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On Brian Cashman’s Job Status

Brian Cashman is a huge source of controversy and disagreement among Yankees fans. There is the group of people who want him fired, and a group who still think he’s a very competent general manager.

This became a big topic again last week when Hal Steinbrenner was noncommittal about signing Cashman to a new contract this winter.

“We’re so busy right now, trying to figure out who’s going to be playing in any given game, much less that,” Steinbrenner said. “We’ll be talking about that soon enough. But you know me. We’ve got enough things to worry about during the season. That’s where our focus needs to be.”

On the surface it seems silly to suggest firing a man who has a career record of 1,612-1,099 for his 16 years on the job.

The biggest argument I can see for letting Cashman go is that 16 years is a long time for anybody to be in a position. Cashman is only 47 years old, so you forget that he has been here so long.…

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Yankees Still Need One More Slugger

There is no doubt that Brian Cashman has done a spectacular job of improving the Yankees offense at the trade deadline and giving up very little in the process.

His acquisitions of Stephen Drew, Chase Headley and Martin Prado have solidified the bottom of the order. The Yankees now have an actual MLB caliber player at every position. That does not seem like its saying much, but it is the first time in the last two years that’s the case.

Cashman did a great job of identifying some buy low candidates. All three players are better players than what they were showing earlier this season and that looks to be the case in a short sample size with the Yankees so far.

Prado is under contract for next season and will be a solid bat in the bottom of the order. Headley and Drew will be considered to be re-signed. The top of the order is strong this year with Brett Gardner having a career year, and Derek Jeter is leading all American League shortstops in on-base percentage (.329).…

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Chase Headley More Than a Rental?

Third base has been an absolute hole for the New York Yankees over the last two seasons. Ever since Alex Rodriguez had injury issues last year — and suspension issues this year — they have been unable to replace him.

New York third basemen this season have hit .247/.321/.389 with a 97 wRC+ and a .317 wOBA. Those numbers are even inflated due to Yangervis Solarte‘s hot streak at the beginning of the season. Last year was even worse, as Yankees third basemen hit .221/.290/.330 with a 69 wRC+ and a .279 wOBA.

Finally, it seems like they might have found a real third baseman and not the garbage that has been their the last two seasons. The Yankees bought low on Chase Headley, and so far it has paid huge dividends.

The Padres really did a horrible job in this negotiation. They should have gotten more than a journeyman and a prospect who may only end up being a reliever, even though Headley had been struggling this season.…

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Why Not Target Marlon Byrd?

The Philadelphia Phillies might be the selling team with the most attractive movable pieces at the deadline, and conventional wisdom has been that the Yankees should target Cliff Lee or Cole Hamels.  The Yankees have lost four out of their five starting pitchers from the beginning of the season, so General Manager Brian Cashman has talked about targeting pitching. They have been in love with Lee for years and Hamels would give them an ace still in his prime.

However, the player that the Yankees should really go after hard from the Phillies is right fielder Marlon Byrd. Byrd is hitting .268/.319/.483/.802 with 19 home runs and 51 RBI for Philadelphia this season. His 122 wRC+ and .347 wOBA are also solid.

Yes, the Yankees still need pitching.  But if you haven’t noticed, their starting pitching has been stellar lately. Led by Hiroki Kuroda, Shane Greene, Brandon McCarthy and David Phelps, the Yankees had a 1.99 ERA from their starting pitchers over the last eight games prior to last night.  …

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Revisiting the CC Sabathia Extension

CC Sabathia

Things have changed very quickly for CC Sabathia. It’s not to long ago that he was the ace of the Yankees staff and was one of the top pitchers in MLB. Now he is facing potential microfracture surgery on his knee that could leave his career in jeopardy.

Sabathia opted out of his contract with the Yankees in the winter of 2011, and the Yankees re-signed him to a five-year, $122 million extension to keep him from free agency. It was an added year and $30 million from Sabathia’s original Yankees contract that he signed in 2009.

That contract has now turned into an albatross for the Yankees, but it was hard to complain about the contract at the time with what Sabathia had accomplished with the Yankees and what they had in their rotation.

Sabathia was coming off three seasons in New York in which he was a combined 59-23 with a 3.18 ERA and finished in the top 4 in AL Cy Young voting all three years.…

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No Comparison Between the 2014 and 2007 Yankees

When the Yankees went under the .500 mark earlier this week it was the latest that they were under .500 since 2007 when they were 41-42 on July 5th. The 2007 team went 53-26 the rest of the way, as they easily claimed a wild card spot and only finished 2 games behind the Boston...

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Cervelli Scheduled to Return Tomorrow

Francisco Cervelli is expected to come off the DL tomorrow following a hamstring injury, and that will mean in all likelihood that John Ryan Murphy will be sent back down to Triple- A.

It is rather unfortunate because Murphy did nothing to warrant being sent down. He has hit .286/.308/.365 with a 85 wRC+ during his time in New York this season. Those numbers are down because of a recent two-for-18 slump, which makes a big difference with only 65 at-bats on the season.

Murphy has much more potential than Cervelli and could be a big trade chip for the Yankees if they want to acquire a big piece at the deadline. So, Murphy getting regular at-bats at Triple-A isn’t a bad thing. You would be lucky to get back a decent reliever for Cervelli, despite the notion that Cervelli could be a trade chip.

The only reason Cervelli is getting Murphy’s spot is that Cervelli has no options remaining and the Yankees do not want to lose him for nothing.…

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Yankees Need Beltran and McCann

Brian Cashman’s comments today about potential changes today were a long time coming.

“We’re just trying to move this thing along,” Cashman told Donnie Collins of the Scranton Times-Tribune. “If there are guys struggling in New York, I can’t wait.”

The Yankees have been unbearable to watch lately, as they have averaged 2.67...

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