Guest Post: The Truth About Long Term Deals

The organization is on a roll with these long term deals, and there could be more to come. Friend of the blog, Brandon C, explains why the negative stance against this type of investment is a misconception. You can follow Brandon at @nyybrandonc.
-Mike E

With word of the Yankees having signed Jacoby Ellsbury to a seven year deal, and the probable signing of Robinson Cano to at least a seven year deal, many fans have flocked to the internet expressing anger about the Yankees willingness to overpay free agents in years in order to get them to sign with the Yankees.

Currently, the Yankees have Ichiro, (39) Derek Jeter, (39) Alfonso Soriano, (37) and potentially Alex Rodriguez (37) signed for the 2014 season, while Yankees fans mostly only want Soriano on the roster out of those four players. Last season many spoke about the Yankees being “too old” as a reason for their lack of success, but the additions to the players previously named include Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and Hiroki Kuroda, who were arguably three of the best players on the team in 2013.…

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Guest Post: An Informed Take On Yu Darvish

This is a guest post from David P. over at Yankees Source, who can be reached at @yankeesource on Twitter. He is a scout for an international scouting agency that works with a few MLB clubs, including the Yankees. He spends a few months out of the year in Japan and has been following...

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Guest Post: A Soccer Style Relegation Plan For Baseball

This is a guest post from friend-of-the-blog Joe R., who can be found at @JoeRo23 on Twitter. It is a long post, but I encourage you to read it in its entirety, as Joe raises a very interesting hypothetical that should make for some fun discussion.

This piece is a more comprehensive examination of an idea...

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We Are All False Witnesses: First A-Rod and Now LeBron

This is a guest post from friend of the blog Eddie Perez, who can be found at @eddieperez23 on twitter.

This has been a fun week for the LeBron James detractors, as “LeBrick” and “LeFraud” tweets filled my timeline with the Heat losing 3 close games...

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