 12 RBIs in 17 games against the Yankees. Sticking with the trend of new faces, Martin Prado will make his first start with New York. Joe Girardi said pregame “we acquired him to play a lot.”

Cervelli catches, because he’s been behind the dish for over 24 innings with Shane Greene, while McCann has caught him for all of 5 batters.

Pitching matchup is Shane Greene (2-1, 3.28 ERA) against Allen Webster (1-0, 3.38 ERA). If that’s not Clemens-Pedro, I’m not sure what is.



Brett Gardner LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Carlos Beltran DH
Chase Headley 3B
Stephen Drew 2B
Martin Prado RF
Francisco Cervelli C

Red Sox

Brock Holt 3B
Dustin Pedroia 2B
David Ortiz DH
Yoenis Cespedes LF
Mike Napoli 1B
Daniel Nava RF
Xander Bogaerts SS
Jackie Bradley Jr CF
Christian Vazquez C

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Cut to the Chase: What to Know About Headley

Through two games, we’ve learned a decent amount about new Yankees 3B Chase Headley. Here are some highlights, mixed in with some things he carried with him to New York.

Epidurals are good. Headley battled back issues earlier this year in San Diego, to the point he says he was “pretty banged up.” That said, he’s said twice that the epidural he had on his back has worked like a charm, and his back “continue[s] to feel much better than prior.” He’s called back surgery a “last-case scenario,” and noted it’s an unpleasant thing to think about. He said that he’s added a few core workouts, and that he warms up his back quite a bit before games. It seems like he has a firm hold on his back for now.

Newspapers are no good. Chase Headley won’t read the NY papers, not even after a walk-off hit. “I’ve been warned to stay out of those,” he said. “My parents, first of all when I started playing baseball, they told me that.…

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Game 84: Revenge of the Hughes

Happy Tanaka Day! He’s hoping to have a happy one as well, having dropped his last two outings. He goes up against the Twins & Phil Hughes tonight, who’s been enjoying a pretty nice season (8-4, 3.58 ERA), though he’s given up 5 Earned Runs in back-to-back outings against the White Sox and Rangers. The...

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Many Baserunners: Red Sox 8, Yankees 5

20 baserunners, as a matter of fact – 12 hits and 8 walks.

In the rubber game of their three-game set with the Red Sox, the Yankees didn’t find effective pitching until midway through the 6th inning, after they had already surrendered 7 runs. Chase Whitley allowed 5 Earned over 4+ innings, while Shawn Kelley, who entered in the 5th, had the line of the night – 0 IP, 2 ER, 2 BB, H.

The Yankees looked to be keeping pace early on, answering a towering 3-run bomb from David Ortiz in the 3rd with three runs of their own in the following two innings – two of those coming on Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran homers.

It was in the 5th that things began to change. There was a curious play with runners on the corners – David Huff had Dustin Pedroia picked off at first, and Brian Roberts ran him back to first base, while checking Daniel Nava at third.…

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Joe Girardi Shrugs Off Napoli’s “Idiot” Comment

If you caught the end of last night’s 2-1 loss to the Red Sox, you may have noticed microphones picking up Mike Napoli calling Masahiro Tanaka an “idiot” for throwing him a fastball which led to his game-winning Home Run.

Before tonight’s series finale, Joe Girardi was asked about the above incident, and took it in stride.

“I haven’t seen anything in Mike Napoli where he’s a guy who shows people up, or he’s a guy who degrades people,” Girardi said. “I’ve never seen that in Mike Napoli. I don’t make too much of it.”

Girardi said if it were a lingering issue, however, he would have a bone to pick. “If they say things that are derogatory or degrading the next day then I have a problem. But if it’s in the heat of the battle, I really don’t.”

We even got a nice Joe Girardi-David Cone story out of the question:

“Some of the things [David Cone] would say to me, I would laugh!

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An Update on Mark Teixeira’s Wrist

Mark Teixeira is in the lineup for a second straight game after sitting out two games with right wrist inflammation. Yesterday, Joe Girardi told us he thought the Yankees 1B would have a tougher time swinging left-handed versus right-handed. Today, however, Teixeira disagreed with that sentiment. “Right now, it feels about the same,” he said, “so that’s a good sign.”

He noted he wasn’t sure how long the cortisone injection he recently received would last him, and whether or not he’d need another one. He did share some optimism though.

Teixeira said his doctor “was actually surprised it hadn’t happened earlier, considering I take violent swings. He expected I would have flare-ups now and again. Getting through the end of May, without having anything, is pretty good considering where we came from.”

Teixeira’s doctor has repeatedly reassured the Yankees the injury is nothing serious, according to Girardi. For now, the Yankees will be cautious with Teixeira’s right wrist.

“It only happened when it flared up.…

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Are Some Yankee Hitters Getting Unlucky?

it’s undeniable the Yankees need production with Carlos Beltran out and Mark Teixeira‘s wrist ailing. Instead of turning your undivided attention towards Kendrys Morales and the rest of the Free Agent pool, though. it may behoove you to look inward for some hope.

Over the past month or so, Joe Girardi has dropped in a few hints about guys he thinks are hitting the ball well, but just not in the right spots. Those guys? Brian McCann and Brian Roberts.

The batted ball numbers back that up. Entering Tuesday, 22.4% of the balls Brian McCann has put in play have been line drives – the highest rate of his career if you take out 2005, his first year in the bigs, where he played just 59 games. Brian Roberts is enjoying a similar year, with a 25.5% Line Drive Rate, which is his highest since 2005 and the third-best of his career.

Obviously we’re not even halfway through the year yet; both of them have played just over 50 games.…

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