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Game thread: Tanaka rehab start in Scranton

Tanaka vs TOR

YES is showing Masahiro Tanaka’s start in Scranton tonight. How exciting! So here is your game thread for the occasion.


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Flashback: May 21, 2010

Even though the game I’m about to tell you about was five years ago tonight, I had no recollection of it at all.

Getting old is fun!

Here are the facts:

  • It was the Friday night game of the Citi Field portion of the 2010 Subway Series.
  • The starters were Javier Vazquez and Hisanori Takahashi.
  • Vazquez lasted six innings, gave up only one hit, walked two and struck out six.
  • Takahashi also pitched six innings. He gave up five hits, walked one and struck out five.
  • The scoring didn’t start until the starters left the game.
  • The Yankees scored their two runs in the top of the seventh against Elmer Dessens.
  • Nick Swisher started the inning with a single.
  • Francisco Cervelli reached base on a throwing error and advanced to second while Swisher advanced to third on the play.
  • Kevin Russo hit a double off Dessens that scored Swisher and Cervelli.
  • The Mets scored their only run in the ninth inning off Mariano Rivera.
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The Yankees can’t quit Stephen Drew

Drew vs BOS

Stephen Drew is a hot button topic among Yankee fans (and blogs) these days and with good reason. Most people want him designated for assignment because he’s taking up valuable real estate in the field and in the lineup when there are seemingly better and more attractive players waiting in the wings at second base.

Right now, Drew is the worst second baseman in the American League and if it weren’t for poor Chase Utley stinking up the joint in Philadelphia (.138/.214/.241/.455), Drew would be the worst second baseman in all of baseball.

In Drew’s last “full” season (I say full even though it was only 124 games) he batted .253/.333/.443/.777 with 13 home runs and 67 RBI. Last year, through 32 games, Drew was batting .178/.254/.346/.600 with a .168 ISO and this year, through 35 games, Drew is batting .177/.264/.345/.609 with a .168 ISO which is uncanny because the numbers are almost identical.

He’s hitting .213/.291/.362/.653 in 15 games at Yankee Stadium, .152/.243/.333/.577 in 20 games on the road and has one home run at home and three on the road.…

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Game 39: Capuano vs Volquez

Here’s your game thread.

Ellsbury CF
Gardner LF
Rodriguez DH
Teixeira 1B
McCann C
Beltran RF
Headley 3B
Drew 2B
Gregorius SS

Escobar SS
Moustakas 3B
Cain CF
Hosmer 1B
Morales DH
Perez C
Infante 2B
Orlando RF
Dyson LF


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About Last Night: Number 664

Sure, the story of last night’s game was CC Sabathia being a stopper once again, shutting down the Royals for seven innings and ending the Yankees’ four game losing streak, but I wanted to look at Alex Rodriguez’s ninth inning home run because let’s be honest, he really had no business hitting that ball 393 feet.

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Look at where the ball is. It’s low, it’s moving to the inside of the plate and he was still able to reach down and hit it to the opposite field for a home run!

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

I feel like Alex is just laughing at the people who buried him before Spring Training even started. He’s now at 664 homes runs, 2,970 hits and isn’t embarrassing himself nightly like they all predicted.

Happy Sunday!

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Flashback: May 17, 2010

The game on Monday night, May 17, 2010 was your typical Yankees-Red Sox affair: It was high scoring, had a few lead changes and included ninth inning fireworks.

Phil Hughes and Daisuke Matsuzaka were your starters and it was one of those two-game, weekday sets. Hughes fared well in the early going while Matsuzaka was victimized by a bit of an offensive explosion in the bottom of the first.

Derek Jeter and Brett Gardner hit back-to-back singles to start the game and Mark Teixeira walked to load the bases with no outs. Alex Rodriguez hit a two-run single which sent Teixeira to third. Robinson Cano followed up with a single of his own which scored Teixeira and advanced A-Rod to second. Francisco Cervelli hit a double which scored A-Rod but Cano was nailed at home for the first out of the inning and Cervelli advanced to third on the throw to home. Marcus Thames hit a sac fly to score Cervelli and Randy Winn struck out to end the inning.…

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Thoughts after a bad series in Tampa (and a story about Michael Kay)

Let's get ready to rumble!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

I’m going to do this week’s installment of the random thoughts post slightly different. Instead of bullet points, I’m writing blurbs and/or sentences. And it’s not completely random. There’s a long story thrown in there.



Okay, so that series should have and could have been better. If you start off two games with 2-0 leads, you should probably win both games. But the Yankees didn’t do that and now, not only did they lose three out of four to Tampa but poor Chase Whitley probably wrecked his elbow because he was trying to pitch through an injury. Kids, that is never a good idea.

The series was a sh*tshow.


Okay, it ran into the kitchen and I took that as my cue to run upstairs.…

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Flashback: May 14, 1996

Dwight Gooden threw a no-hitter 19 years ago today.

I attended that game with my dad and my brother and it was amazing to see something like that in person. It felt like watching a movie and almost didn’t seem real.

Leave your memories of the game in the comments, if you’re actually old enough to remember that night (ha ha).

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Thoughts on a day that should be an off day but isn’t

You guys know the drill by now. Buckle up.

  • Seriously, what the hell kind of a schedule is this?
  • The Yankees’ last off day was April 30.
  • Their next one is May 18.
  • They play the next four in Tampa because back-to-back four-game series against division rivals are really great and not annoying at all.
  • Then they head out to Kansas City for a three-gamer this weekend for one of those rare non-Divisional series.
  • They have the off day on May 18, plays the Nats for two games in D.C. and then have another off day on May 21 before starting a series at home against the Rangers.
  • What crack addict made this schedule? Seriously.
  • It’s ridiculous.
  • I’d be even more annoyed if the Yankees weren’t currently 20-12 and sitting atop the American League East standings.
  • Enough bitching about the schedule. How about Big Mike?
  • 46.1 innings – three walks and 54 strikeouts. Holy moly.
  • Yesterday’s performance was amazing.
  • I think it would be perfectly acceptable to call him the ace of the staff.
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