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Quick hit: Esmil Rogers has been designated for assignment and Andrew Miller is still alive

While I feel bad for Rogers, because it can’t be fun being designated for assignment, I also feel great about this move because nothing said “white flag” more than seeing Esmil Rogers entering a game.

As for Miller, this is happening:


West coast games are the worst

Here are five reasons why west coast games are the worst:

1) The games start late and they end late. Duh.
2) If the Yankees lose and you stay up to watch the whole game, you’re too annoyed to fall asleep and when you wake up the next morning, you’re cranky both from the loss and from going to sleep so late.
3) If the Yankees lose and you didn’t stay up to watch the game, you usually find out as soon as you wake up the next morning that they lost and the rest of your day is annoying because, again, you’re cranky.
4) It feels like the Yankees never do well out there: they can’t hit, they can’t play defense, etc. Does anyone else remember the 2005 ALDS when Sheff and Bubba Crosby collided on the right field wall in Anaheim? I do. I still have nightmares about it.
5) And why does it seem like the umpires they pick for west coast games/series are always awful?…

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Quick hit: Mike Trout is a pain in the ass

He really is…

That said, he’d look great in pinstripes. Too bad it’s never happening.

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Quick hit: Brett Gardner is AL Player of the Week

Flashback: June 29, 2000

15 years ago today, Andy Pettitte pitched a complete game shutout against the Detroit Tigers, but that wasn’t the big story of the game. The big story was that the Yankees won the game 8-0, they scored all eight runs in a single inning and they didn’t hit a home run. Oh, and that Chris Turner was the starting catcher that day.

Remember him?

Here’s the play by play of that big fourth inning. It started with Dave Mlicki pitching for the Tigers and ended with Nelson Cruz pitching for them. No, not that one.

  • P. O’Neill Single to CF (Line Drive)
  • B. Williams Triple to CF (Line Drive); O’Neill Scores
  • T. Martinez Flyball: LF/Sacrifice Fly (LF-CF); Williams Scores
  • S. Spencer Single to LF (Ground Ball thru Short LF)
  • S. Brosius Single to LF (Ground Ball thru Short LF); Spencer to 2B
  • C. Turner Double to LF (Line Drive to LF Line); Spencer Scores; Brosius to 3B
  • J. Vizcaino Reached on E7/Sacrifice Fly; Brosius Scores; Turner to 3B
  • C.
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This is good news.

Game 76: Pineda vs McHugh

Here’s your game thread.

Big Mike looks to return to form against Collin McHugh and the Yankees are looking for a series win.

Brett Gardner CF
Chase Headley 3B
Alex Rodriguez DH
Mark Teixeira 1B
Brian McCann C
Garrett Jones LF
Chris Young RF
Didi Gregorius SS
Stephen Drew 2B

George Springer CF
Carlos Correa SS
Jose Altuve 2B
Evan Gattis DH
Luis Valbuena 3B
Chris Carter 1B
Preston Tucker LF
Domingo Santana RF
Jason Castro C

Enjoy the game!

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Esmil up, Petit down, and Slade out for a while
Per Bryan Hoch: Esmil Rogers selected to the 25-man roster, Gregorio Petit optioned to Triple A Scranton and Slade Heathcott has been placed on the 60-day disabled list.