Red Sox 9, Yankees 2: Swept away




Here’s what you need to know about tonight’s game:

  • Ivan Nova struggled
  • The bullpen is still awful
  • The Yankees lost another player to injury – this time Alex Rodriguez to a tight right calf
  • Mariano Rivera was honored in a pregame ceremony and the Yankees played so badly that he had no chance of coming into the game.

The Yankees have now lost 7 of their last 11 (Yikes) and are three out of the Wild Card with only 12 games left on the schedule. To say that time is running out would be a bit of an understatement.

By the way, people are overblowing the ceremony the Red Sox had for Mo tonight. Did they give him nice gifts? Sure, a couple of them were nice but all Boston really did was thank Mariano for blowing Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, and remind him of that failure by having three of the guys from that team address him in a video.…

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Swift recap: Red Sox 8, Yankees 4

Ugh. The Yankees were grand slammed by the Red Sox again.

That game really sucked. Sorry, for the blunt language but it’s true.

  • It sucked when Hiroki Kuroda gave up four runs in the first inning to put the Yankees in a hole right away.
  • It sucked when the Yankees clawed their way back to tie the game only to have the bullpen implode, once again.
  • And it sucked because all of the teams in the Wild Card race with them won their games tonight – the Rays, the Orioles and the Indians were all victorious.

So what does this mean? Nothing. The Yankees are still okay, for now.

Would it have been nice for them to win tonight’s game? Of course. But, it’s not the end of the world. And it won’t be the end of the world if they lose tomorrow though it won’t be good.

You know what was good? Brendan Ryan hit a home run. Actually, that was more than good, it was absolutely hilarious.…

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Yankees 6, Orioles 5: Three out of four ain’t bad

Well, this was a wild game.

It had everything: home runs, wild pitches, closer meltdowns, wins instead of saves…

The home runs

The first home run came off the bat of Mark Reynolds in the second inning and gave the Yankees a 2-0 lead. The second shot was by Curtis Granderson who hit home runs in back-to-back games for the first time since last season. That gave the Yankees a 5-1 lead.

Baltimore cut the lead to 5-2 in the bottom of the eighth when Nick Markakis hit a solo shot off David Huff who had come into the game in the bottom of the fourth in relief of starter Phil Hughes.

In the bottom of the eighth, David Robertson had nothing working and Danny Valencia took advantage of that fact and belted a three-run homer to left centerfield. That tied the game at five.

The wild pitches and closer meltdowns

Hughes threw two wild pitches during his brief three inning appearance but neither one of them was as big as the wild pitch thrown by Orioles closer Jim Johnson in the top of the ninth inning.…

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Yankees 5, Orioles 4: Buck you

Here’s a number for you: 5

Here’s another number for you: 6

The Yankees scored five runs on only six hits tonight. Oh, and David Robertson picked up his fifth win of the season and now has one more win than Phil Hughes who was just announced as tomorrow night’s starter.

Fun, right?

So how did the Yankees score five runs on six hits? You guessed it, the long ball. Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez, and Robinson Cano all went deep with Granderson’s making it out to Eutaw Street.

Four of the Yankees six hits were of the extra bases variety, Granderson also hit a stand up triple in the ninth inning. Actually the ninth was a great inning for the Yankees because after A-Rod’s home run tied the score in the sixth, neither team could get anything going. The Yankees started the ninth with Cano’s home run and before it ended, Lyle Overbay hit an RBI single that scored Granderson for the Yankees’ fifth run.…

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Orioles 4, Yankees 2: Losing ground

You know a game is bad when the most exciting part of it wasn’t something that actually happened on the field of play but between innings and involved the teams’ managers.

Between the first and second inning of tonight’s game – during the commercial break – Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter got into a shouting match that was so heated, the umpiring crew had to form a human wall to keep them from getting at each other. No one’s actually sure what happened but it seems Girardi said something to the Orioles’ third base coach and that enraged Showalter.

The Yankees had just five hits in tonight’s loss and they now find themselves three games behind the Rays in the wild card race. (Oh and Baltimore and Cleveland are also still ahead of them.)

Things started off well for the Yankees when Alex Rodriguez hit his fifth home run of the season to put the Yankees ahead 1-0. It was an opposite field shot and his third off O’s starter Chris Tillman.…

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