Too Many Home Runs, Yankees Beat The Orioles 6-4

Robinson Cano, Rob Thomson

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Pitching

CC Sabathia clearly didn’t have it, but he made whatever he had last 6.1 IP. They call him an ace for a reason, and he always finds a way to keep the team in the game, even during his stinkers. He allowed 11 hits and 4 runs, and only earned 2 strike outs. It’s something to keep an eye on, especially while he’s still showing lower velocity, but despite some early shaky starts, CC still owns a 3.43 ERA this season.

On the other side of the mound, Freddy Garcia gave up just 3 hits and 2 walks. Good to see the ex-Yankee still throwing that nasty splitter, but he didn’t have to do it against his old team.

The (Lack of) Hitting

The Yankees offense would have been a real big complaint if it weren’t for all the home runs. Knowing they scored 6 runs, it really doesn’t seem like a problem, but the Yankees had just 4 hits through the first 8.0 innings of this game. …

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Toronto is now very aware: Yankes 7, Blue Jays 2

Coming into the season, the Toronto Blue Jays were crowned the winners of the offseason and why wouldn’t they be? They traded for half of the Miami Marlins’ roster, and acquired both Melky Cabrera and National League Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey. So they were expecting to challenge perennial AL East leaders New York, Tampa and Boston for the Division title after all of those moves.

As of May 18, the first place Yankees are now 8-1 in head-to-head matchups against the Blue Jays and are now 10 games ahead of them in the standings. Guys, whenever I complain about the Yankees playing Toronto too much, you all have permission to smack me because so far, the Yankees are owning the Blue Jays in 2013.

Of course, this can all change in the second half of the season but for right now, this is really something to see.

Helping lead the Yankees to victory this afternoon were Robinson Cano and David Phelps.…

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#HIROK: Yankees 5, Blue Jays 0

What’s the best way for the Yankees to stop a mini-slide? Well, so far in 2013, the cure to all of the Yankees’ ills is to play the Toronto Blue Jays.

I jokingly titled tonight’s game thread as “Do the Yankees always play the Blue Jays?” And part of me was annoyed because I’m sick of them already and it’s only mid-May. Now, I realize I was being silly after the Yankees’ 5-0 victory.

Hiroki KurodaEarlier today, the Yankees got the news that Andy Pettitte was placed on the 15-day DL because of his trapezius strain (IT’S A TRAP!) and after dropping two of three to the Seattle Mariners, they needed Hiroki Kuroda to continue what he’s been doing pretty much all season and that is to come out and shut down the Blue Jays lineup.

And that’s just what he did.

He lasted eight innings and only allowed two hits. This is the fourth straight start that Kuroda’s gone at least seven innings and allowed two earned runs or less.…

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Game recap: Seattle 3, Yankees 2, Injuries 2

Days Since Last Injury -- 0

Can the person with the Yankee player voodoo doll please stop already?

It wasn’t enough that Andy Pettitte had to leave the game due to a tight left trapezius muscle but then Chris Stewart also left the game due to injury. Once again, the Yankees have lost battery mates during the same start.

It’s insane! This season is ridiculous. They might as well remodel the home clubhouse in Yankee Stadium and turn into a triage unit.

And on top of it, they’ve now lost two out of last three and dropped the series to Seattle.

The Yankees were shut down by a combination of six pitchers who held them to two runs on eight hits and who struck out 10. And who got the win for Seattle? Oliver Perez who pitched a whopping one and one-third inning of work. He struck out three.

Hector Noesi, who started for Seattle, only lasted four and one-third innings but held the Yankees to one run on three hits and he struck out four.…

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Hughes Falls Apart, Yankees Crushed By Raul Ibanez 12-2

Not So Filthy Hughes
Phil Hughes entered this game trying to rebound from a 6 run game against the Royals and somehow had an even more disastrous start. The pitcher couldn’t even make it out of the first inning, going 0.2 IP, giving up 7 runs on 6 hits. Hughes repeated some bad habits of last year, starting today’s game with 11 straight four-seam fastballs. When three sliders didn’t work against Kyle Seager, Hughes started to rely on the curveball. It was pretty clear that he was over-rotating on the curveball, as the pitches were missing their location towards right-handed batters by a few feet. For some reason this was his pitch of choice with the bases loaded against Ibanez, who launched a grand slam to right center field.

