Game 25 Recap: Yankees 8 Red Sox 5

Teix HR vs BOS

Chicks dig the mustaches. And the long ball. (Courtesy of the AP)

It’s been quite the last 2 weeks and change for the New York Yankees.  They’ve ascended to the top of the AL East, they had won 12 of their last 15 games heading into last night’s series finale in Boston, and they had a chance to finish off their first sweep in Boston since the famous 5-game beatdown in 2006.  They got out to a hot start last night and looked like they were going to cruise to a lopsided victory.  Boston did enough to make them sweat it out, however, and sweat it out they did en route to a much-harder-than-it-needed-to-be win.

As they seem to do regularly these days, the Yankees got the scoring started early.  Jacoby Ellsbury singled to start things off in the top of the 1st, and just as the SNB crew was finishing up describing Joe Kelly‘s fastball as if it were Bob Gibson‘s, Mark Teixeira launched a 2-out, 2-run home run the other way (!!) to put the Yanks up 2-0.  …

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Game 24 Quick Recap: NYY 4 BOS 2

Hey, another series win.  How about that?  The Yankees kept on keeping on yesterday afternoon in game 2 of this weekend series in Boston, using strong pitching and just enough offense to take another from the Red Sox and set up the chance for a sweep in primetime tonight.

Brett Gardner carried the offensive load for most of the game.  He doubled in the first run in the top of the 3rd to give the Yanks a 1-0 lead, and when Boston tied the game shortly after he put his team back ahead with a line drive, 2-out, 2-run single to left in the 5th to make it 3-1.

3 runs was enough for Nathan Eovaldi, who looked pretty good again as he continues to get molded into a complete pitcher.  He didn’t rack up a ton of strikeouts, but he used his fastball well to get strikes and mixed offspeed stuff well to generate a lot of weak contact.  …

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Yankees 3, Red Sox 2: A historic night for the Yankees

History was made in Fenway Park tonight. CC Sabathia made a play at first base in the sixth inning. JUST KIDDING! Though that is an amazing feat. He actually ran to cover first! HE RAN!

Anyway, here’s the real history:

Not only was it Alex Rodriguez‘s 660th home run but it was the first pinch hit home run of his career. Isn’t that amazing? It was also his 25th career home run in Fenway.

His first ML hit was in Fenway on July 9, 1994:

Now, some people like Michael Kay and John Flaherty were poo pooing it on the YES postgame show but as our Vice President once said about something not baseball related, “This is a big f***ing deal.” If it were so easy to hit 660 home runs, more players would have done it and if steroids alone made a player hit home runs, someone like Jeremy Giambi would have more than 52 career home runs.…

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Game 22 Recap: Rays 3 Yankees 2 (13 Innings)

A-Rod K vs TB

They can’t all be winners. Courtesy of the AP

Well that was ugly.  The offense had been clicking for a while heading into this afternoon’s series finale against the Rays, but it sure laid an egg today.  Not a lot of hitting and tons of striking out was the recipe for today, and it wasn’t a good enough recipe to make 2 runs allowed by the pitching staff over 12 innings stand up.

Michael Pineda was effective again today while also being inefficient.  He held the Tampa lineup to 2 earned runs on 6 hits, he didn’t walk a batter while striking out 5, and he got 9 outs on the ground.  The only time Tampa got to him was the 4th, when a pair of ground ball singles gave Kevin Kiermaier a chance with 2 outs.  On the 9th pitch of the at-bat, he tripled to center to bring in both base hits and give the Rays a 2-0 lead.…

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Game 21 Recap: Yankees 4 Rays 2

McCann vs TB

The man of the night. Courtesy of the AP

The Yankees were thinking big picture with what they did in the offseason, they were thinking big picture with how they went about managing and planning for their older and injury-concern-ier guys in Spring Training, and they’re still thinking big picture now that the wins and losses matter.  Joe worked his 6th starter into the rotation last night to give his horses a little more rest, and that meant another opportunity for Chase Whitley to show what he can do as a Major League starter.  While the rest aspect became less important as news of Masahiro Tanaka‘s DL trip came out, Whitley’s solid outing and place in the rotation for the foreseeable future became the focal point.  Oh, and the Yankees won again.

