Yankees Acquire Starlin Castro From The Cubs For Adam Warren And Brendan Ryan

Joel Sherman has it:

No word yet on who else is involved, but that sounds like it’s coming shortly.  This rumor has really picked up steam over the last hour or so, and with the Cubs just signing Ben Zobrist this was the next domino to fall.  More on this story as it’s reported.

** UPDATE 7:04 PM**Via Jack Curry, the Yankees have agreed to trade Adam Warren and a player to be named for Castro.  That’s a bummer.  Was really hoping it would be Nova.

** UPDATE 7:13 PM**Via Jon Heyman, the other player in the deal is Brendan Ryan.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

** UPDATE 7:40 PM** – Alright, I think that’s all the news related to this move.  Time for some quick analysis.

Similar to the JRM-Hicks trade, this is a move that works for both sides.  … Click here to read the rest

BREAKING: CC Sabathia Leaves Start With Right Knee Injury (UPDATED)

CC Sabathia has exited his start this afternoon after apparently injuring himself on a pitch in the top of the 3rd inning.  He struck out the batter on a fastball with the pitch and looked uncomfortable as he completed his delivery and came off the mound.  Joe and the trainer came out to check on him immediately and he left the game with little discussion.

It was hard to tell what the injury was watching replays of the pitch.  Sabathia didn’t appear to land funny on his bad right knee and he didn’t grab at anything or strain his body in any way.  Whatever it was, it had to be pretty serious, as CC has pitched through knee and hamstring injuries before.  As poorly as he’s pitched this year, he has been better lately working on extra rest and the Yankee rotation is already a man down without Pineda.  Further injuries to the rotation do not help, even if they happen to the weakest link of that rotation.… Click here to read the rest

*UPDATED* BREAKING: Josh Rogers (Yankees 11th round pick) agrees to terms

UPDATE: July 16, 2015, 11:45am EST:

Josh Rogers has officially signed with the Yankees for the largest college overpay (vs. slot figures) in the draft. Rogers’ slot was $100K; he received $485K plus additional scholarship funds.

Agent Matt Sosnick noted that the deal had very little to do with him (Sosnick) and had everything to do with Rogers and Yanks’ area scout Mike Gibbons.

Also updating: James Kaprielian signed with the Yanks for 2.65M, pending his physical.


Josh Rogers

According to a source close to the Yankees, 11th round pick Josh Rogers (Twitter) has agreed to terms with the New York Yankees for $485K, plus additional scholarship money. Rogers is scheduled to take a physical early this coming week (Monday or Tuesday). This figure represents the highest amount the team can offer Rogers, and is well above-slot for an 11th rounder.

The issue is that James Kaprielian, who was selected 16th in the first round, remains unsigned. Kaprielian is represented by Scott Boras, who is known to demand above-slot figures for his players.… Click here to read the rest

Quick Hit: Yanks Trade David Carpenter To The Nats

I guess the Nationals are the new dumping ground for relievers the Yankees don’t want anymore.  As just announced by the team, they have traded Carpenter, who was DFA’d last week, to the Nats for Double-A second baseman Tony Renda.

Carpenter was bad in his short Yankee stint, no other way to say it.  4.82/.5.31/4.72 trip slash in 18.2 innings over 22 appearances.  The Nats have some holes in their bullpen right now as well, and they have plenty of experience Carpenter from his time in the NL East.  They must think they can fix whatever’s wrong with him.

Renda is a 24-year-old, righty hitter and thrower, and was Washington’s 2nd round pick in the 2012 draft.  He’s hitting .267/.333/.340 in Double-A this year and is a career .288/.366/.365 hitter in over 1,600 MiL plate appearances spread across 4 levels.… Click here to read the rest

Didi Gregorius hurts wrist

Didi Gregorius dove for a ball in the infield today during the Yankees’ Spring Training game against the Orioles and hurt his wrist. The Yankees’ Twitter account is calling it a sprain and precautionary x-rays will be taken. If any further information is available, we will post it here.

