Yankees cannot solve King Felix, lose 4-2. A-Rod hurt

Freddy Garcia pitched a good game if you look at his stats casually. But if you give up three runs to a team that has difficulty scoring and has John Jaso as its cleanup hitter, do those three runs count more like five? To be sure, he ended much better than he started. After Granderson gave the Yankees the quick lead in the top of the first, Garcia gave the run right back as Michael Saunders hit a bomb way out to right. Garcia then struck out the side in the second after a lead off single.  But he did not fare as well in the third and in the end, it was the third inning that cost the Yankees the game.

Brendan Ryan started the inning with a grounder up the middle that kicked off of Garcia’s foot. By the time the ball got to A-Rod, it was too late to make a play. After a deep fly ball to right, Michael Saunders hit a sharp single to right.…

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Yanks Lose 4-2 To The Mariners, Lose A-Rod To Injury

There is no other way to say it: This game was terrible. The Yankee offense couldn’t get anything going and whenever they did get people on base, the good ol’ RISP fail reared its ugly head.

Of course, the worst news of the night wasn’t the loss. No, there was something much worse.

In the top of...

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Yanks Pick Up Their First Win Of The West Coast Trip

Everyone can exhale and relax because the Yankees have finally won a game on this seven-game West Coast road trip. It certainly took long enough and thankfully for them, the Seattle Mariners are not the Oakland A’s.

There would be no late heroics, no walk-off for the home team and the Yankees were the ones high...

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A’s walk-off in extras, sweep Yankees

The A's celebrate again.

I just invested four hours of my Sunday watching the Yankees stop scoring runs after the fourth inning so I’ll keep this one quick. Bartolo Colon gave the A’s six and two-thirds innings of four run...

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Yanks Drop Another One In Oakland, A’s Walk-Off For The Tenth Time

West coast trips are a pain in the rear end to begin with but staying up late to watch the Yankees lose on a walk-off hit in the bottom of the ninth is just irksome. And I understand that the season is long and that games like this will happen from time to time but...

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Yanks Fall To A’s, Rookie Pitching, And Cubans

It looked like an impossible task for the Yankees last night, a rookie pitcher. A.J. Griffin wasn’t a top draft pick, he wasn’t even a top prospect, but he’s been pitching like an ace. The Yankees started off last night’s game with a few hard hit balls, a bizarre line out to Yoennis...

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