Yankees 2, Angels 1: Phew

Hiroki KurodaMood music: High by Sarah Slean

So how is everyone feeling right now? Probably a little better than you did during the top of the ninth inning when it looked like the Angels were going to tie and possibly go ahead against David Robertson. Right?

I know I am feeling a lot better!

Let’s discuss the man, the myth and the legend #HIROK. This guy is just amazing. He’s been the ace of the team since May of last year and it’s pretty much a guarantee that you will watch a great performance every time he sets foot on the mound. He’s the opposite of Phil Hughes at this point.

What did he do tonight? Oh, nothing, he just tossed eight innings of three-hit, no run ball with one walk and seven strikeouts. I saw him throw a complete game, three-hit shutout back in April against the Orioles and it was something to behold. I actually feel sorry for the people who don’t get to watch Kuroda on a regular basis.…

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Another oh no, Mo, but Yankees win on Gardner homer

The New York Yankees beat the Detroit Tigers, 5-4, today in one of the most emotionally confusing games of the season. The two old war horses, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera could not get the job done but the Yankees scored enough runs off of Justin Verlander to allow Brett Gardner to hit a shot into the second deck in right off of Jose Veras (welcome to our world, Detroit) to win the game in walk off fashion.

To add to the emotional confusion, before Gardner’s heroics, Alex Rodriguez was the offensive star of the game, A-Rod started the Yankees scoring with his first home run of the season with a shot to left off of Justin Verlander in the second inning and an inning later, hit a single to drive in another run. Alfonso Soriano hit his third homer as a Yankee off of Verlander in the fourth to give the Yankees a 4-1 lead.

The four runs were much more than was expected off of Verlander.…

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Quick recap: Yankees 4, Tigers 3 F/10

Happy What’s Wrong With Mo Week everyone!

The Yankees looked like they had a 3-1 victory wrapped up in the ninth inning until a two run home run by Miguel Cabrera with two outs tied the game at three.

Mariano Rivera blew his second save in two games and Yankee fans were distraught. Or maybe that was just me.

Thankfully, the Yankees won the game in the 10th on a Brett Gardner single with the bases loaded and two outs. Yes, the Yankees nearly wasted a bases loaded situation. And if they had, it just would have been a typical 2013 season disaster.

The big story aside from the game itself was the reception Alex Rodriguez would get from the home fans. It was mixed when he stepped into the box for his at bat – about 50/50 boos and cheers. After an 0-4, three strikeout performance, the boos were a lot more vociferous.

The other big story was Ivan Nova who was brilliant again lasting seven innings for the sixth start in a row.…

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Quick recap: White Sox 8, Yankees 1


Andy Pettitte was awful.

No one can hit. No, I’m sorry, no one can hit when the Yankees have guys in scoring position – they were 0-11 according to Gameday. Alex Rodriguez got a hit in his first at bat, made a couple of loud outs to the warning track and then struck out in his final at bat. Vernon Wells hit two doubles and was 3-4 on the night. Maybe they should stick him at first base all the time.

Pettitte’s ERA is now at 4.71 in 2013 after this latest and greatest outing: 2.2 innings, 11 hits, seven runs, one walk and four strikeouts. I guess the one positive is that he didn’t give up any home runs.

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Padres 6, Yankees 3: Hughes can’t pitch in Petco either…

What an annoying game this one was.

Phil Hughes was Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy pitched like Cy Young for five innings and the Yankees found themselves on the losing end of a series once again. The last time they won a series was a month ago when they won two out of three to the Orioles. That’s pretty sad.

You know what else is sad? Derek Jeter has a mild calf strain. (That news just came out as I was writing this recap.) The Yankees aren’t sure if a DL trip will be needed.

I wonder if Jeter’s calf is really strained or if he just doesn’t want to be part of the circus tomorrow when Alex Rodriguez joins the team. I’m kidding… or am I?

Anyway, there were a couple of good things about today’s game. Austin Romine played and got a chance to do something for a change.…

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