**UPDATE** X-Rays were negative (exhale) and Gregorius will rest until at least Tuesday.… Click here to read the rest

Why I’m Only Pretty Sure I’m Ticked They Let Moncada Go

Wow, my timing remains great: I write an ode to Frankie Cervelli one day before he’s unexpectedly traded, then a brief supporting a Moncada signing one day before he becomes a Red Sock. Feel free to hit me up for stock or pony tips, because I’m clearly clairvoyant. Anyhow, I’m ticked they didn’t get him, but it’s very possible I’m wrong:

(1) To start with, he seems worth it even if you’re not a cockeyed optimist. Even if he’s not at the level of a #1-2 overall draftee, and instead is only the 8th-15th best draftee, that’s good for an expected 11.5 WAR in his six team-controlled years, and $60m is well-below-market for that. And if he’s really a #1-2, his expected production is then easily double his pricetag, given that (as the same linked article shows) you can expect 24-28 WAR in the first six years of a #1-2 overall draftee.

(2) But the Yankees and all other teams declined to bid $70-80m after seeing him repeatedly, and we non-insiders saw him zero times.… Click here to read the rest

2015 Hall-of-Fame Quick Take: Half-Empty, Half-Full; the Hall of Screwed; & Ridiculously Predicting the Next Three Years

(1) The Hall is Half-Empty. I suppose last year’s voting was sillier; not only did a majority of voters think Jack Morris deserves the Hall, but over three times as many thought so than voted for Mike Mussina or Curt Schilling. The similar nonsense this year is over three times as many thinking John Smoltz deserving as thinking Mussina was, given that Mussina was far more clearly Hall-worthy, whether your metric is wins (even if Smoltz remained a starter in his four years as a reliever, he wouldn’t have Mussina’s 270 wins), career WAR (Mussina’s 82.7 is well above Hall-caliber and nearly 25% better than Smoltz’s kinda-Hall-caliber 66.5), or elite years (Mussina had a league-wide top-5 WAR seven times, including a #1; Smoltz had three, with no #1s).

Two Smoltzy thought experiments: (1) If Smoltz pitched instead for the Royals or Twins, and lacked the World Series aura and the Maddux/Glavine reflected glow, is there a shot in hell he’d be a first-ballot winner, or wouldn’t he be a weaker Bert Blyleven case, earning election only after many years of languishing and hand-wringing?… Click here to read the rest

No-Longer-Breaking-But-Still-Important News: Yanks Trade ManBan To Braves For A Pair Of Relievers

Well there’s that next move in the new plan Cash said he had.  This might be the most surprising trade of the offseason and it’s another one that looks good for the Yankees.  Carpenter is a 29-year-old right-handed reliever with a 3.62/3.42/3.54 tripleslash and 201 K in 186.2 career innings.  He throws hard, he gets a lot of swings and misses, and he is under team control for 3 more years.  Shreve is an interesting prospect as a 24-year-old lefty who made his MLB debut in 2014, pitching to a 0.73 ERA and striking out 15 in 12.1 IP.  He can fill up the strike zone, get swings and misses when he needs them, and could have more upside than just a LOOGY.

Once the crown jewel of the Yankee farm system, Banuelos had fallen on hard times over the past few seasons thanks to injuries, most notably an elbow injury that required TJS.  … Click here to read the rest

Best Offseason Move So Far: Eovaldi a Huge Add; Phelps Won’t be Missed; Prado Blocked the Kids; Jones a Useful Spare Tire

I clumsily tried to sum up all my thoughts in the title, but here, one by one for the 4 main players traded — David Phelps, Nathan Eovaldi, Martin Prado, and Garrett Jones — is why I love this deal.

1. Phelps won’t be missed. If you look up “replacement-level starter” in a dictionary, Phelps might be the photo you see: WAR of -0.1 in 2013, 0.0 in 2014; career (2012-14) ERA of 4.34 as a starter (average A.L. ERA in ’14: 3.82). If you did the surgery from “Face-Off” and put Phelps’ mug on Bryan Mitchell or Chase Whitley, their own wives couldn’t tell — which basically is the definition of replacement-level: you can lose the guy, and sub in an above-par AAA’er, with little to no difference.

2. Eovaldi, not Phelps, is the rarely available commodity. He’s a SP who (a) is 24 (25 by opening day), (b) throws hard (avg FB of 95.7, 4th in MLB), (c) has control (2014, 1.9 BB/9), and (d) has improved his control a lot (3+ BB/9 to 1.9 in 2014), K rate somewhat (1.5 yrs at 5.9-6.0, then 6.6 and 6.4), and overall performance a ton – his yearly FIPs form a straight downward slope: 4.35, 4.13, 3.59, 3.37.Click here to read the rest