Raul Ibanez

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Voldemort’s Revenge
How about Raul Ibanez? He came into this series batting .194/.250/.403 in 72 plate appearances. After a two homerun game tonight, he is 4 for 9 with 3 homeruns and 8 RBI’s in this series.…

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The comeback kids strike again: Yankees 4, Mariners 3

I wrote about it earlier but it bears repeating, I really love the 2013 Yankees.

oc_cutie_mark___wizard_hat_by_esipode-d4gf0i1I am enjoying watching guys like Lyle Overbay stepping up in key situations and guiding the team to victory. And I obviously love that Robinson Cano also was a part of the comeback that helped the Yankees avoid losing to Seattle and Felix Hernandez. But do you know what I am really enjoying? Seeing the reactions from fans of other teams throughout baseball who absolutely gobsmacked by how well the Yankees are doing despite having $100M currently on the DL.

“How are the Yankees doing this?”
Is it sorcery?”

It is glorious.

CC Sabathia had an odd outing. He lasted six and one-third innings, gave up all three of Seattle’s runs on 10 hits but also struck out 10 batters. The last pitcher to give up at least 10 hits and strike out 10 in the same outing was none other than Sabathia in August 2011.…

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Kuroda, Cano and Wells combine to beat Royals 4-2

Hiroki KurodaThe Yankees swept the Royals today, winning 4-2 on Mother’s Day. The real star of the game was Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda didn’t strike a lot of batters out, fanning just one, but he only walked one as well, limiting the Royals to six hits over 7.2 innings. With that kind of control, you don’t need a lot of strike outs. Kuroda was efficient as well, throwing just 98 pitches. He got into some trouble in the eighth inning, and even got into a verbal spat with the home plate umpire, but none of that was enough to undo a solid performance.

The Yankees got their runs off the long ball, remember that thing the Yankees weren’t supposed to have this season. The Bombers were down one to nothing in the third inning when Robinson Cano put a ball into orbit, sending it 406 feet to right center. Chris Stewart was on at the time. The shot gave the Yankees a 2-1 lead.…

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Quick recap: Yankees 3, Rockies 1

Since this is a quick recap, let’s have some fun with numbers:

  • CC Sabathia retired 11 batters in a row before the rain delay and had only thrown 51 pitches.
  • The rain delay lasted 1 hour and 59 minutes.
  • Mariano Rivera has converted 13 out of 13 saves.
  • The Yankees only scored six runs this series and still won two out of three games.
  • Robinson Cano got the 1500th hit of his career, clubbed his ninth home run of the season and collected RBI #20.
  • Vernon Wells picked up his 16th RBI of the season.
  • The Yankees’ batters had six hits and seven strikeouts.
  • They only had two hits of the extra bases variety – Cano’s dinger and Chris Nelson‘s double.
  • The Yankees’ pitchers also threw more strikeouts to Rockies batters (5) than gave up hits to them (4). David Robertson helped that total with three K’s of his own.
  • Sabathia was hitless in two at bats with two strikeouts.

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Oakland 5, Yankees 4: Sorry the recap was delayed

The recap is delayed because I actually went to today’s game.

Normally, I sit in section 413 which is in the shade and on days like today, the temperature difference between the sun soaked seats and covered seats feels like it’s at least a 20 degree swing so my brother and I walked out to left field.

This was our first view:

I was roasting out in the sun and kept getting and hiding from it. I’m pale, I wasn’t wearing sunscreen on my arms because I was expecting to be in the shade and knowing my luck, I’d be purple by the end of the day.

We stayed in those seats until it was 2-1 Oakland in the fourth.

Then we walked all the way from 331 to 305, which were our original seats when we transferred from the old Stadium to the new Stadium in 2009. My brother noticed that our old seats were empty and went to sit in them.…

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