Yankees Bounce Back With A 2-1 Win Over The Blue Jays

There’s nothing like a good bounce-back victory to help get rid of the rancid taste of last night’s loss from everyone’s mouth.

Phil Hughes, who struggled in his last outing against the Blue Jays, went seven innings for the Yankees, only giving up one earned run on four hits and out-dueled Ricky...

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Soriano Blows Third Save, Yankees Lose in Extras 8-7

Well, that was just an awful loss.

Is it the end of the world? Of course not, but it’s not very pleasant watching the Yankees cough up a lead late in the game and losing in extra innings to a team that has nearly 75% of its roster on the waiting list for Tommy John surgery...

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Yankees top Indians, 4-2, win series two games to one

Apart from Curtis' solo shot there wasn't much exciting offense in Sunday's game.

The Yankees won a sleepy Sunday afternoon game, 4-2 over the Indians. The game was odd. The Yankees never trailed, effectively winning the game when they plated three runs...

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RISP-tastrophy! Yankees lose 1-3 behind Masterson’s gem, missed opportunities

But there’s the catch: this lineup just couldn’t get it done. Kuroda had a rocky first few innings, where his pitches were sailing high on him, and he just couldn’t seem to keep control of–or even locate–the strike zone. He let a couple of Indians get on base in the first inning, then made one terrible mistake to Michael Brantley, and that was it. He settled down as the night wore on, collecting strikeouts, locating his pitches, and waiting for his offense to wake up.

But it never did. Watching this team play baseball tonight was like having front row seats to an open-heart operation where the anesthetized patient is awake but totally paralyzed (a sort of living horror the likes of which few people have ever experienced). Tonight was the baseball equivalent of the medical phenomenon known as “anesthesia awareness”.

Look, I’m still a RISP-nonbeliever. But I’m not immune to these awful games.

  • The answer that I give when I get the RISP question is basically this: “Look, baseball is a game of probability, luck, and what we generally accept to be a mean, or normalcy.
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Yankees Blow An Opportunity To Increase Their Division Lead, Lose 3-1

I won’t say tonight’s game was a must-win but I will say it was a game the Yankees should have won. The Indians were in the midst of a nine-game losing streak coming into tonight but snapped that streak by handing the Yankees their fourth loss in five games. So far this has been the...

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Sabathia Back, Yanks Beat Indians 3-1

There was lots of RISP-fail on the Yankee bats at the beginning of the game, but fortunately CC Sabathia gave the team one of his strongest performances of the year. After being activated from the DL, CC returned tonight and pitched 7.1 innings of 4 hit and 1 run ball. At 100...

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