It was another quick start for the offense, who jumped on Tampa starter Jake Odorizzi in the bottom of the 1st.  Jacoby Ellsbury led off with a single and the 2 power bats hitting 3-4 with A-Rod out of the lineup did what you want them to do.  …

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Game 20 Recap: Yankees 4 Rays 1

Gardner BB vs TB

The look of a man who knows he just had a good at-bat. Courtesy of the AP

While CC Sabathia‘s last start stirred up a lot of conversation and worry among the Yankee fanbase, Adam Warren‘s terrible start has barely registered as a blip on the radar.  He entered tonight with a tripleslash entirely in the 5s in 3 starts, he’d failed to complete 6 innings in any of them, and he’d walked more batters than he’d struck out.  The injuries to other starters gave him the benefit of more time, but with Chase Whitley pitching tomorrow it is worth wondering if Warren has already reached the point of pitching for his job.  If he has, then tonight was the start he needed to solidify it for a while longer.

It didn’t start out pretty.  Warren had runners on second and third with 1 out in the top of the 1st, but struck out Evan Longoria and got James Loney to ground out to end the threat.  …

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Game 19 Recap: Yankees 6 Mets 4

A-Rod Out vs NYM

This play, and this picture, was/is laugh out loud funny. Courtesy of the AP

There was a battle this weekend, good people.  You might not have even realized it was happening, but the very foundation of New York City was held in the hands (and legs, and bats, and gloves) of 2 titans of local sport.  For years they’ve battled for city supremacy, with the evil empire from the Bronx reigning supreme time and time again.  But not this year.  Not with the Mets poised to strike while the empire was down.  Not with The Dark Knight and The Guy With The Hair and that third baseman who’s not A-Rod and that young catcher who always gets hurt and Curtis Granderson‘s rotting corpse and the closer who got pinched for steroids.  Surely this was the year that the Mets would take back the city, reclaim it as their own, and vanquish the evil empire back from whence they came.  Or maybe not, since they played like a JV high school team last night and got beat.  …

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Game 18 Quick Recap: NYM 8 NYY 2

The middle game of this Subway Series was expected to be the one that went the Mets’ way.  Matt Harvey is a god on Earth with a 3-0 record, CC Sabathia is an old bum with an 0-3 record.  That was the story being told at least, and once the game started that was basically how things played out.  Like the first game on Friday, this one was over early.

Sabathia just didn’t have it yesterday.  He couldn’t throw his fastball for strikes down in the zone and missed badly with it at times.  He also didn’t seem to have good command of any of his other pitches and that led to him having to throw more fastballs.  That’s not the best strategy when you’re working in the high 80s, and the Met hitters picked up on it pretty quickly.  They got on the board quickly with a Lucas Duda solo home run and really put the hurt on CC in the 4th, when they scored 4 runs with 2 outs on a triple-single-homer string of at-bats.  …

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Game 15 Recap: Yankees 13 Tigers 4

Teix HR vs DET

Mark Teixeira and a masked man in a Robinson Cano jersey celebrate Teix’s 7th inning home run. Courtesy of the AP

It was a beautiful night for baseball in Detroit tonight.  Temps in the 30s, a brisk wind blowing through the stadium, and bountiful snow flurries.  Exactly the type of picturesque evening you think of when you think about America’s national pastime.

Unless you were David Price and Adam Warren, the 2 starting pitchers for the Yankees and Tigers.  Price picked up where he left off last year, giving up 6 runs on 5 hits, 2 walks, and a hit batsman in the top of the 1st to put his team in an early hole.  Warren almost dug them out with a 4-run bottom half.  He walked 4 of the first 5 batters he faced in the game, including 1 to bring in the first Detroit run, which was the real problem.  Stupid people will tell you Didi Gregorius should have made better plays defensively.  …

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