Yanks Crush Red Sox 14-2, Next Stop: The ALDS

“Now, the real season begins…”

After the game, while speaking with Meredith Marakovits of the YES Network, Captain Derek Jeter expressed that sentiment after tonight’s 14-2 drubbing of the Boston Red Sox.

The game started off similarly to last night’s game with the Red Sox scoring first. This time, they scored one run off...

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Yanks Win, Maintain Lead In The East And Now Control Their Destiny

This game was so many different things: frustrating, annoying, nerve racking, exhilarating, deflating, frustrating again and finally, the best thing ever.

Let’s start with the frustrating aspects:

  • The Yankees scored four runs on 16 hits.
  • They were 4-11 with runners in scoring position
  • They left 14 men on base.

Those same things were annoying but so was their ineptitude against...

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Ibanez’s heroics cut magic number to one

The good:

  • Obviously Ibanez is the story of this game. He might not have continued the hot pace he was on early in the season, and indeed he might have really tailed off down the stretch, but Ibanez is always going to have his own chapter in True Yankee lore tonight. That ninth inning home run not only tied the game, it rejuvenated the spirits of everyone in Yankeedom after what had been an absolutely awful game to that point, and his 12th inning walkoff single to score Cervelli, of all people, seemed almost pre-ordained by the baseball gods.
  • How about David Phelps? A rookie who’s been in and out of the rotation all year long, called on to make a spot start during a pennant race with just a day’s notice, and he gives his team 5.1 innings of two run ball? He wasn’t dominant or anything, but he certainly kept the Yankees in the game for 5= innings, especially considering that both of the runs he allowed came in the first inning.

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No letdown as Yanks embarrass Sox 10-2

The good:

  • For a while it looked as though the Yankees were going to have another one of those games where they scored all of their runs in just one inning. That’s been a pretty annoying occurrence more often than I care to count this year, but I don’t think anyone would complain if all of those games included nine runs in a single inning like tonight’s did. The Yankees came just shy of putting double digits on the board in the second inning, doing so on the strength of four home runs. They knocked Clay Buchholz, Boston’s best starter of late, out of the game very early, and tied a team record with the four home runs in a single frame.
  • One of those home runs went to Mark Teixeira, in just his second at bat. After missing 30 of the team’s last 31 games, Tex looked about as you could expect, playing the field well and going 1-3 at the plate.

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Yankees stage late innings come back, beat Blue Jays 9 – 6

As usual, the Captain gets it done.

This post almost turned into a frustrated rant. Phil Hughes was awful, allowing eight hits and five runs in just 4.2 innings of work. And the Yankee offense came out of the gate...

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Yankees wake up, score eight runs in last four innings in 9-6 win over Jays

But then they woke up from their, as Michael Kay put it, “lumber slumber” (was this really the pun? Or did I mishear it? Or have a stroke when he said it that made me stop remembering things, like the guy in Memento?).

The sixth inning wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t one of those innings that you normally look back on and say “Hey, wasn’t this great? That was when things really got better.” But looking back on the game, it seemed like a turning point to me. Robinson Cano (finally playing like Robinson Cano) lead off with a double to center. Ho-hum. The Yankees have been doing that over and over again; no way they score here. Then, Nick Swisher dropped a single to right. Cano gets to third. Good little play there.

Then, Henderson Alvarez tossed a ball to the backstop, plating Cano. Good heads-up base running by both runners on the play, and the Yankees were back on the board.…

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Yanks Suffer An Embarrassing Loss To The Lowly Jays

What is the one thing the Yankees cannot afford to do during this last weekend of the season? They cannot lose to bad teams and more specifically bad pitchers like Ricky Romero.

So what did they do this afternoon? Exactly that.

The Yankees started off strong with two runs in the first inning...

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